Perfect World – Kitty’s Handbook for Seekers

Perfect World – Kitty’s Handbook for Seekers 1 -
Perfect World – Kitty’s Handbook for Seekers 1 -
This introductory guide covers various seeker builds, cultivations, gear progression, skills, squadplay and other important stuff for seeker gameplay with both PVE and PVP-hints.

Written by Kitty, a well-known long-time player from Tideswell (originally Raging Tides) with experience of all cla*ses and all seeker builds. Originally written for her faction site.


So, what’s a seeker?

Seeker ish a tanky melee/ranged DD with some metal attacks and lots of powerful debuffs. Some of seeker’s unique debuffs are strongest among all cla*ses in PWI. Seeker ish also the only BPable cla*s with a zhen-skill which can make them extremely tanky in AoE-stuff. 
Kitty starts this guide starting with culti and builds, then introducing the skills and their uses and Kitty finishes this guide with gear information and genies so you’ll know how to use your precious gears well. 

Sage or Demon?

As Seeker, sage’s skills are mainly about DPH, avoiding debuffs, range and longer reliable CCs(QPQ+Voidstep). Sage spark and AN also help with taking less damage. 
Meanwhile, Kitty would describe demon seeker as more DPS-oriented, shatters giving both damage and crit. rate and debuffs/CCs in general lasting longer/more powerful while proccing less than sage equivalents.Demons also have some CCs sage doesn’t have at all. 
While sage tries to avoid debuffs, demon purifies them when they’ve landed. 

Stat builds

Pure str 
per 10 attribute points: 
7 Strength 
3 Dexterity (to 160) 
This ish the default build optimized for damage-dealing, which ish seeker’s main role in the squad. Can be a little squishy but tanky with good gears. 
Hybrid/vit. build 
per 10 attribute points: 
5 Strenght (to 252 at 100) 
3 Dexterity (to 160 at 100) 
2 Vitality or Strenght (depending on how much total vitality you’d like to have.) 
Tankier build with lower damage. Can be good for soloing PVs as non-RB, but requires enough damage to get enough BP heals or mobs killed during Expel-Vortex. 
Also a decent build for PVP-support seeker though higher refines make the benefit from vit. lesser. 
Pure dex. 
per 10 attribute points: 
5 Strenght 
5 Dexterity 
This build has 5-10% higher crit. rate and high accuracy+evasion. Demon’s crit. boosts further augment the crit. rate so most dex. seekers usually are demon to crit a lot. 
Can be decent-ish as a PVP-build though the lack of pure damage can be too much to get targets down even when critting a lot. 

Introduction to skills

(Brief descriptions, and leveling advice) 
Like mentioned in first chapter, seeker has mainly phys. attacks, some metal elemental attack and LOTS of debuffs. Here’s Kitty’s recommendations for their importance. 
Max : Maximize this ability 
Efct1 : Effective at level 1, you may decide to conserve mana by leaving it there 
Opt : Levelling Optional 
Halt : Levelling not advised 
Pace: Ability should be maximized, but not necessarily immediately 
NA : Usage of this ability Not Advised, generally leave it at level 1 

Pa*sive and Buffs

Blade and Sword Mastery(Max) Pa*sively Increases damage 
-Sage: Gives extra 15% weapon damage. (That’s not much these days.) 
-Demon: Increases crit. rate by 1%. (That’s like 0,7% boost in DPS…meh.) 
Adrenal Numbness (Max) Grants you extra attack levels, keep it up 
-Sage: Gives 3 extra def. levels. (~2% more tankiness.) 
-Demon: Also increases Accuracy by 10% for 5 mins. (Helps at hitting sins, archers and DBs.) 
Blade Affinity (Pace) Boosts your channeling speed, especially useful for speeding up Gemini Slash and setting up Vortex 
-Sage: Gives 50% chance to evade negative status effects for 6 seconds. (Very useful at avoiding that oh-so-predictable stunlock and nasty debuffs.) 
-Demon: Lasts for 2 more seconds. (Allows an extra skill or 2) 
Unfetter (Pace) Speed buff 
-Sage: Gives 6-second stun/immobilize-immunity. (Useful for avoiding stunlocks and for popping IG.) 
-Demon: Purifies all debuffs when used. (Useful when QPQ’s on CD. And if you use Rewinding Gesture…can’t debuff demon seeker.) 
Bladed Fervor (Pace) Your main weapon buff skill, keep it up 
Saber Rattle (Pace) Your main squad weapon buff for attack levels, keep it up and remember to rebuff Bladed Fervor after buffing squad. 
Krav Maga (Opt) Another squad weapon buff for def. levels, level if you feel like you’ll have squishies in your squad sometimes. 

