Perfect World – A rather (mostly) unbaised guide on how to BladeMaster. (Mostly PvE)

Perfect World – A rather (mostly) unbaised guide on how to BladeMaster. (Mostly PvE) 1 -
Perfect World – A rather (mostly) unbaised guide on how to BladeMaster. (Mostly PvE) 1 -
This is a guide on starting out, and progressing as a Blademaster, this guide will get lengthy due to it’s sheer versitility of this cla*s, from being tanky, use of farming, damage support, and being a hara*ser in both PvE and PvP.


The crushing and enticing of expectations first.

Let’s get a few things straight before you decide to embark on being an amazing blademaster, first off in terms of damage. It’s not going to be amazing, good/great, yes, but don’t think you’ll hit those high numbers anytime soon; nor you’re the supreme meatshield that everyone rally behind. Yes, you’re going to be meaty, but you’re not going to be a barbarian. 
However, if you want to be best supporting character you want to be, with decent damage and beefiness, this IS the character, and this isn’t by some bias. It’s in the stats and skills, and it’s use of them in the game. 
You’ll have a skill, when used properly, can melt boss’s HP for 6 or 9 seconds (A 100% Damage amplification), an emergancy skill so save your parties lives. (Two of them, one’s a 1000% Pdef resist buff and a 50% Damage output Debuff), and a nice Physical Defense party buff (60% lv10 and either a 75% + Another 75% for 15 sec, or 90%). 
You can resist either more physical damage, or flop over to a magical resist buff, (Alters defenses though, if you use Physical Marrow, your magical defences lower, and vice versa). 
Now, with that over and done with, let’s get you started… 

Getting started, and how to build.

When you first start your character, you’ll be (Currently) in a place called Celestial vale, you’ll be stuck in this prison until you’re Lv20, which won’t take too long. 
Everytime you level up, you’ll get 5 statpoints. press that "C" button and you’ll see 4 available stats to build. 
Vit – HP/HP Regen/Phy and Mag Resist 
Mag – MP/MP Regen/Magical Damage and Resistance 
Str – Physical Attack (Outside of Sabers, Daggers, and Bows)/Physical Defense 
Dex – Physical Attack (Dags, Sabers, and Bows) Critical rate (Per 20 Dex), Accuracy/Evasion 
There are various builds on blademasters, but I’ll lay down the 2 most popular ones. 
3STR, 2DEX – You’ll be able to use all of your melee weapons, you’ll have 10 base Crit at Lv100, and deal decent damage. 
9STR, 1DEX (Every 2 levels) – Pure axe build, Lack Acc/Crit, makes up for sheer power. 
There’s other builds out there, and a little good ol’ google search will pop up many other builds, such as the vit barb build, Pure pole, pure sword, sword/pole… Yaddayaddayadda 
Yes, as a blademaster you have many tools of the trade, and you can focus on one or multiple (Just keep a Lv1 axe for… Your amp skill’s sake if you go the other builds, your party will love you forever) 
So… Let’s get at them. 

Weapons and armour.

Weapons first, shell we? 
Axes/Hammer, and it’s Pole variances: Strength hungry weapons that delivers a powerful blow, Dualies will provide more skill damage due to it’s higher base stats than it’s pole variances, which offers more attack speed. recommeded if you go Dualies since you have a metric butt ton of skills. 
Poleblades, Pikes, and… RIP Clubs: 1.00 Attack speed items (Base) useful for it’s own skills later down the road. Since there’s a ranged option for such skill. 
Swords, Blades, and it’s dual variances: Same as the dual axes/hammers they provide and base damage, and the single sword/blades provide the speed. The skills that only require this weapons are by far the most powerful, with decent damage scaling among those skills. (Love me some MSS spam. <3) 
Fists and Claws: Base speed of 1.43 attack per second… Yeah, if you’re feeling lazy and want to basic attack everything, no shame in that, the skills that only require this weapon are more for utility sake than damage. 
Light or Heavy? 
Heavy for the most part, always focus on that since you’ll be up close and personal most of the time, but… If you want to grab some light armour… Near the end of this guide you can be a trolly with a certain genie skill that only blademasters have access to. 
ANYWHO! Why heavy? Has the highest physical resistance, and you’ll be needing that, whereas light armour might have the magical resist, you’ll find yourself eating the dirt more if you decide to brawl something that has claws. 
Now… Moving on to the leveling part. 

