Plan B: Terraform – Levels Progression and Trains/Trucks

Plan B: Terraform – Levels Progression and Trains/Trucks 1 -
Plan B: Terraform – Levels Progression and Trains/Trucks 1 -

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Welcome, and we hope you find our Plan B: Terraform – Levels Progression and Trains/Trucks Guide to be practical.

The Game’s Official Early Access Guide.


The game currently features 18 levels for progression. Levels can unlock additional content, but they are not required. The game’s final level is a spoiler alert.

It does nothing, not even a “you did it, you won the game”; it’s an empty stage 18 screen with no new objective.

You have been warned twice.

Levels unlock content as you need. Some stages won’t open any content, but others will. Because tier 1 and tier 3 are ineffective, you will spend much of your game using Tier 2 depots. However, this would allow you to cover the planet with cities.

Below are all levels currently available (19th February 2023) and what they unlock when reached (complete the previous level to get the next one).

Stage Goal Unlock
1 Make 10 extractors, and place them Steel bar, extractor, and depot Mk1
2 Five factories can be built and placed Factory, assembly plant, mechanical parts
3 Reach a population level of 10 in your largest city Concrete, road, road stop. The truck, supply center
4 Your biggest city should have a population of over 100 Aluminum bar, carbon and O2, atmospheric extractor, landmark Tower
5 Reach a population total of 350 Polymer bar, reinforced concrete, high tech parts, depot Mk2
6 Temperature increases by 1 degree SG6, greenhouse gas generator
7 Your biggest city should have a population of over 100 Rail, rail stop, train
8 Increase the temperature by 10deg Metal waste, waste disposal, and recycling center
9 Reach 200 people in your second-largest city Nothing
10 Reach a population total of 3’000 Nothing
11 Reach a population over 10’000 in your largest city Nitrogen, water, NF3, ice extractor
12 Increase the temperature by 30% Organic waste, compost, and food, greenhouse
13 Reach a population over 1’000 in the second-largest city Tempered steel, dam elements, pumping station
14 Reach a population total of 30’000 Pine tree, Eucalyptus tree
15 Your biggest city will have a population of over 100’000 Nothing
16 Forests can cover 5% Plastic waste, composite, depot, Mk3
17 Reach a total of 1’000’000 Nothing
18 Nothing Nothing


Trains and trucks

Trucks and trains are your only means of transporting resources. Trucks are single-stack single, wagon trains that can clog roads. They are less efficient than trains, and they are more expensive than trains. Once you have enough materials for solid train production, you can eliminate trucks from short-distance and stockpile management positions. Trains need a loop to turn around. This is the most important thing to remember. This stage is where trains don’t collide so you don’t have to worry.

Trains of the same train will not cross each other, but trains of different lines can pass through like nothing is happening. It is also not worth setting three different train/truck lines along a stockpile to grab most of it, as stockpiles will automatically balance. It is suitable for depots at the top of the chain to be located around the train stop. This will allow for more efficient loading/unloading and better output.


Plan B: Terraform – Levels Progression and Trains/Trucks is the subject of this guide. Please let us know in the comments if anything is broken or outdated, and we will address it as soon as possible. I hope that today treats you well. Don’t forget to add us to your bookmarks if you like the post; we regularly update with fresh stuff.

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