Stances and Shatters

Northern Sky Waltz (Max) Marks target when you spam skills and triggered with Staggering Strike to cast short immobilize+8 sec -20 def. lvl debuff. A must for boss fights and making high single-target dmg. 
-Sage: Increases proc. chance by 10%. (Helps at keeping NSW on bosses.) 
-Demon: Immobilizes enemy for 1 second longer when triggered. (Good for kiting.) 
Parchedblade Dance (Pace) Marks target when you spam skills and triggered with Stalagstrike to cast short stun. Try to mark this with Darkcloud Bolt for AoE-stun when triggered. 
-Sage: Increases proc. rate by 5%. (A bit meh…) 
-Demon: Increases stun time by 1 second when triggered. (Helps at stunlocking enemy…omnom.) 
Soulsever Minuet (Max) Marks targets when you spam skills and triggered with Gemini Slash to cast -10 att.+def. lvl debuff. Mark this with Darkcloud Bolt+Stalagstrike for AoE-debuff when triggered. 
-Sage: Increases proc. rate by 15%. (Helps at proccing SM faster.) 
-Demon: Increases SM’s Att./Def. lvl debuff by 2. (a.k.a. Stronger debuff.) 
Note: Shatters are PVE-only. 
Heartshatter (Max) Casts a debuff that makes the target take more phys./metal skill damage. Use on everything that takes more than 4 hits to kill. 
-Sage: Increases damage of phys. and metal skills by 15% more. (Higher DPH, lower DPS) 
-Demon: Increases crit. rate of phys. and metal skills by 15%. (Lower DPH, higher DPS) 
Mindshatter (Pace) Casts a debuff that increases water/wood skills’s crit. rate against the target. Use on boss if squad has a veno/mystic/psy/wiz/SB. 
-Sage: Increases crit. rate of water and wood skills by another 15%. (Total effect ~44-48%) 
-Demon: Also increases damage of water and wood skills by 15%. (Total effect ~48-52%, stronger) 
Soulshatter (Pace) Casts a debuff that increases earth/fire skills’s crit. rate and damage against the target for 20 secs. Use only when a psy/wiz sparks or ask when they want it. 
-Sage: Increases damage of fire and earth skills by another 50%. (Noticeably more powerful) 
-Demon: Lasts 10 seconds longer (50%).(That extra time ish meh ’cause SS ish anyway best used when wiz or psy sparks.) 

