Phoenotopia Awakening – Song Stone Puzzles

Phoenotopia Awakening – Song Stone Puzzles 1 -
Phoenotopia Awakening – Song Stone Puzzles 1 -
A self-explanatory guide.


This guide is self-explanatory to not warrant a lengthy introduction, so I hope you don’t mind.

I will be using single-letters to denote the input as follows:

Key Input
L Left
R Right
U Up
D Down
C Center

Here are the sequences for the six recurring songs, might as well put it here for your convenience.

Song Sequence
Song of Ouroboros L D U R U
GEO Song D C U C R
Royal Hymn D R U D C R
Prelude of Panselo D C – R U R U R – C U
Baroque of Battle R U R C – R U R U
Lullaby of Ava C R U D – D L L D


Song Stone Puzzles

The 21 Song Stone puzzles in Phoenotopia: Awakening.

Location Hint 1 Hint 2 Exact Solutions
Panselo GEO Dungeon (1) Basically Sudoku Opening MS Paint might help D R L C
Panselo GEO Dungeon (2) Check the previous tips Or use a piece of paper C D L U R
Panselo GEO Dungeon (3) Don’t tell me you are expecting something else You sure your notes aren’t working? R U D C L
Franway – Atai It’s literally written on the wall, come on You are just clicking on this to see my funny writing, aren’t you? U R D L C
Sand Drifts GEO Ruins Follow the orders of the 6 symbols Replace them with notes under the statue with symbols of “matching corners” R L C D U C
Ouroboros Hideout The order is not in this room Search carefully near a shrine with running water L L D L L U
Kingdom Bridge (left) The order is written on the wall Walk from top to bottom, read from left to right C U D C U D
Kingdom Bridge (above) The order is on a bridge The other one L R C R L
Thomas’ Laboratory Observe the pattern The code is in binary D D D – U U U – U U U – D U U – U D D
Daea City Kitchen The memo next to the door informs of the number of notes Along the underground canal, look for the same type of paper L L D C C U
Daea City Library All six clues are hidden within the Library Deduce from the clues, and find the only one combination that matches all clues D C D U L R D
Dungeons Terminal Room Find the difference between the shelves From the top row, to the middle row, to the bottom row L U – C C C – D R
Wheat Road House Your only excuse would be “I’m colorblind” The FLOWERS U U R – C C D
Wheat Road Silo This puzzle is called “Ghost Leg”, kinda obscure in the west From the top note, go straight down. If you see a branch, follow it instead U R L C C D
Cosette Village The 8 notes are literally written on the wall But the twist is hinted in the Mayor’s journal D U R L C D L U
Franway – Cosette The key for deciphering lies outside the building Consult the weathervane U C R L L U D R U
Royal Archives (1) Another Sudoku puzzle Play the missing notes, yes R D L C U
Royal Archives (2) More Sudoku puzzles! This time play the upper row first, before playing the lower row U L R – L R C D U
Royal Archives (above) The order is hinted in the room with the same sign to the door Inside the room with the alien sign, look for the aliens R C U L D
Ancient GEO Base The locations correspond to notes from behind the paintings Follow the order of George’s adventure, depicted in his journal L R C C D U
Pristine City The painting on the wall reveals the order Try looking it from the right way E L D – U D R – L R U


Written by Pimez

This is all about Phoenotopia Awakening – Song Stone Puzzles; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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