Celestial hell— I mean Celestial Vale (Lv1-20)

The questline here is a bit straightforward. Press "Q" to find your quests, head over, do the tasks, kill mobs, gather stuff, get EXP. There are a few wondering NPCs you might find on your travels, all (3?) of them will give you a nice EXP boost (5k EXP/1k Spirit), and in certain times you’ll get to an NPC where you get a nice aerogear and some Lv9 Armour, that NPC is in the first city you’ll go to (Check the NPC named Colormask). 
be sure to do your Lv9 and get started in your Lv19 culti. At the end of your Lv19 culti you’ll need to enter an instance, roll with a party or find someone who can run it for you, if you see "Antraze" in world chat, that’s me, don’t be afraid to PM me, I’ll run it for you. 
That’s the TL;DR version, mostly because if I wrote what to do in each quest. It would be both redunant and rather painful, for the both of us. 
Your skills once you’re done in that place (If you completed both Lv9 and 19 cultis) 
Tiger Maw 
Chi gain: 10; Weap: All; Lv1 
Starter Skill, will be used in a much better skill so level it up anyways. 
Blood Draw 
Chi gain: 5; Weap: All; Lv1 
Same as Tiger Maw, Level it up for a much better skill later on 
Drake’s Ray 
Chi gain: 10; Weap: All; Lv6 
Good poking skill, decent range max level 
Cloud Sprint 
Chi gain: 0; Weap: All; Lv9 
Speed steroid, get this to Lv10 stat. You’ll need it. 
Stream Strike 
Chi loss: 30; Weap: All; Lv9 
It’s a skill you’ll only level use late game for a much better skill. 
Aura of the Golden Bell 
Chi gain: 10; Weap: All; Lv13 
Yes, level this. It’s a party buff that increases Physical Defences. 
Alter Marrow: Magical 
Chi gain: 10; Weap: All; Lv16 
Something I regret not leveling when I was a beginner, would have saved my skin a lot. 
Aeolian Blade 
Chi gain: 10; Weap: All; Lv19 
Decent damage and has a chance to stun, without the cost of chi? Oh heck yes. 