Single-target attacks and AoEs

Rocksplitting Cleave (Max) One of your 3 basic spam skills. 
-Sage: Deals an additional 550 damage. (Meh, that’s nothing these days.) 
-Demon: Has 20% to give 50 extra chi. (Omnomnom…if it procs.) 
Staggering Strike (Max) Trigger skill for Northern Sky Waltz. One of your 3 basic spam skills. 
-Sage: Reduces cooldown by 1 seconds. (Helps a lot at keeping NSW triggered) 
-Demon: Reduces cast time by 0,2 seconds. (Help a bit at optimizing combo…but meh.) 
Battousai (Max) Metal elemental attack, one of your 3 basic spam skills. 
-Sage: Deals an additional 660 damage.(Another meh…) 
-Demon: Gives another 5 chi. (Chi ish always useful.) 
Heartseeker (Efct1, Pace) Metal elemental attack with long range. Has chance to immobilize target. 
-Sage: Deals an additional 1600 damage. (Still meh.) 
-Demon: Immobilizes for another 2 seconds. (Useful with EB and kiting. NOTE: In-game description ish incorrect.) 
Stalagstrike (Max) Trigger skill for Parchedblade Dance, one of your 2 basic AoEs. 
-Sage: Deals an additional 1500 damage. (These damage adds are mehhhh…) 
-Demon: Has 33% chance to cause bleed for 4500 damage over 9 seconds. (Even moar meh.) 
Darkcloud Bolt (Max) One of your 2 basic AoEs. 
-Sage: Has a 50% chance to interrupt the target’s channeling. (Very useful against mag. mobs/casters…if it procs) 
-Demon: Reduces the cooldown by 2 seconds. (Very useful to reduce interval between AoEs!) 
Ion Spike (Max) Metal elemental AoE with metal res. debuff. Especially useful against high phys. def. targets. 
-Sage: Deals an additional 1600 damage. (Mehhhh…) 
-Demon: Reduces Metal Resistance for 20 more seconds. (Can be quite useful o.o) 
Gemini Slash (Pace) Trigger skill for Soulsever Minuet and your strongest skill. Use with Blade Affinity to avoid long channeling time and interrupts. 
-Sage: Deals an additional 2000 damage. (Mehhhhhhh….) 
-Demon: Has a 33% chance to slow by 60% for 8 seconds. (Meh.) 

Special, lvl 79 and 100 skills

Yataghan Vortex (Pace) Your hard-hitting constant-cast AoE with heavy mana-drain. Good for AoEing stuff that doesn’t die to Darkcloud -> Stalagstrike -> Gemini-combo. 
Don’t use at bosses if you’re not a lowbie without squad. After 10-11k base attack weaker than NSW-skillspam even when soloing. 
-Sage: Increases AoE-range by 2 meters. (Very, very useful) 
-Demon: Has 15% chance to stun for 1 seconds. (A bit meh. Procs too little.) 
Edged Blur (Pace) Buffs yourself with an aura that does metal damage to nearby mobs every 3 secs for 12 secs. Can hit thru immunities and doesn’t aggro non-aggressive mobs. GG in Cube. 
-Sage: Increases AoE-range by 2 meters. (Keeps barbs out of BO-range…but EB works best when stunlocking enemy at melee-range.) 
-Demon: Lasts 3 secs longer. (-> 1 more EB-tick! Omnomnom.) 
Voidstep (Efct1, Pace) Teleports you to target and stuns it for 3 secs. Useful for teleporting thru walls if leveled. 
-Sage: Stuns for 1 second longer. (Helps at keeping enemy still.) 
-Demon: Has 33% chance to use no chi. (Helps at preserving chi…if it procs.) 
Quid Pro Quo: Your swiss knife of a skill. Throws the ebil debuffs on you to target (pretty much purifying you) and silences it shortly. Especially useful for debuffing if you debuff yourself with various stuffs and QPQ them to target. GG much? 
-Sage: Increases silence’s duration by 2 seconds. (Can help at keeping enemy from attacking.) 
-Demon: Also immobilizes for 2 seconds. (That’s a pseudo-stun!) 
Arme Nier: Heavy-hitting long-range phys. single-target attack. Hits like a tank. GET IT! 
Last Stand: Uses all your mana to restore 40% HP if you’re below 40%. Also purifies and gives 6 sec anti-stun. (Kitty doesn’t like that "below 40%". As a seeker that usually means "dead already".) 
Duelist’s Glee: a Celestial skill, stance that disarms the opponent for 6 secs if triggered. Only useful for PVP. 
Rewinding Gesture: a Celestial skill, resets Voidstep’s and Unfetter’s CD. Means that as seeker you can use this to make sage Unfetter’s anti-stun from just 6 secs to whole 12 secs. As demon with demon Unfetter…2 purifys without CD (and 3rd if you use QPQ for purify, too). Also gives nice 15% crit. rate boost. GG? 
Bloodthirsty Blitz: AEU-skill, heals you for 20% HP and grabs aggro of everything it hits. Useful for tanking stuff and saving squadmates but don’t use it if you can’t tank all that aggro. 
Archangels Of Justice: Can you see the angels? Though Angels Don’t Kill (usually), they cast a nasty debuff that makes the target take more crits and they also stun the target. And hits relatively hard, especially at bosses. Advanced version from AEU. 
Transposition(Corona): Swaps place with an enemy, chance to succeed depends on levels and soulforces. Useful for pulling enemy players to middle of your squad for easy kill. Follow with Voidstep to stun the target and to get back to him/her. PVP-skill. 
Radiant Sight(Luminance): Allows you to see stealthing equal/lower-level sins and archers for 8 secs. PVP-skill. 
Sacrificial Slash(Shroud): Reduces your def. lvl by 40%/at least 20 and increases your attack lvl by half of that def. lvl reduction. You can QPQ the def. lvl. debuff away. Try to use it when squad’s DPS ish highest. 

