Perfect World is Dead Game?

Perfect World is Dead Game? 1 -
Perfect World is Dead Game? 1 -

A few weeks ago, I join with some of my friends to few Perfect World private servers, we try Small XP and High XP


Is Perfect World a dead game?

I can say no, at least when we play in Perfect World Private Servers we see a lot of players from Europe who still love the game.


This is our journey 🙂 hope you gonna enjoy


Perfect World Private Server High XP

First, we join the biggest server for Perfect World what we understand was 100x the server name was AbyssWars we play here for few weeks and it was amazing how many players were still playing the game after so long time. We expect the server was very high because of high XP and fast PVP, so if you want to enjoy fast PVP and too lazy to the farm you can give it a try using this URL


Perfect World Private Server Low XP

After playing on the high XP we decide to try the top server for low XP, we want to test x1 or max x2 and we found TheCla*sic PW didn’t was so many players like high XP but was still a good amount of players, when we join after few hours the admin call the Archosaur Invasion and a lot of players joined the event, how we see the start new Invasions every few hours and because of this many player’s was active to farm for XP and items.


We talk with the GM “ISeeYou” and he told us he’s making events 2/3 times per day every day… so if you want to enjoy a small XP perfect world private server you should give it a try.

The server URL is


PS: If you join any of these servers let the GMs know you come from SteamLists 🙂 they give us some of there time to help us see if the game is dead or not and helped us to build this post 🙂

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