PokerStars VR – Questions and Answers on PokerStars VR (UPDATED)

PokerStars VR – Questions and Answers on PokerStars VR (UPDATED) 1 -
PokerStars VR – Questions and Answers on PokerStars VR (UPDATED) 1 -
This is a list of frequently asked questions and answers about PokerStars VR. Last updated June 15th, 2021.


1. How to play the game (19 questions)

Is there an in game tutorial? 

  • Yes! To play the tutorial open your watch UI and go to next> tutorial. Select the tutorial you desire and press launch when you are ready. You will be awarded 100 stars creds for completing the tutorial.

How do I look at my hole cards? 

  • Put your hand over the hole cards, press the index trigger, turn your wrist like at a real poker table to reveal the hole cards

Can other players see my hole cards? 

  • Other players cannot see your cards (and you can’t see theirs). The only time you can see another players hole cards are if you flip your cards in a heads up (two players at the table) OR you go to showdown and flip your cards. If cards are flipped over during a hand, other players will only see a red spade logo.

How do I show my hole cards? 

  • You may show one or two of your hole cards any time you are facing a single opponent in a hand. 
  • Show Two Cards: Grab your cards with the grip trigger and click down on the joystick as if it were a button. This will reveal both hole cards to all players. 
  • Show One Card: Put your hand on the cards, use the joystick to select the left or right card (cards will slightly separate), Press the grip trigger to grab a single card. Press down on the joystick to show it to everyone.

How do I make a bet? 

  • Grab chips from your stack using either trigger and throw them behind the betting line – just like live poker!

How do I make a call? 

  • The amount to call is automatically selected and put in the betting circle on your right hand side. You may grab those chips and throw them behind the betting line to call. Alternatively you can use voice controls and say “call”

How do I check? 

  • Tap the green mark in front of you until it turns red and then tap it again, swipe across the green mark in one fluid motion, or use voice controls and say “check”

How do I fold? 

  • Physically grab your cards using the grip trigger and throw them across the line 
  • Turn on voice commands in your watch menu and say “fold” – Voice commands are only available to PC players

How do I go all in?** 

  • Join your wrists together forming a wide angle and push your chips stack onto the table 
  • Turn on voice commands in your watch menu and say “All in” or “I’m all in” – Voice commands are only available to PC players 
  • Spawn the all-in button using the utilities menu and throw the all-in button across the betting line

How do I spawn items and props? 

  • After purchasing different props from the store, you can spawn them by heading to your stash > props. Once clicking on the prop you would like to spawn, there will the prop in the center of your watch menu that can be grabbed. Grabbing the prop will spawn it into your hand and be visible to all other players at the table. These props can also be placed into your quickspawn slots for a faster way of spawning them.

How does the quick spawn work? 

  • In your stash you can equip up to 4 items into your quickspawn slots by selecting the item and then tapping one of the quickspawn slots in the bottom right of your menu. To summon them at the table use the direction pad and press grip on your right controller.

Can I host a private game with just me and my friends? 

  • Yes! You can host your own table by: Opening your watch menu > Going to the “host table” tab > select the options you’d like to use for your game tap “host table” and you will be taken to an empty table. Make sure your game is pa*sword protected if you want to restrict access.

I’m at the table, how do I get the game started? 

  • You need at least two players at the table. Grab the “start” plaque in front of you and throw it behind the betting line. After a quick countdown, the poker action will start when at least two players have performed this action.

How do I join a table? 

  • Once you launch the game, you will land in the lobby. Access the menu by tapping your watch. In the “live games” tab, tap on the table you wish to join tap “join table” on the right hand side. Alternatively, use the quick seat button to take a seat at any table.

How do I host a game? 

  • Can’t find a game you like, or want to play with friends? You can host your own table by: Opening your watch menu > Going to the “host table” tab > select the options you’d like to use for your game tap “host table” and you will be taken to an empty table

How do I sit out? 

  • Enter your watch menu, press “chips” and then at the bottom left press the “Sit out button”. When you want to return in the very same spot you should see a “sit in button. Press that and you will be ready to play!

How do I play blackjack? 