Primal and Homestead skills

Quid Pro Quo: Reduces chann./cast time. Learn it if you’re not used to QPQing Expel’s silence away. 
-Sage: Silences for 2 more seconds. No change. 
-Demon: Also immobilizes for 4 seconds. That’s 2 secs more than before. 
Sacrificial Slash: Reduces chann. time. Learn it. 
Gravel Blade: Merges Soulsever and Parchedblade to Rock-Splitting Cleave. 
-Sage: Combination of sage Rocksplitter, PD and SM. 
-Demon: Combination of demon Rocksplitter, PD and SM. 
Chaos Blade: Combines shatters into one skill. Basically Heartshatter for all elements. 
-Sage: Increases skill damage by another 15%. (50% total power, stronger DPH) 
-Demon: Also increases crit. rate of skills by 15%. (51-54% total power, better DPS) 
Wind Blade: Binds NSW to Staggering Strike. 
-Sage: Same as sage NSW and Staggering Strike. (Better at keeping NSW on target.) 
-Demon: Same as demon NSW and Staggering Strike. (That inc. immobilize time can be useful in PVP.) 
Glowing Blade: Binds Duelist’s Glee to Battousai. Might be useful for PVP if you have other primal mergers learned, might be not. 
-Sage: Deals 660 additional damage. (Still meeeeh…) 
-Demon: Gives 5 extra chi. (Still nice.) 
Voidstep: Turns Voidstep into a 8-meter AoE-stun and gives you antistun for 10 secs. 
-Sage: Stun lasts 1 second longer. 
-Demon: Has 33% chance to use no chi. 
Transposition: Works with 100% certainty, makes you untargetable for 3 seconds after use. 
Last Stand: Can be used at any time and triggers when your HP goes below 40% during next 3 minutes. That’s kind of Deaden Nerves for uber-tanky seekers! 
Avatar of the Blade: Increases movement speed by 50%, base damage by 200% of weapon damage and makes you taller. Yush, you don’t need dragon balls for that wish anymore. (200% of weapon damage=2-spark. Not that super-effective.) 

Benefits and drawbacks of some Primal skills

In general, Kitty’s seriously advicing against learning certain primal skills as some of them have serious drawbacks. 
Chaos Blade: This merger makes it faster to use shatters with no DPS-difference from Heart- and Mindshatters. BUT. Chaos Blade seriously nerfs Soulshatter, the favourite debuff of every wizzie and psychic in existence. SS’s 150% x 50% debuffs becomes mere 50%. Though ofc fire- and earth-skills get longer boost with Chaos Blade, any good wiz or psy still see Chaos Blade as a ma*sive nerf as psychics and wizzies traditionally use water-skills to get boost from Mindshatter when Soulshatter ish on cooldown. So keep the separate shatters for the love of wizzies and psys. 
Gravel Blade: This skill eliminates the need of swapping between stances to apply SM and PD on target. It also helps Ion Spike and Heartseeker to proc easier as due to way the seekers were coded, having stance on prevents Heartseeker’s immobilize from proccing if stance procs. 
The sad news ish that while Gravel Blade makes applying stance markers on target a lot easier…it eliminates the ability to use SM and PD as AoE-debuffs. If you mainly play in single-target mode, Gravel Blade can be worth it. But avoid it if you do ma*s-PVP and PVE a lot! 
Wind Blade: This merger also eliminates the need of stance-swapping as Wind Blade triggers NSW by itself if NSW procs. So no need for marking NSW anymore. 
But the drawback ish that you can only use NSW with one skill if you get Wind Blade. Having NSW as separate stance allows you to mark it on all attacks which usually makes it faster to apply. You anyway would need to use Wind Blade/Staggering Strike to trigger it. 