21-45 – Quest gear, and skill layout

Once you’re out of Celestial Vale, you’ll be at your homeplace, Etherblade, Talk to the Elder to start obtaining your quest gear from the NPCs around Etherblade. It will help you a LOT. 
Now, once you’re in the main city of Archosaur, talk to General Summer at the southwest area of Archosaur. He will take you one the start of the longest cultivation questline in this game (Better have the pain to go away now than later I suppose, yes?) 
In terms of your quests for your Duke Gear here’s the rundown on the main pieces: 
Weapon: Questline "Yangsheng’s Missing" Upon completion you have either Axes or Swords to use, depending on your build/preferences. 
Chest: Questline "Salvation" 
Leggs: Questline "Flower of Love" (For fast completion pick up "Tranquila Herb" ahead of time, I believe 2?) 
Bracers: Questline "For Mister Shih" 
aaand Boots from the Questline "Hero Spirit" 
Think the order is Bracers, Leggs, Boots, Chest in terms of level progression, but I am sure someone will correct me on that one. 
The orns are somewhat optional, since you would probably want to use your Unity Pendant for the mob EXP and you get the ring once you completed FB/BH29 (From 29-49, so you have time) 
The set will get you all set up for the next set, which is Royal, but since you have more time (In terms of EXP gap between levels) The order on this one isn’t that much of a pain. Just remember you should get the weapon first, since that’s the one that opens up at the earliest. 
ANYWHO! To the Royal set: 
Weapon: Questline "The Showdown" (This is a boss, so you might need a hand with this one, luckily you get 30 free teles once you hit Lv30, so don’t waste them yet) 
Chest: Questline "Family in Danger" 
Wrists: Questline "Master Tsang" 
Leggs: Questline "The Scepter" (Miniboss with this one, You might or might not much of a problem with this guy, with some cla*ses he’s easy, but with others you need help with, since I don’t have a BM at this level I cannot justify my words, but if you’re unsure about this guy go ahead and see if you can get some help, also this questline ends on "The Book") 
Boots: Questline "Waning Moon’s Pickaxe" 
Level 40 as well: You start getting these daily quests named "Bounty Hunt (or BH for short). You start your BH adventures in 29, or killing Qingzi for short, you get to do this 3 times a day, or you can "Stack them" meaning you do 1 on one day, 1 for the other and it repeats from there, and since completing quests stacks, Day 2 you get BH 1 AND 2 done. Day 3 BH 1, 2, and 3. Really useful once you’re Lv50+ since you’ll be dealing with different bosses. 
Now… Let’s breakdown the skills you get when you’re Lv45 
Roar of the Pride 
Chi loss: 35; Weap: All; Lv23 
It’s the stun you want, level this up for higher stun chance. 
Altar Marrow: Physical 
Chi gain: 10; Weap: All; Lv23 
Same as the Magical variant, level this beast. 
Ocean’s Edge 
Chi gain: 5; Weap: All; Lv26 
It’s a good slow and has a decent static progression, but yeah, use it mostly for the slow. 
Tiger Leap & Leap Back 
Chi loss: 10; Weap: All; Lv29 
Good escape skills if you’re paralyzed/slowed, you also get an extra buff as well depending on the leap. 
Diamond Sutra 
Chi loss: 1 Spark (100); Weap: All; Lv29 
It’s the skill that’ll make you eat more damage, so it’s a good skill. 
Mage Bane 
Chi loss: 1 Spark (100); Weap: Sword/Blade; Lv29 
Good against casting mobs, as well as good damage and 100% Accuracy. 
Blade&Sword Mastery 
Pa*sive; Weap: Sword/Blade; Lv29 
Amplifies your damage of your sword stuff, only get it if you’re building sword/extra spirit. 
Piercing Winds 
Chi loss: 1 Spark (100); Weap: Polearm; Lv29 
Decent line AoE as well as bleed, works well with Draw Blood. 
Polearm Mastery 
Pa*sive; Weap: Polearm; Lv29 
Same as B&S Mastery. 
Drake’s Bash 
Chi loss: 1 Spark (100); Weap: Axe/Hammer; Lv29 
Stun, you now have 3 stuns at Lv29. It’s nice, huh? 
Axe & Hammer Mastery 
Pa*sive; Weap: Axe/Hammer; Lv29 
Same story. 
Vacuous Palm 
Chi loss: 1 Spark (100); Weap: Fist/Claw; Lv29 
At 29 it’s not very good, it is a better slow but it’s also 1 spark to use, once you get more attack speed it’s more viable. 
Fist Weapon Master 
Pa*sive; Weap: Fist/Claw; Lv29 
…You know the drill. 
Fan of Flames 
Chi gain: 10; Weap: All; Lv34 
Another AoE in your kit, nice grab I say. 
Spirit Chaser 
Chi gain: 12; Weap: Sword/Blade; Lv39 
Ranged sword skill, need I say more? 
Chi gain: 10; Weap: Polearm; Lv39 
Ranged polearm skill, deals more damage than Spirit Chaser 
Highland Cleave 
Chi gain: 12; Weap: Axe/hammer; Lv39 
One of many axe AoE skills. This one actually deals some damage. 
Shadowless Kick 
Chi gain: 8; Weap: Fist/Claw; Lv39 
Interrupt skill, at LEAST level this once. 
Drake Sweep 
Chi gain: 12; Weap: All; Lv44 
All weap AoE, useful as always. 

