Phasmophobia – Tarot Cards Custom Mod Guide

Phasmophobia – Tarot Cards Custom Mod Guide 3 -
Phasmophobia – Tarot Cards Custom Mod Guide 3 -

Hello and welcome, We hope you find this Phasmophobia – Tarot Cards Custom Mod Guide useful.

You can play this game in a custom-made mode using the Tarot Cards. If you want to try this game, you must enable all cursed items in a custom mode.


Here are the rules:

To be able to play the game correctly it is necessary to enable all cursed possessions within the game’s custom menu. You can play with other settings but you MUST enable this. You can play on your own or with other players. The more players you have, the more fun you’ll enjoy.

Get the Ouija Board. Voodoo doll, Monkey Paw Tarot Cards and Haunted Mirror. Place them all together (preferably in a summoning circle).

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(The candles and salts are completely optional, you don’t need them, it just makes the space look nice)

How To Play

Each player plays turns by grabbing the Tarot cards and revealing one card. The card they choose will determine what to do with each of the five cursed items. All of the cards and their instructions are listed below.

The Tower:

Push a pin from the voodoo doll.

The Wheel of Fortune:

If it burns red then light one candle on the circle that summons you. If it’s burning a red color, light a candle in the summoning circle.

The Sun:

Ask the Monkey Paw for an unspecified wish (Can be done by asking “I wish for anything”)

The Moon:

All candles remaining on the circle of summoning should be lit.

The Devil

Play hide and seek with the Ouija Board.

The Hermit:

Check out the mirror with the ghosts for five seconds.

The High Priestess

Be granted safety and exit the building for a full turn.

The Hanged Man:

You die. Obviously.


There is no punishment, just try to survive the hunt.

The Fool:

The effect of the next card drawn by a player is doubled. (Ex: If the next player draws the card of a Hermit then they have to look at the mirror for 10 seconds instead of five –

Once you run out of cards (There are 10 cards in a deck) Simply leave and re-start.

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This section contains my suggestions for making the game more enjoyable.

I would suggest having at least 2-3 players. If you’re four players, you could run out of cards too fast because there’s only 10 cards per deck.

I would also consider increasing the hunt duration. This makes hunting more tense and nothing is more satisfying than hearing your loved one scream when he’s found.

I would also suggest reducing the number of hiding places. It could be difficult to find a place close to the summoning area if you (should) decide to play near it.

That’s all the advice I have. You can add your own twist on it, but it’s crucial to understand the correct way to play. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find strangers who want to join in game, so gather a couple friends and have fun.

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