Phasmophobia – How to Identify Ghost Tips

Phasmophobia – How to Identify Ghost Tips 1 -
Phasmophobia – How to Identify Ghost Tips 1 -

Easily identify ghosts with more details and by their hidden abilities!

Work In Progress

Please feel free to comment on anything that might be missing or incorrect. Thanks!

Useful Information

The * symbol means it is currently being tested.
LoS – Line of sight
Breaker – Circuit breaker or fuse box
Crucifix : 3m
Fingerprints : 2min
Hunts : 50% sanity
Hunts Cooldown : 25s
Hunts Ghost Electronic Interference : 10m
Hunts Ghost Flicker Rate : 0.3s – 1s
Hunts Ghost Speed : 1.5m/s
Smudge Stick : 90s, 6m
Total Activty : Jumps of 5, means EMF 5

Banshee (Tunnel Vision)

Crucifix : 5m
Events : Prefers singing
Hunts : Chases main target only or everyone else if target not in investigation area
Hunts : Only checks the sanity of target when attempting hunts
Parabolic Microphone : Scream

Demon (Always Hunting)

Ability : Hunt at any sanity
Crucifix : 5m
Hunts : 70% sanity
Hunts : Cooldown 20s
Smudge Stick : 60s

Deogen (Slow Chaser)

*Hunts : Look at ghost to slow it down
Hunts : 0.5x speed LoS (loopable), 2x speed no LoS

Goryo (Missing Evidence)

Characteristics : Less likely to roam around
Evidence : DOTS guaranteed in nightmare
Video Camera : Hold camera outside of ghost room and look for DOTS in person

Hantu (Cold)

Breaker : Twice more likely to turn off
Breaker : Never turns on
Evidence : Freezing temperatures guaranteed in nightmare
Hunts : Moves faster when cold, slower when warm (loopable)

Jinn (Power)

*Ability : Teleport to player when hunting (only once)
Ability : Chance of -25% sanity within 3m (breaker on)
Breaker : Never turns off
Hunts : 2x speed >2m LoS (breaker on), 1x speed no LoS

Mare (Dark)

Characteristics : Decreased interaction when lights on
Events : Prefers exploding lights
Hunts : 60% sanity, ghost room lights off
Hunts : 40% sanity, ghost room lights on
Lights : Chance of turning lights off immediately
Lights : Never turns on light

Moroi (Accelerating)

*Hunts : Speeds up over time

Myling (Silent Steps)

Hunts : Quieter footsteps (hear footsteps same time as electronics begin to flicker, same floor)
Parabolic Microphone : Murmuring or growling

Obake (Special Fingerprints)

Ability : Fingerprints disappear in less than 2 minutes
Evidence : Fingerprints guaranteed in nightmare
Fingerprints : 75% chance to leave fingerprints
Fingerprints : 6/5 finger handprints
Fingerprints : 2/1 fingerprints on light switches
Fingerprints : 5/4 fingerprints on keyboards and prison cell block gates

Oni (Active)

Ability : Throw items fast and far
Characteristics : Very active
Events : Prefers physical form
Events : Will never cause ghost events where it appears as a smoke and hisses at player

Onryo (Candle)

Ability : 50% chance of hunting after extinguishing flames, increased after every kill (~100% after 2 kills)
Characteristics : Prioritize blowing out a flame instead of using a crucifix (use multiple candles)
Flames : Blows out flames more often
Hunts : 60% sanity, no flames

Phantom (Camera-Shy)

Ability : Walks to players
Photo : Taking a photo makes it instantly and temporarily disappear (‘ghost’ photo but not visible)
Hunts : Flash visible every 1 to 2 seconds, invisible for longer periods of time

Poltergeist (Item Explosion)

Ability : Throw multiple items
Ability : Throw items fast and far
Characteristics : Interact with objects much more frequently
Total Activty : 0 – 10 short spike

Raiju (Electronics)

Hunts : 65% sanity
Hunts : Active electronics gives speed boost
Hunts : Interfere with electronics at a longer range (same floor)

Revenant (Fast Chaser)

Hunts : 2x speed LoS, 0.5x speed no LoS

Shade (No Evidence)

Characteristics : Low activity if player in room
Events : Prefers mist-type ‘hissing’
Events : Prefers shadow form
Hunts : 35% sanity
Hunts : Will not hunt if player in room
Summoning Circle : Chance of shadow form

Spirit (420)

Smudge Stick : 180s

Thaye (Tired)

Characteristics : Activity decreases over time
*Hunts : 20% sanity
Hunts : Slows down over time (loopable)

The Mimic (Ghost Orbs)

Ability : Copy other ghosts (multiple times, not during hunts)
Evidence : Ghost Orbs guaranteed in nightmare
Evidence : 3+ evidence in nightmare and 4+ evidence in others

The Twins (Multiple Locations)

Characteristics : Interactions occuring in very quick succession
Crucifix : Only works on main twin
Decoy Twin : Cannot be detected by motion sensors
Decoy Twin : Only gives EMF 5 as evidence
Hunts : Decoy twin less chance of hunts
Hunts : Main twin 0.9x speed, decoy twin 1.1x speed
Hunts : Start in either twin location
Total Activty : Slope gradient change (not flat)

Wraith (Salt)

Ability : Teleports to players, EMF 2/5 at teleport location
Salt : Footsteps, no footprint (don’t put salt on carpet)
Salt : Increased interactions after stepping on salt

Yokai (Deaf)

Characteristics : Talking nearby will increase the chance of interactions
Hunts : 80% sanity within 2m of ghost when talking
Traits : 2m hearing range

Yurei (Door)

Ability : Closes a door sharply (7.5m , -13% sanity)
Events : Prefers hisses

Written by Raven

This is all about Phasmophobia – How to Identify Ghost Tips; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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