Going forward. (46-88)

Going forward here is a smooth ride (for the most part) since it’s not too long cultis and your royal set can hold you off for a good little while. 
That being written, I’ll lay out on where you can gt the rest of your gear down below 
QSM: QSM is an instance where lowbies can get their Lv55, 70, and 85 gear sets. You get ornament/cape/helmet materal from BH51 to BH79, and the armour/weapon material in QSM itself. 
Warning from personal experiances: This place hurts, even for Lv100 carries (They get a special boss if they’re carrying you), and can get a bit frustrating. Personally for me I have no longer done it for my alts after one time (Heh). Then again, I was multiclienting and my attention wasn’t fully on the main. Regardless, you might or might not get help here. Depending if you’re in a faction, or if you can get a hand from world chat. 
There’s also an older set you can get as well, known as the Twilight Temple set or TT for short, and this you can get from Lvs 60(Weap only)/70/80/90/99/100. It’s not that pain in the bum to complete and you can usually get someone to a*sist, or you might get a full legit party (Doubtful because the high levels tend to help out a lot, at least here in Tideswell). Just voice out what you need first in terms of materials. (There’s forges in the instance AND in South Archosaur near General Summer if you need to find out what materials you need to obtain, and ultimate substances you can crap with open world mid grade material ores, or with 7 Tokens of luck if you have the coin). What’s good about this set is that you can keep one weapon and upgrade it throughout it’s entirety. 
This is where maining one path helps because it can be a pain trying to level up your weapons as time goes on. 
Also note at 79 you get a special quest you can do to open a new world, known as OHT. The questline there is a ha*sle and you will need help with the bosses. A could will completely eat you alive, no matter what you wear at this level. 
At any rate, this is a smooth sailing section because there’s not much of a dramatic choice you need to choose, and the quests and BHs will get you to where you need to be. 
Skill list time~ 
Atmos Strike 
Chi gain: 10; Weap: Sword; Lv49 
Sword skill with not good scaling until Lv11, the knockback can be bittersweet at times. 
Meteor Rush 
Chi gain: 12; Weap: Polearm; Lv49 
More chi gain and yet another knockback, again it’s bittersweet (Lower damage than Atmos) 
Chi gain: 10; Weap: Axe; Lv49 
AoE axe skill with no scaling and slows. Still not bad. 
Cyclone Heel 
Chi gain: 10; Weap: Fist; Lv49 
Aoe skill that gives you an attack speed steriod. grab it now or later. 
Myriad Sword Stance 
Chi loss: 2 sparks (200); Weap: Sword; Lv59 
Normally I use one line but since this is MY FAVOURITE SKILL I am going to be a bit biased here. This skill is love, this skill is life. Does the MOST damage a BM has, AND IT CAN SAVE YOUR PARTY WITH IT’S DAMAGE REDUCTION DEBUFF. get it get it get it get it. 
Glacial Spike 
Chi loss: 2 sparks (200); Weap: Polearm; Lv59 
Lv11 has the highest Pdef/Mdef reduction aside from Veno’s Pdef reduction Lv11 
Heaven’s Flame 
Chi loss: 2 sparks (200); Weap: Axe; Lv59 
I mean… It’s BM meta, so against my better judgement I say go ahead and max it first. 
Drake’s Breath Bash 
Chi loss: 2 sparks (200); Weap: Fist; Lv59 
It gives you fire damage for a bit, great for Phy immune mobs 
Will of the Bodhisattva 
Chi loss: 1 spark (100); Weap: All; Lv59 
100. Movement steriod and makes you immune to most CC, grab it. 
Chi loss: 15; Weap: All; Lv79 
Another interrupt skill. Grab it when you have the pages and the 1mil tax. 
Dragon Bane 
Chi loss: 1 spark (100); Weap: All; Lv79 
50. power reduction for 25% crit, but it’s doesn’t cut you power in half. More details later. 
Bolt of Tyreseus 
Chi loss: 1 spark (100); Weap: Fist; Lv79 
The ONLY burst skill a fist skill has. Also Freezes you and your targets. 