Some specific tips for using skills

Seeker ish one of the strongest debuffers in this game so they’re best off debuffing when in squads. 
Kitty’s way to play as seeker at bosses… 
Kitty starts by calling for Archangels of Justice for their crit. rate debuff (target has ~13% higher chance to receive a crit). 
Then Kitty uses necessary shatters. They are… 
Heartshatter: For yourself and all phys./metal users in squad. 
Mindshatter: Only if there’s a psy/myst/veno/SB/wizzie in squad ’cause water/wood. 
Soulshatter: Only when a psy or wizzie sparks. ‘Cause Fire/Earth. 
(Note to clear common misconceptions: Heaven’s Flame is NOT a fire skill. And elemental add from Blazing Arrow doesn’t make archer’s attacks count as fire skills. And Barb’s Firestorm ish a physical skill with fire add but that doesn’t make it a fire skill.) 
QPQ’s many uses 
There’s a couple apoths, Crimson Soul Powder and Crimson Blood Powder, that give 30%/25% HF debuff on seeker when used. You can QPQ that debuff to boss for a mini-HF if there’s no BMs present or HF’s on cooldown. 
You can also use Fortify (Genie-skill) to get a QPQable mag. res. debuff. And you can also use Sacrificial Slash before QPQ to throw a strong def. level debuff that stacks with Northern Sky Waltz’s and Soulsever’s. 
That’s whole 3 easy debuffs with one QPQ! 
Seekers are metal mages! 
Seeker can also be a pro metal DD. You can use Battousai – Heartseeker – Battousai – Ion Spike-combo for tons of metal damage. Useful for taking down phys. immune bosses and enemy HAs. 

Playing your Seeker

Seeker grinding and questing ish mainly using Heartseeker to immobilize the target and NSW-skillspam that target down. If mob takes longer than 3-4 hits to kill, use Heartshatter first. 
Grinding NSW-skillspam combo 
Opener: Heartshatter 
CC: Heartseeker 
Spam: Rocksplitting Cleave – Battousai – Staggering Strike 
You can also do quest by pulling the melee mobs and AoEing them down, thanks to seeker’s good AoE-arsenal. Against magic mobs you’d need to Voidstep at one in middle of them and 1/2-shot them before they run away. 
In dungeons, seeker ish mainly a DD/debuffer. During pulls seeker usually either spams AoEs or uses Vortex to kill the mobs. Use vortex only if Darkcloud -> Stalagstrike -> Ion Spike -> Gemini Slash isn’t enough, though, as using vortex for 3-shot mobs ish just a waste of good chi. 
If you’re the puller in the squad, make sure you’re not running too fast. It’s usually a good idea to save Unfetter towards the last ~20 seconds of the pull to avoid the mobs getting too far behind and to get some distance to prepare your AoEs. 
Avoid sharp turns as you mobs have harder time reaching you if your movements are smooth. 
If you need to pull stunning/immobilizing mobs, start by using sage Unfetter and use AD when Unfetter’s anti-stun ish over. When AD’s past halfway of its duration, use Vacuity Powder for another 20 seconds of anti-stun. 
When there’s about 5 secs of antistun left, Voidstep to next group and prepare your AoEs. Bloodthirsty Blitz ish good for taking great aggro to protect squishier DDs. 
At single mobs, use Heartshatter -> NSW-skillspam and maybe Mindshatter if the mobs are tanky and you have wood/water DDs in squad. 
At bosses a seeker ish mainly a DDing debuffer. Start by using Heartshatter (and Mindshatter if there’s any wood/water DDs in squad). Then, if there’s no barb in squad, use Soulsever, mark it with skillspam and trigger with BA-gemini. Then proceed to using Northern Sky Waltz-skill spam. 
If there’s a barb in your squad, skip Soulsever and use NSW. Barbs overwrite Soulsever’s att. level debuff with stronger version from Devour. 
If you see a wizzie or psy sparking, use Soulshatter to give them a ma*sive damage boost. It would be good to ask before the boss when they want the Soulshatter for optimal timing. 
If you know people are going to spark, try to spark with them and SacriSlash -> QPQ for some nice damage. 
Kitty’s calculated an optimal combo to use for NSW-skillspam: Darkcloud Bolt -> Rocksplitting Cleave -> Battousai -> Staggering Strike -> Stalagstrike -> Rocksplitting Cleave -> Battousai -> Staggering Strike -> repeat. This combo outdamages vortex even when playing solo if you have 11k or higher avg. base damage. In squad, it’s always better total damage than vortexing. 
Seekers can also become a tank cla*s after learning Bloodthirsty Blitz and when they have enough damage to keep the aggro with skillspam between Bloodthirsty Blitz’s. 
If you happen to be an demon APS-seeker, use HS(+MS) at the start of boss, mark and trigger Soulsever with Gemini Slash and go APSing. 
NOTE: Don’t do this if you’re not a demon APS-seeker with at least 2.0APS. And even if you are, do this only at APSable bosses. 

