PIGGY: Hunt – Basic Gameplay – Beginners Guide

PIGGY: Hunt – Basic Gameplay – Beginners Guide 1 - steamlists.com
PIGGY: Hunt – Basic Gameplay – Beginners Guide 1 - steamlists.com

Basic overview of the game.

The Guide.

If you are new to the game i suggest you open the settings menu immediately upon opening the game. Just to get the mapping down, its all about movement and interaction, they’re very simple. Infected doesn’t have special keys aside from using center mouse button for traps.
*(SURVIVORS) Note: You have zero comms whatsoever in this game…. none.
Its very similar game play objectives as Among Us. Complete various tasks to move on to the next task and secure, shovels, hammers, stun guns, valve wheels, fire extinguishers, bridges, plungers, and keys. Using these items to secure other items.
1) Shovel: Dig thru piles to get varying items mentioned above.
2) Hammer: Breaks down wooden barriers to open the area up for freedom of movement.
3) Stun Guns: Are your only means of defense. If the Murder Pig gets close an indicator will let you know he’s in range no aim needed just click. Note: Dead team members can slow him with frost only one time as a ghost, to save your goofy a**.
4) Valve wheels: Use on on pipes to kill the steam walls to access different ares and freedom of movement.
5) Fire Ext.: Puts out fires. Obviously. Just puttem out.
6) Bridges: Bridge those gaps…
7) Plungers: Unclog toilets and sinks to acquire items mentioned above.
8) Keys: C’mon.. really. Doors.
*(Infected Piggy): You are a bi-pedal, blood thirsty, pot belly, no BS having pig.
Your sole purpose… murder the ever living sh*t out of the 5 players that broke into your house.
Classes: Teleporter (2), Bear Traps (5), and Frost mines (6). Pretty self explanatory their uses.
Passive: Scent trail will have a red scent trail activates randomly, leading to a poor possibly defenseless meat sack. Traps will warn you if players step in them, the poor bast*rds.
They’re 3 maps that i am aware of, so far playing this game. Memorize each map and where everything is it’ll help tremendously.
You cant vote maps, its all up to the RNG Gods. May they ever be in your favor.
*Blue Falcon Prevention AKA Buddy F*cker Prevention:
As a GHOST i say DO NOT slow the killer if they have your teammate cornered IF they have a stun gun. He will slow and go into rage mode immediately upon the end of the duration and gets a 2 to 3sec movement buff and is immune to stun gun. You will f*ck your buddy and will get his/her f*ck suck caved in. Don’t do it. Wait til after they use stun if need be, if their smart enough to run or don’t get stuck.
Do not die in a corner or hug a wall if you have an OBJ item. Items do not highlight thru walls. Meaning the wall covers them out of sight. Try your best to prevent this. Your team will be screwed if you do.
Do your best to know who has what as they run by, never know they might not make it to their OBJ… render that crispy quick salute for the fallen, grab their sh*t and keep going.
*Reward/Currency: Bacon Bucks/Pig Coins
1) Bacon: Winning a game can get 80-100 bacon but its at random and guaranteed, but guaranteed 200 pig coins though. It is micro transaction currency so you can buy it and also convert them to pig coins if you so wish.
2) Pig Coins: In game currency. Upon winning as Survivor you get anywhere between 140-200 coins and if you’re lucky 60-80 bacon. If you lose depending on if time runs out or how far you get or they’re are survivors left you get 50-60 coins. Most if not all cosmetics cost 4000 coins and more depending.
Good luck meat sacks and murder pigs…
P.S. My first guide so if it’s rough looking to you i’m not sorry. I said what i said… ratings and backfeed would be nice btw 🙂

Written by MumeiWolf

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about PIGGY: Hunt – Basic Gameplay – Beginners Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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