Demon and Sage discussion.

Sages or Demons: What to choose? 
Long story short: Demons and sages are good in their respective aheads. I’ll do my best to give you the pros and cons of both. 
Let’s start off with Sages. 

  • Better long term bell (90% instead of 75% Pdef increase) 
  • Better overall skill damage (Lv11 Mastery has more damage, als sages are usually axe build) 
  • Marrows provide more "switch to" defenses 
  • Endless stream of chi (Sages in general has this, but still)


  • BM damage still isn’t that great. 
  • Attack speed is lower even if going all weapons build 
  • Not as much utility as Demons

Sages are good for damage, so if you want to be an AoE hog and try to wreck face. go on ahead and even if you fail. You’ll still live. 
Now for Demons. 

  • LOADS of utility, from evasion reduction, ro giving your HF more up time (9 instead of 6 seconds) 
  • Better "switch from" defenses with marrows 
  • 100% success rate on Roar of the Pride (Aside from CC immunity) 
  • Higher attack speed, which usually means more DPS than sages.


  • Can be squishier than Sages 
  • Skill based damage won’t be as high as Sages 
  • Still BM damage

I WOULD give you the list of ALL the skills that can be saged and demoned, AND I WILL! Just not now for the 1st publishing. I’ll work on each skill with it’s Sage/Demon varient. (No damage, just what each culti does to the skill) 
"Why is ‘BM damage’ in the Cons list" I hear you say. Basically BM’s damage isn’t that great since a lot of skills have little to no scaling, which is fine for AoE, but not so much in the single target department of things. 
Fist BM will deal less damage than Archers and Assa*sins. Even with 5.0 aps. That’s to blame on how Strength works in the game and how much Dexterity fists needs to equip them. 
(BMs need 200ish Dex for Lv100 fists, but fists scale off of Strength, not Dexterity, you get 10 crit out of it, but you won’t hit as hard. Hell you’re losing 100% or so weapon damage (With strength. I’ll give you maths at the end notes) that could have been put into Axes, whereas 101+ Assa*sins only need 101 Strength for all of their armour and the 404 into Dexterity. They have 20 crit on you plus around 100% weapon damage or so. (Also daggers have higher base damage mostly because they’re on 1.25 base attack speed, but still can go 5.0 with Demon spark or attack speed steriod.) 

Advanced gearing/Skill chains.

You’re level 101 or higher now. What do? 
First of all I want to give you ALL of the pre-Primal World skills before we continue with that. 
Sword Cyclone/Blade Tornado 
Chi loss: 3 sparks (299); Weap: All ;Lv80 
It is a very terrible skill as there is NO base damage. However when I go my "Primal and neverfall update" section soon. I think it MIGHT have some use. 
Flame Tsunami 
No Chi; Weap: All; Lv100 
Below 75% HP? Have a free never miss stun! 
Reel In 
Chi loss: 50; Weap: All; Lv100 
If you played TERA it’s a leash… You have a leash. 
Reckless Rush 
Chi loss: 50; Weap: All; Lv100 
You dash to a target and freezes them. Deals decent damage too. 
Blade Hurl 
Chi loss: 35; Weap: All; Lv100 
This is a disarm. This is what would make Blade Tornado even more useless. 
Bhudda’s guard 
No Chi; Weap: All; Lv100 
"Everyone’s a physical tank" skill for 20 seconds. Also the healing is bugged. It’s more like a 10% healing. 
Chi loss: 1 spark (100); Weap: Sword; Lv100 
It’s a god amongst men of a skill if your health is even SLIGHTLY lower on the percentage side of things to your target. Is good skill. 
NOW WE GOT THAT SETTLED… Let’s get to the gear. 
Currently there’s 4 sets of late game armour and 6 sets of late game weapons to choose from. 
Armour first. 