  • To join a blackjack table, head to the watch menu > games > blackjack > join table. To play blackjack, you’ll have your whole bankroll on the table and once you place the amount of chips you want to bet in the betting circle there will either be a check button to press or the timer will start counting down. After the cards come down, buttons around the circle will appear. These buttons will be for: hitting, standing, doubling down or splitting. These moves can also be done by hand gestures. For further game detail, you can spawn the blackjack rules by using your utilitiers quick spawn while you are at the black jack table. To do so, join a black jack table, using your left hand controller lean the joystick to around and hover ontop of the clipboard, while pulling the trigger.

How do I play slots? 

  • To play slots, you can either use the slot machines in the lobby, or you head to the watch menu > slots > and choose one of the many different slot gamemodes. Pressing play will then bring out the portable slot machine where you can pull out anywhere in the game and move it around to your desired location. For more information on specific slot game modes, open the slot machine and open the info panel by pressing the “i” icon.

How do I take part in slot tournaments? 

  • The slot tournaments take part on an hourly basis during the afternoon (EST) and can be registered for at any point. To register for these tournaments, there is a tab in the games watch menu that will bring you to the list of tournaments happening. Next > slots > tournaments > register. 
  • Each of these games have different buy-in amounts and even a daily freeroll to take part in. Once registered, you’ll be able to connect to one of the slot rooms 5 minutes before starting, or by using the portable slot machine when notified. 
  • A formal guide for how to play slots tournaments can be viewed in the video below: 

2. How to navigate the game (16 questions)

What VR platforms is the game available on? 

  • Oculus Rift, Quest, Quest 2, Steam, VIVEPORT and WMR.

How do I add my friends? 

  • There is no in-game feature to add friends yet but for now you can add friends through your Oculus or Steam menu. Once you have them added you can see them highlighted in green when searching tables, or invite them through the social tab in the watch menu!

How do I check the leaderboard ranking? 

  • You will be able to see the top 10 weekly leaderboard players in the center of the main lobby.

How is the weekly slot leaderboard score calculated? 

  • The points score is calculated as: Score = 10 * (Win Amount / Bet Amount)

How do I win a ring? 

  • Rings will be awarded to the weekly leaderboard cash and Sit n’ Go winners. Earn s*ripes on your ring(s) by winning multiple weeks. There is also currently a ring you can win from the slot weekly leaderboards, however this ring does not upgrade by winning multiple weeks.

How do I change my avatar using Steam? 

  • Steam users are able to change their avatars by hitting the watch menu → Avatars and there are currently 24 preset avatars to choose from.

Where are my photos saved? 

  • If you are on the PC version of our game, the photos you take in-game using the Twitch camera can be found in your “Pictures” file on your computer. If you are on Quest, link your Quest onto a PC through a usb-c cable and access your quest folders through your computer. The pictures will be saved inside the DCIM folder.

What happens if I accept a pack that i have already owned? 

  • You will still receive all the chips and consumables in the packs, additional chips and credits will be added as a refund for the owned props

What should I do if I accidentally close the gift notification? 

  • You will receive the notification again after restarting the game

How do I get the Discord member prop? 

What can I earn from the weekly leaderboards? 

  • With our weekly leaderboards, you can earn different items based on the leaderboard you come 1st in. These items include:Cash / Sit n’ Go: RingsSpin n’ Go: Spinning TopsBlackjack: WatchesSlots: RingSlot Tournaments: Bracelet / Slot machine (Monthly) 
  • These leaderboards are reset every Monday at 7:05AM ET 
  • More information for prizes can be found on our Discord server in the #weekly-leaderboard-contest-info channel.

How do I get codes to redeem? 

  • The current redeem codes we give are for streamers to give to their followers. They are not to be given out between players. Asking for them or posting the codes in the Discord or Reddit can result in a ban.

How do I change my desktop camera view for streaming / recording? 

  • To change the camera position, you can pull out the camera with your left hand quick slot (using the thumbstick / touch pad and grabbing). On the camera, there is a red button that can be pressed. Once pressed, the camera will turn into video mode, which can then be placed anywhere around the table and when let go will float there. This camera will not be visible to other players when left floating, and changes the desktop camera position from first person to where the camera is placed.

I have an idea for a new prop or feature. What do I do? 

