Pet Simulator X – How to Make Huge Pets?

Pet Simulator X – How to Make Huge Pets? 1 -
Pet Simulator X – How to Make Huge Pets? 1 -

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This guide will show you how to create large pets in Pet Simulator X. This process will be broken down into individual steps. Even if you’ve never played Pet Simulator X, you’ll still be able to manage large pets.


The Step-by-Step Guide for Making Giant Pets in Pet Simulator X

To create Huge Pets in Pet Simulator X, you will need a Huge a Troon machine. This is a prerequisite for achievement. It is located in Spawn World, right next to the bank, and costs 10,000,000 Diamonds. This is why Huge Pets require a lot of financial resources.

Once you unlock the Huge-a–Tron machine, it will allow you to combine pets and earn points by doing so under the Huge pet category. If you are able to use your Huge Pets Points to purchase Huge Pets, you can do so in accordance with one of these three offers:

  • 100 Huge Pets Points
  • 300 Robux + 75 Huge Pets Points
  • 800 Robux + 50 Huge Pets Points


As you can see, Huge Pets are possible even if you don’t have any real-world currency. Robux can only be used to speed up the process of acquiring Huge Pets. Here’s a list of all rewards you can earn by merging pets in Pet Simulator X.


  • Pet Companion 1 – 1 Point
  • Pet Gold – 1 Point
  • Pet Companion 2 – 2 Points
  • Pet Rainbow – 2 Points
  • Pet Shiny – 2 Points
  • Pet Companion 3 – 3 Point
  • Other Exclusives – 3 or 5 Points


The number of points you can earn by owning exclusive pets depends on various factors, such as their rarity, age, and other characteristics. It is extremely difficult to get five points from one merge.

Pet Simulator X now has the inability to create huge pets. It is important to remember that pet creation with a Huge a Troon machine is only one way that one can acquire pets. You have the option to go about things much more simpler if you’re just starting out.


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