Persona 4 Arena Ultimax – Cleanup Grand Slam Achievement

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax – Cleanup Grand Slam Achievement 1 -
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax – Cleanup Grand Slam Achievement 1 -

How to achieve the Cleanup Grand Slam achievement

1st and only part of the guide

There are 2 ways of getting this achievement:
1 – You can go solo, using arcade mode and playing as Junpei.
2 – You can go to Network mode and ask a friend to do this for you, also playing as Junpei.
PART 1 – Going Solo, playing arcade mode as Junpei
Setting the game to Easy/Safety Mode doesn’t work, because the AI never blocks anything coming out at them. Hard/Risky modes also don’t work because the AI will always punish you once you get the game set for the achievement on them and will 100% evade or block when you do the super special move attack thing.
In other words, in order to do #4 of PART 2 you’ll need to set the game to normal mode.
PART 2 – Getting the Achievement
#1 – First, you need to fill out the bases in the triangle thing by hitting your opponent 3 times with the bat;
#2 – 2nd, you need to fill out your ‘out'(red balls) by missing bat attacks inputs;
#3 – 3rd, you will fill out the ‘strike’ (yellow balls) by missing bat attacks only 2 times;
#4 – 4th you need your opponent to block your bat attack 3 times in a row(yes, you can combo into it as long as they block it).
#5 – Do a super special move on your opponent using the light-attack button, if you use the strong-punch version or any of the persona attack versions the entire thing will fail and you’ll have to re-do it again, this special move needs to hit and shouldn’t be blocked.
If you’re going for solo option, you may need to read this:
The easiest method to do this alone is to set the game to normal mode in arcade and do this against either akihiko, yousuke or kanji once they appear in the arcade for fighting and the next thing you do is whiff light-attacks until they start blocking at the wall-corner(remember, only bat attacks count for filling out the balls). Then finally as soon as the AI opponent finishes blocking the string you have just connected, you do a super special move using the light-punch, not the persona one, just as described in #5 step on PART 2 of this guide.
So, the way I did this myself was doing #1 to #3 method just as described in PART 2 and then once I was good with it, I would get close to the opponent and chain link LP(light-punch) x2 times until the opponent was cornered at the wall and once they were cornered I did rinse and repeat this part until I saw them blocking those x2 LP and on the 3rd hit you go for 5HP and chain into 2HP -> 23LP so the whole thing will look like this:
LP -> LP -> 5HP -> 2HP -> 23LP
As soon as it ends you can safely frame-trap the AI opponent using #5 step in PART2, the AI will rarely block any frame-traps and will eat everything coming right after them, which is the reason you can’t do this achievement in hard or risky modes because the AI will just either evade, block or punish the frame trap with a super of their own or burst, while Easy and Safety modes will have the AI Opponent refuse blocking your attacks for #4 step of PART 2.
Hopefully this guide will help players save some time.

Written by Xakurinha

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Persona 4 Arena Ultimax – Cleanup Grand Slam Achievement; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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