  • On our Discord server, you can suggest new props or prop enhancements in the #prop-suggestions channel and for new features you can suggest those in the #feature-requests channel.

Are the cards dealt randomly? 

  • The PokerStars VR Random Number Generator (RNG) has been certified by iTech Labs, one of the leading accredited testing laboratories for online gaming worldwide. iTech Labs has found that the card sequences in PokerStars VR are unpredictable, non-repeatable and uniformly distributed. The PokerStars VR RNG Certificate may be found here:

Which voice commands are available? 

  • “I’m all in”, “call”, “fold”, “check”, “raise” (if enough chips are in the betting area). 

3. On buying store items (12 questions)

How do I buy items? 

  • To buy items, you can head to the store section in your watch menu. In the store you’ll be able to purchase props, apparel or card skins by using star credits you have earned or purchased. However, there are also packs that are released throughout the year that contain limited edition items that are not available in the regular store. These packs are not obtainable with star creds and only available through real money purchases.

How do I buy a prop (i.e. sushi, beer, cigars) for the entire table? 

  • To gift a prop for players in-game:1. Open watch menu and go to store2. Turn the store mode to GIFT3. Once in GIFT mode, select the prop you wish to gift4. After selecting the prop, it will take you to a different confirmation page, which will allow you to select who to send the prop to5. Once you select who you wish to send your gift to – player has to confirm the purchase one more time6. After final confirmation, the receivers of the gift will have a present box spawn in front of them. Receiver can open the box and grab the prop directly from there

I can’t make purchase on Steam platform, what should I do? 

  • Right click PokerStars VR on Steam and select properties, make sure Steam overlay is on.If you are using Steam VR, press down the menu button on your controller and proceed to the Steam VR home page after pressing the buy button instead of taking off your headset

Are in game purchases available to everyone? 

  • No, at the moment purchasing chips is restricted in some countries / states

Where are purchases restricted? 

  • Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland, India, Japan, Washington State (USA) This is on top of the countries and states where we currently do not distribute PokerStars VR; China, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Zimbabwe

If I buy an item do I own it? 

  • Yes if you purchase an apparel or non-consumable item from the store you now own it permanently in your Stash and can spawn it at will/wear it

How do consumables work? 

  • Consumable items like cookies or cigars are sold as individual items or packs, and are one-time-use only. Once they are spawned at the table they are considered used. You can store up to 99 consumables of the same item in your Stash. You can tell whether a prop is consumable or not in the store by it having a “C” in the bottom corner.

How often do the store items change? 

  • The store now has a curated selection of items for sale that will change daily. You can see the countdown to the refresh at the bottom of the store menu.

If I miss an item in the store will it show up again at a later date? 

  • The selection of items for sale in the store changes daily, however, there’s no guarantee an item will return to the store.

What rarity items are there? 

  • In the watch menu, each prop & apparel items has a rarity and can be sorted by type. The rarities are displayed through color codes: common (white), uncommon (green), rare (blue), epic (purple), legendary (orange), mythic (gold).

I purchased a pack but didn’t receive my contents and my bank was charged. What do I do? 

  • Please file a bug report by following our #how-to-submit-a-bug-report channel in this server and once your request is received, we will look into the claim and issue a refund if a valid issue is found

Can I exchange or get a refund for a prop I just purchased from the store? 

  • We don’t allow prop refunds or exchanges, unless there are problems with the prop itself


4. On in-game currency (7 questions)

How many chips do I start with? 

  • PokerStars VR accounts start with 10K in chips

How can I get more chips (for free)? 

  • PokerStars VR gives you free chips multiple times a day with the bonus wheel! Just go to the lobby, teleport to the wheel, grab the handle and spin!

How do I get Star Credits? 

  • You will earn more Stars Creds just by playing: 
  • Earn 1 cred per minute of poker played (or every two hands of blackjack). Every Wednesday from 6-8PM ET you can earn 2x creds. 
  • Complete certain Missions and Tutorials to earn creds. 
  • If allowed in your region, you can purchase creds from the store. 
  • You can receive creds as a gift from someone who purchased them from the store. 
  • Finish in the top 4 of a weekly leaderboard to earn creds. 
  • Every 60 spins on a slots machine will earn you 1 credit

How long until I spin the wheel again? 