Player vs Player: the Beginning and Slicing through Squishies

Basic PVP Tactics 
(a*sumes use of a HP charm) 
As seeker you mainly try to keep melees away while spamming metal skills on them and to stay near the casters so they don’t run out of your range. Or if they’re squishy, you can just snipe them with Gemini Slash -> Arme Nier before they notice your ebil intentions. 
Seeker has quite stable damage, but at many times it might not be enough to get through charms so when you feel like you’re ready to kill, spark -> QPQ – self-debuffs works quite well. 
QPQ ish also good for throwing back some strong debuffs like HF and amp for a quick kill. 
Be very, very careful when QPQing debuffs against another seeker or a psychic. Unless enemy seeker has QPQ on cooldown or you’ve already triggered psychic’s Soul of Retaliation, you might soon find yourself with those same debuffs. And debuffs love company, they say. 
WARNING: Don’t ever try to use shatters or Chaos Blade in PVP unless you want your name in WC as worst nab seeker on server. (Kitty’s heard some r9rr+12 nuema portal CoM+WoA seeker did that mistake…) 
Fighting against Arcane Armor cla*ses 
For arcane armor, Voidstep/Unfetter to get in close-range(Voidstep also stuns them) with Parchedblade on and Darkcloud Bolt -> Rocksplitting Cleave -> Stalagstrike to extend the stun. Then swap to Northern Sky Waltz and try to trigger it ASAP to immobilize the caster and debuff with def. lvl. When the NSW has been triggered, go for the kill with BA -> SacriSlash -> QPQ -> Gemini Slash. 
If you’re fighting a cleric, try to get him/her debuffed and spam metal skills during Plume Shell’s duration and go for the kill when its over. Stunlocking helps a lot against these nuggets. 
Beware of their sleep -> debuffs -> Mark of Weakness -> Sparked Tempest-combo. If you’re not careful that combo can kill you quick. 
Wizzies can Distance Shrink out of your range and their Arcane Defense throws them out of your range, too, so you might want to first close in with Unfetter, hit them to trigger Arcane Defense, Voidstep to follow them and Rewinding -> Voidstep again after they’ve distance shrinked. That will leave them with little movement options left for a moment. (Until Purify procs…) 
Psychics can be super-painful foes for a seeker. They can use Soul of Retaliation to throw back your CC/debuff, they might silence or stun you when you attack and they can CC you and use Psychic Will to avoid taking damage. Your best hope ish to trick them into using their CCs while you have anti-stun up and kill them by strong hits when they’re in Black Voodoo. In White Voodoo they can just CC/tank you for eternity if unless you got a lucky sparked zerkcrit. 
Mystics can heal themselves to full in an instant but they lack reliable purify so try to debuff them, OI and drop a nuke hoping that’s enough to kill. If not, try again. Mystics are another very painful enemy for a seeker. 
Venos are in some regards very similar to seeker. Both are lacking in CCs while strong debuffers. They can go to Fox form for defense, though, so try to catch them in human form. If a veno procs demon Ironwood on you, QPQ it back and there’s a free 1-shot for you. 
SBs…try to nuke them when they’re not in Reaper and CCing and kiting you for eternity. Perhaps the worst possible foe for a seeker. 
Casters might guess you’re trying to do these, so creativy ish recommended, too. 

