Pharaoh: A New Era – Trade and Requests (FAQS)

Pharaoh: A New Era – Trade and Requests (FAQS) 1 -
Pharaoh: A New Era – Trade and Requests (FAQS) 1 -

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Trade and Requests

Pharaoh: A New Era - Trade and Requests (FAQS) - Trade and Requests - C233A3A

Every city is not truly unique. To succeed as a city (and let’s face it often even to barely survive) you’ll have to establish trade routes with other cites and meet the demands they make of you, send your armies to get them out of the trouble they’ve gotten themselves into, and supply them with lucrative exports. You won’t be able make decisions when you become Pharaoh; you are still subject to the kingdom’s needs and desires.

To find out which cities are willing to trade with you, you can access the Worldmap by clicking on the left-hand menu. Most of the time you’ll need to pay for opening trade routes with them. The Worldmap also indicates whether the route for trade is via land or water. Land traders will enter your map from the Kingdom Road’s entry tile and exit by the Kingdom Road’s exit tile. River and sea traders arrive along the Nile river and are able to continue sailing or leave by the way they arrived; it’s particular to the map, but all traders from land and sea on a given map will arrive and depart in the same manner.

Sometimes, the cities may ask you for goods, debens or military assistance. These requests can raise your Kingdom Rating, and based on the map, could open up trade routes. You may also be faced with threats of extortion from enemies on the map; giving them what they want could stave off attack, but your Kingdom Rating will drop due to this. You may need to import the raw material or the product you want to make from a trade partner if you aren’t able to make the items you want.

Troubleshooting and frequently asked questions: Trade and Requests


Originally posted by Every Land Trader:

“Our long and dangerous trek here was for nothing! This city won’t trade.

Q. How come traders simply whizz through my city without buying anything?

A. There are many reasons this could happen. If your Overseer of Commerce has not been authorized to export a particular item, the trader will not try to purchase that item. If the trader isn’t able to buy, he will simply pass through. If you suspect that this is the case you can click on the trader’s profile and then check the status bar in case they’re heading to a Storage Yard, you can click the icon to see his destination.

Another possibility is that your Trade Partner has already filled its annual trade quota. You can pick a city on the Worldmap to see what it will trade and at what price. After you’ve made enough sales to max out the Buy or Sell category and the trader has stopped, the trader cannot trade again for that good for the duration of the year. You’ll have to wait for a new trader to arrive next year to have quotas reset.

Pharaoh: A New Era - Trade and Requests (FAQS) - Trade and Requests - 23464CB

If you have stored goods up but your Storage Yard does not have any labor, the trader will not be able to purchase from the Storage Yard.

Finally, the game engine looks for exportable goods and provides a route to those items when Trade Caravan or Trade Ship appear at the edge of the map. The trader can’t purchase any goods from storage if there aren’t any export goods available at the time the trader appears on a map. In the same way the trade goods are allocated the instant that the trader appears.

Q. Q. Are traders permitted to trade a certain amount of goods?

A. A.

Q. Is it possible to export and import a good at the same time?

A. No. These are mutually exclusive, at the most, at present.

Q. Q. Can I export a product for less than I paid?

A. A. Unlike real life it is not possible to earn a profit for the middleman. However, Ra’s blessing that multiplies export proceeds by 1.5x permits certain items to be resold to make money.

Q. When exactly do I pay or receive debentures for my trade?

A. For land caravans, your debens get taken off or credited once the trader arrives at the Storage Yards and the goods change hands. Your debens for trade ships change when cart pushers begin to take items off the dock or get to the dock with the item being exported.

Q. How come trade ships continue to accumulate at a single dock even having multiple docks capable of trading an item?

A. This is (possibly) an issue. Trade ships look for the closest dock that can handle the item they wish to trade when they spawn on the map. The dock should be able to service another ship. However, this might not happen (which could be intentional). It is possible to alleviate this by setting each dock to handle various items, and of course by reducing the distance dockworkers need to travel from dock to Storage Yard.

Q. Why do traders constantly complain about my city’s inability to trade, even after they’ve done business?

A. This is a problem Or, the correct line is not available or they aren’t set to trigger properly.

Q. Are some trade/reinforcement requests supposed to be impossible to fulfill?

A. Yes. If it seems totally absurd, it is probably. On Dunqul Oasis, for example, there’s no possible way to fulfill the first request, which is just an excuse to shut down a trade route.

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