  • You are able to spin the wheel once every 8 hours!

Is there real money offered? 

  • No PokerStars VR is only available for play money.

Can I still play for free? 

  • Absolutely, you can enjoy the game for free by getting free chips when joining, receiving free bankroll resets every Monday and using your free spin wheel every 8 hours.

Can I transfer chips to another player or between my own accounts? 

  • No, transfers or chip dumping is not allowed in PokerStars VR and is a bannable offense.


5. On technical issues (7 questions)

What are the minimal system requirements? 

  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti / AMD Radeon RX 470 or greater Alternative Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 960 / AMD Radeon R9 290 or greater CPU: Intel i3-6100 / AMD Ryzen 3 1200, FX4350 or greater

What are the recommended specs for PokerStars VR? 

  • CPU: Intel i7-6000 equivalent or greater GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1070 equivalent or greater RAM: 16GB

How do I send in a bug report? 

  • To submit a Bug Report, please head to our Discord and direct message u/LuckyVR SupportBot with the message ‘?bugreport’. This will then lead you through a number of different questions referring to the bug you had, so you can describe what the bug was and how it was caused. 
  • Bug reports are not for requesting chip refunds / stash refunds 
  • Please attach your log file if possible to help our support team with finding what caused the bug: Not sure if these are up to date – best way to get logs from either Oculus or Steam is to past this %USERPROFILE%\appdata\LocalLow\LuckyVR\PokerStarsVR into your file explorer, scroll down and look for a player.log which is a txt file

What happens if I disconnect from a table? 

  • In one of our tournament game modes (SNG and Spin n’ Go), if you disconnect from a table for whatever reason (game force closes, internet disconnects or headset runs out of charge), you will automatically return to the same table when you reconnect. In these tournament game modes, your chips will stay in play and blinds will be taken from your stack, auto-folding until you reconnect. On cash tables, if you disconnect, you will not be placed back into the same table. However, if you manually rejoin the table you disconnected from, the table will auto buy you in the amount that you had.

I cant hear anyone in game, the VOIP is not working, what could i do? 

  • For all PC players: Go to windows date and time settings, click “sync now” to make sure time is synced. 
  • For players on Rift: Go to windows sound settings “Output” and “Input”, select the device with “Rift”.

The cards are too blurry, I can’t read them! What can I do? 

  • Go to settings > gameplay, and turn on “card holograms” in the helpers section.

Why do my voice commands not work? 

  • Make sure your voice commands are enabled in gameplay settings! Voice commands are only available for PC users


6. On player moderation (4 questions)

How do I report someone? 

  • To report someone in-game that is in your lobby / table, go to your watch menu > social, then click on the player you would like to report. There are 6 different options that you can choose from to report the players (these options will go into more detail). 
  • You can also report someone in our Discord server by sending a DM to one of our Community Managers or Moderators that are online. Having video footage of the player and their name will also help a lot with deciding on whether they deserve a ban.

How do I mute someone? 

  • To mute a player, you can either use the mute remote in your left hand quick slot, or go to the social tab > table in your watch menu. Using the remote will mute the players voice and avatar, where as in the watch menu you can decide whether to mute just their voice, avatar or both.

What do I do if I am issued a ban (Voip, Prop, Interaction, Game)? 

  • If you have been issued a ban, then you have violated the PokerStars VR Terms Of Service and Code of Conduct and will be banned for the set number of days. We stand behind the bans that are placed but are always open to listening to our users and hearing their side to any issue. If you would like to know more about your ban or make a ban appeal, please reach out to one of the Community Managers (Jordan, Gouge, Eyan) on our Discord server to learn more and discuss your options.

How old do you have to be to play PokerStars VR? 

  • You must be 18 years or older to play PokerStars VR. 

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  1. Hi. I was recently banned for 30 days but not sure why!? I did allow someone else to play my game and then the next day I was banned! Please help me understand why and if there is anything I can do to get back to playing my game.

  2. Please help. I was some how restricted for 90 days.
    I did not exclude myself and I did not do anything bad.
    Can you remove the restriction.
    user name – Dusty Don
    I am 66 and I have been looking to find someone to point me in a direction to fix this problem.
    Thank you

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