Player vs Player: Eradicating the Exterminators

Fighting Light Armor cla*ses 
Against Light Armor cla*ses, use a combination of regular attacks and metal skills and be wary of their ebil CCs. They usually have somewhat equal p. def. and m. res. so Ion Spike-metal combo works well for them. These enemies aren’t that tanky, but their semi-endless CC skills can be very bothersome. 
If your opponent ish sin/DB, use EB if they get to melee-range. Their stunlocks are usually quite harmless for a seeker (though they are annoying) but beware of sin sparking or DB going in Reaper. Both can be lethal if they know what they’re doing. 
But sins are rather squishy so keep distance and nuke them down. When sin’s Tidal drops, that’s a good time to debuff and kill. 
DBs do have pa*sive against ranged damage so they take less damage from further-away attackers. So best range against them tends to be about 6-12 meters. 
If it’s an archer, try to stay in melee-range to prevent archer from using most phys. attacks for damage. Archers can still use dangerous metal-attacks at melee-range, but they’d use them from any range regardless. You can Unfetter to close in, Voidstep after they leap and Rewinding -> Voidstep after they leap again (they can leap twice) to make sure they can’t get away from you. 

Player vs Player: Thrashing the Tanks

Fighting the Heavy Armor cla*ses 
Against heavy armor, try to debuff your enemy and go for kill with Ion Spike -> Battousai -> Heartseeker -> Battousai. If they try to get to melee-range, use Edged Blur to make them run away. 
BMs are an annoying enemy, but they’re rarely a dangerous opponent. They usually try to stunlock you and get a lucky HF’d zerkcrit-chain. If you can escape their stunlock after HF has landed on you, you can QPQ it back on poor BM and quickly finish with metal skills. BMs, in general, are bad at range so stay at range if you possibly can. 
Keep an eye on which marrow the BM ish using (if BM ish dumb enough to use either) as phys. marrow can easily be a lethal mistake. If BM does that mistake, just Ion Spike -> Heartseeker -> Battousai and the BM ish most likely dead ^^ 
You can also press the BM towards that mistake by using Tangling Mire+Arme Nier+Gemini when poor human ish using Magic Marrow. 
Most barbs are sage vitality built. That means they do little damage but they have very high HP so you better not try to solo a barb unless you’re 2 grades higher geared and you feel lucky at getting metal zerkcrits. Otherwise the result ish most likely a draw. 
Demon barbs, especially demon str. barbs can actually be quite dangerous despite being slightly easier to kill. They’ll most likely try to stunlock you, but fortunately their useful stuns and paralyze are chance-based. If barb sparks, either take distance with Holy Path and try to stop with Heartseeker. Non-sparked they’re not hitting that much so Edged Blur might scare them away. Don’t let the tiggys escape but keep them still with Voidstep and Heartseeker while using SacriStrike -> HF-pot -> Ion Spike -> Battousai -> Heartseeker -> Battousai to possibly bypa*s their charm to kill. 
In ma*s-PVP seeker ish one of the few cla*ses that can hurt a barb badly during Invoke. PWI considers Edged Blur as a DoT and thus it hits through IG and Invoke with full damage. 
A fight between seekers ish mainly about who ish luckier with (zerk)crits and has a better strategy of debuffing and stunlocking. Of course, like against other heavy armors, use metal attacks against your fellow seeks. Otherwise Kitty doesn’t bother to say much about this pair. There’s too many factors and tactics involved. 