  • T3 (Lunar/TT Lv100 rr) 
  • R9rrr 
  • R8rr 
  • Morai T2

aaand weapons. 

  • T3 
  • R9rrr 
  • R8rr 
  • Morai T2 
  • Warsoul T2 
  • G17 (all ranks)

Let’s start off with T3 Gear: 

  • Easiest to farm. 
  • Weapons have 40 attack levels. 
  • Great for alternate characters, hell even mains if that’s alright with you. They aren’t that bad of gear.

Like the bullets list. They’re easy to farm so it’s simple to beef up you and your alts. 
R9rrr now 

  • Best raw output of defences in the game at this moment. 
  • Weapons can get up to 75 attack levels or some stupid number 
  • Usually sought out for more serious players (PvPers and the such)

It’s not easy to farm even if you spend your good fortune on getting it, but it’s damaged worth it if you want to take a stab at PvP. 

  • The most flexable of the current meta. 
  • CAN provide better defenses than R9rrr if built right. 
  • Has fists and swords.

This one is for 1 or two things: never die, or attack as fast as sonic wants to go fast all the time. Both will take a LONG time to accomplish if you have plebian luck. 
Morai T2 

  • Don’t use this for PvP 
  • Seriously, don’t 
  • It’s a PvE slaughterhouse weapon 
  • Slaying levels =/= Attack levels, slaying levels acts like an amplification on MONSTERS. 
  • 70 Slaying levels on weapons, I think 30 warding on armour? I’ll look into that.

Tossing some shade to a Cleric who wrote that this gear, at least the weapon, is great for PvP. It’s not, Slaying levels are AMAZING in Heavenfall tower as it acts like an amplification on attack levels, but it sucks big time in PvP. 
Weapon Only: Warsoul T2 

  • Up to 75 Attack levels. 
  • Cheaper alternative to R9rrr and still works great. 
  • No GoF on Melee users, no purify on Magic users 
  • Has other goodies instead.

Generally great items to have. About 300~400mil on the Tideswell market, which… is still a lot. If you plan on waiting on R9rrr but still want power, get these. 
Weapon Only: G17… Let’s… Go with it’s T5 variant. 

  • All weapons 
  • 80 Attack OR Defense levels. 
  • Has many forms of special rolls, one defensive, one offensive I think. 
  • The new "Ultimate Weapon" 
  • Good luck farming it. It’s expensive.

Yeah… No one has the end game I think on Tideswell yet, I think the furthest I’ve seen was T3 and that’s pretty darn good considering how EXPENSIVE IT IS. (220mil Coin JUST in the crafting cost). 
There’s your list, now on to the… Skill chains. 
Really there’s isn’t much of one for BM withotu getting into Primal stuff. Except for the AoE rotation (Which again, changes slightly if you add primal) 
Stun-Heaven’s Flame-Highland Cleave-Fissure-Drake’s Sweep-Fan of Flames 
and Ranged rotation 
Drake’s Ray-Spirit Chaser-Smack-Far Strike-Blade Hurl. 
That was a bit trolly on my parts there, huh? TO THE END NOTES! 

Primal Update – New skills and pa*sives.

We’ve made it to Primal. Let’s get right down to the pa*sives and skills before I give you the rundown on things. 
Fericious Leap 
Blood Draw and Tiger Maw Combo 
All Weapons 
Chi gain Demon:15 Sage: 20 
Starter skill 2.0 Now updated for added power. The bleed damage is niiiice for highly refined weapons. 
Army Crusher 
Drake Sweep and Fan of Flames combo 
All Weapons 
Chi gain: 10 
More Base damage(S) or more Range(D), Both are good versions. 
Far Strike 
Far Strike Lv12 skill 
Chi Gain: Demon: 20 Sage: 10 
Far range stun. It’s noice. 
Spirit Chaser 
Spirit Chaser Lv12 skill 
Chi Gain: Demon 25 Sage:15 
Certain Chi gain and both versions gives Far Strike a crit chance increase. 
River Avalanche 
Aeolian Blade and Stream Strike combo 
All Weapons 
Chi Gain: 10 
Otherwise known as the barbarian enrager. 
Highland Cleave and Fissure combo 
Chi Gain: 12 
Does a nice load of damage, especially with gear refined. AoE 


Come back later when I am on up and running again. 

