Persona 4 Golden – Early December Getting to the True Ending – Detailed Guide

Persona 4 Golden – Early December Getting to the True Ending – Detailed Guide 1 -
Persona 4 Golden – Early December Getting to the True Ending – Detailed Guide 1 -
I heard that a couple of people have problems with these days and they’re getting stuck, today I’ll show you how to get past that part, and how to be on a road to the True Ending ๐Ÿ˜€



So apperently some people are hitting a bad ending in these days or just are getting stuck, due to searching for clues at 12/05 afternoon. This 
is a detailed guide which will help you getting past that part ๐Ÿ˜€ 

Recommended steps before 12/03

11/28 is the last free day before this all mansion happens, so I strongly recommend you to do these before this day: 
– Get Jester (Adachi) 6 Social Link Rank 
– Get Aeon (Marie) at least 5/6 Social Link Rank 
– (New Game+) Defeat all optional bosses, it means that you have to redo all dungeons you have faced so far, and defeat the boss at the last floor. 
– (New Game+) Get Empress (Margaret) 10 Social Link Rank 


After the whole emotional ride, Yosuke will be desperate to put Namatame inside the TV, while girls won’t like the idea, you will have to select 
the exact dialogue options I’ll show up to you now. If you’ll select the wrong option, the game will fast forward to 3/20, and you will get the bad ending. 
When Yosuke says: "What do you want to do… Leader?" 
Select these choices; 
1. "Wait a second here…" 
2. "We’re missing something." 
3. "Namatame’s true feelings." 
4. "Something’s bothering me." 
5. "We’re missing something…" 
6. "Calm the hell down!"
After this, you’ll hit Fool 10 Social Link Rank, which will allow you to fuse Loki
Also, you’ll get a new Social Link "Judgement". 


Your choices pretty much doesn’t matter this day, so select whatever you like. 


Now that was frustating when I was playing this game for the first time, in the afternoon, you will have to find some clues, and some people get stuck here because they don’t know what to do, or who to talk with. 
Locations that need to be visited: 
– Both Shopping Districts 
– Samegawa Flood Plain 
– Junes Department Store 
(don’t really mind about Riverbank and the Shrine, because there’s no one to talk with about the clues) 
I strongly suggest you to make a little check-list for yourself, to be sure who you already spoke with, and which dialogue options you have chosen. 
The People you have to talk to, and their locations: 
Shopping District (South) 
– Yukiko 
– Yosuke 
– Kanji 
– Student’s Friend 
– Old Woman 
Shopping District (North) 
– Chie 
– Rise 
– Businessman 
– Old man standing by the shrine entrance 
– Woman standing by the shrine entrance 
– Gas mask man 
– Motorcycle man 
– Naoto 
– Student 
Samegawa Flood Plain 
– Kind man 
– Older man 
Other* (Not sure if it’s essential, but it’s worth talking to them, at least that’s what I did) 
– Daidara Metalworks (Weapons Shop) 
– Old Lady Shiroku (Shiroku Shop at South Shopping District) 
1. Talk to literally everybody, NPCs, investigation team, shop keepers, etc, selecting the first dialogue option. 
2. After talking to everybody, go back to Junes, and talk to the Female Student, selecting the 2nd dialogue option. 
3. Go to Shopping District South, and speak with the girl that Yosuke is talking to, also select the 2nd dialogue option. 
4. Then talk to every NPC once again, but now selecting the 2nd option. 
5. After all these steps, the game should progress automatically, if not, please double check if you talked with absolutely everybody, selecting both dialogue options. 
If you’re still having trouble, please let me know in the comments. 
The investigation team will meet in Aiya, and then you can choose who’s the real killer, when you will step outside for a while during the cutscene. 
Be sure to choose Adachi, do not defend him, just let your friends know. 
While you’re asleep, Teddie will appear in the Velvet Room. Choices doesn’t matter, and you will max out Star Social Link, giving you an ability to Fuse Helel. + Teddie will learn Evade Electicity ability, which is a very useful passive skill, because Teddie is weak to Electricity. 


Your choices pretty much doesn’t matter like in 12/04, just enjoy the story. 


After finding out Adachi in the TV world, you will be promoted with a choice at Evening, asking do you want to meet Adachi alone , or with everyone. Select the option where you want to see him alone. 
NOTE: This event only occurs if you have had Jester 6 Social Link Rank before 11/28. 
The choices during a conversation with Adachi doesn’t matter, but Jester arcana will evolve into a Hunger arcana. 

Next steps which should be done before 12/22

– Don’t rush with completing Adachi’s Dungeon, in fact, do this dungeon in one day (12/22), because the game gives you free 14 days which you can spend almost however you like. If you decide to do this dungeon earlier, the game will automatically skip all these days, taking away your oppunity to do whatever you please during december. 
– You NEED to max out Aeon (Marie) Social Link, in order to get the true ending, she will be avalibe to hang out every day, so you need to do this. 
– Additionally make preparations for this dungeon, fuse personas to make them stronger, buy the necessary items for yourself, get a nice gear, etc. Just get everything you need before starting the dungeon. 


And that’s it! If you would like a tutorial about Adachi’s dungeon itself, then let me know in the comments! 
Have a wonderful day!

Written by Astixx

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Persona 4 Golden – Early December Getting to the True Ending – Detailed Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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