Weapon: Dual blades, dual swords, blade, sword 
Soulshards: Garnet (+Physical Attack) 
You don’t need to pay too much attention to weapon type until lvl 100. 
At 100, Kitty recommends going for either dual blades or dual swords as they have higher average wpn. damage than blade or sword. Seeker ish a skillspammer-cla*s so you shouldn’t be auto-attacking unless you’re a dedicated demon APS-seeker (and even APS-seekers should skillspam at anti-APS-stuff). For APS-seeker Kitty recommends blade or sword. 
The difference between blades and swords ish that blades have more damage range while swords have more stable damage. So if you want to see highest number with the risk of seeing lowest, go blades. If you want to know the oncoming damage better, use swords. 
Kitty personally prefers dual blades. 
At level 19 you can get the ‘Minister Dual Swords’ after doing lvl 19 culti and you can use those swords until 30ish when you get Duke Dual Swords from ‘Wraith Yansheng’-quest. At lvl 40 you can get Royal Dual Swords from ‘The Showdown’ and that works well until you can get QSM-dual swords at 55, 70 and 85. Imperiumi does QSM to help its members gear up so ask for QSM-runs when you reach any of those 3 levels. 
QSM85-dual swords work well until you reach lvl 100. At level 100 you can farm T2-swords/blades of your choice and use it to farm FWS to get badges and mold for T3. Or you can cashshop rank 9 sword at 101. 
If you have lots of patience and coins, you can go for real endgame weapon: G17r5. But just to warn: that one takes an eternity to farm. 
If you’re making an APS-seeker, Kitty recommends sticking with G17r4-sword/blade as it has -0.1int. You can’t find that add on any other seeker-weapon. 
Armor Type: Heavy (‘all resist’ preferred) 
Soulshards: Citrines (+HP) 
Useful Modifiers: Strenght, Dexterity, Vitality, HP, Magic resistance, crit rate% 
Accessories: Phys. rings, elem. belt and elem. neck recommended 
Headgear: best HP-helm available 
At lower levels, try to get whatever mold/3* gears available. Bosses in instances also drop good ornaments and quests give you some minister/duke/royal pieces you can use until you can farm your first QSM-set at 55. You can use QSM55, 70 and 85 gears until you get better gears farmed at 100. 
At 100, you’re best off aiming for T3 or r9rr, T3 being the usual option as r9rr ish very, very costy to farm these days. For ornaments, try to get elemental Cube-neck and warsong-belt and whatever rings you see fit. Lunar gold(Chaotic Sign of Frost) ish a good option for ring. 

Genie for a Seeker

For a seeker, there’s 2 genie-types Kitty can recommend depending on skills: mag. or str. genie. Mag. genie helps you spam genie skills more often while str. genie has some skills boosted a lot. 
There’s some skills Kitty can recommend for recommend-genie: 
Cloud Eruption: gives 1 spark+some chi, str. boosts that amount of chi give. Leave at whatever levels uses energy equal to your most energy-heavy skill. Can be used for Spark+Vortex. 
Absolute Domain: Gives 5 sec immunity against most thingies+2 sec anti-stun after immunity ends. 
Holy Path: rises your speed to max (15m/s), useful for pulling/getting around faster if you feel Unfetter isn’t enough for you. 
Tangling Mire: Slows enemies and casts p. def. debuff at a huge radius around the target. Stronger with str. genie. 
Extreme Poison: single-target 20% dmg amp. debuff, useful if there’s no Subsea’ing sin in squad. Dex. makes duration longer. 
Expel: Use it during Vortex to get 9 sec phys. immunity to vortex in piece (Granted you’re not taking magic hits). Silences you for its duration so makes sure stuff pretty much dies in its duration or make sure your vortex doesn’t get interrupted. Dex. makes duration longer. 
Faith: Energy-heavy skill that purifys debuffs and gives 5 sec. immune to ALL debuffs/CCs. A bit cheaper to use on str. genie. 
Occult Ice: Prevents enemy from doing anything for 6 secs if procs. A lot more reliable on high str. genie. 
Tree Of Protection: a buff/heal skill that buffs your max. HP for 6 secs and heals certain amount of max HP every 3 secs. Last longer and gives stronger buff with str. genie, stronger heal with dex. 
Fortify: Short anti-stun with chance to give minor elem. res. debuff on you. Leave it at lvl 1 for QPQable debuff. 

The end.

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BONUS: Some Kitty’s seeker guide-videos! 

Written by KittysamaRT

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