Extra BM Tricks.

In this section I’ll give you some optional (but gives you extra BM bada*s points) stuff and things. 
When someone triple sparks, wait four (4) seconds before landing HF. This gives the other player’s time to lay down their debuffs/buffs before doing their combo chain. 
The room that activates the 5 kings/Tyrant? Use the Genie Skill Holy Path and run up to all the mobs and stun then. HF is optional if your AoE DPS is good. 
Tyrant about to enrage? Around the five (5) second mark, lay down Myraid Sword Stance is Buddha’s Guard. It saves someone using expel. 

End notes, for now.

Publishing now, but here’s where mathematics and stuff goes… It’ll come soon. 
Primal and neverfall releases will occur BEFORE this point, since again. This is the end before the changelog. 
15. Strength = 100% Weapon Damage 
So on a 2000 Weapon 150 STR will bring it up by 4000 
30. to 6000 
45. to 8000 
Weapon Mastery adds to weapon as well. SO. 
On a 2000 weapon +60 Mastery eqals to 3200 
Which means with 60% Mastery and 450 STR you have a weapon that has a stat of 9200 Damage 
Which also means that you have a total of 360% Weapon damage 
Dragon Bane takes off only 50 weapon damage so you’re doing only 310% Weapon damage but you have 25% crit. 
Giving you 8200 Damage per base hit. 
Damage output. 
Skill Damage (Base+Weapon Scaling+Static) x Attack level (X+1, Each attack level adds by 0.01) x Slaying level 
So if you have a base skill that deals 8200+300% Weapon Damage+5230 and you have stats that have 60 Attack levels and 70 slaying levels, knowing that slaying levels soft caps and 70 is about 60% amp. We have. 
((8200+6000+5230) x 1.60) + 60% 
1943. x 1.60 + 60% 
3108. + 60% = 49740.8 Total damage without defenses. Give or take. 
Makes you appreciate Strength of the Titans a bit more, huh? 

Changelog (Current version 1.0.2)

Version 1.0.2 

  • Added 3 tabs.
    • BM Tricks 
    • Neverfall 
    • Extra Notes

Version 1.0.1 

  • Added some mathematics. 
  • Starting on Primal Guide. 
  • Version
    • Fixed some grammatical and spelling issues.

Version 1.0.0. 

  • Created guide.


Extra notes

While I was jabbing at the numbers with the Neverfall patch on my phone. Here’s something. (Note that these aren’t going to be listed on changeelog.) 
DBB vs. MSS: Argent (white) glyph showdown 
MSS: With lv10 glyph 
Base+480% wep+9910 
DBB: With lv10 glyph 
Base+600% wep+11504 
Measure: +0, 7, 12 refine T3 fist/sword 
Ignoring attack level and base attack 
Fist 0 7 12 
878-970 / 1096-1188 / 1703-1795 
Dual sword 0 7 12 
1311-1774 / 1609-2072 / 2436-2899 
Fist unbased dam 0 7 12 
16772-17324 / 18080-18632 / 21722-22274 
Dual sword unbased dam 0 7 12 
16202.8-18425.2 / 17633.2-19639.6 / 21602.8-23825.2 
In conclusion: Fists do not scale well despite having a 120% weapon scaling advantage over t3 dual swords. 

Written by NNFS Lyijy

This is all about Perfect World – A rather (mostly) unbaised guide on how to BladeMaster. (Mostly PvE); I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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