People Playground – New Update Review

People Playground – New Update Review 1 -
People Playground – New Update Review 1 -

Here I will state my opinion as a reviewer and show all the pros and cons of update v.1.23.3 in a neutral light – no insults, only positive =).



The update caught me when I was making a mod, I look at the bottle in my inventory. You ask why I need it; could continue to build mods; but for me this review is a way to convey to others and others (I would like the developer) the idea that you need to be able to correctly evaluate and compare your own and not only results.
I think it makes no sense to talk about the appearance of the update (we will go over this and other sensitive issues at the end) – let’s move on to the type of assessment: each item will have marks (? / 10) and at the end there will be an average update score (? / 100). Well, let’s finally get to the content!

1) Substructure Map

Let’s start with a new map: the problem is that the authors decided to cram everything that is possible (but not interconnected), for example: there is a boiler house, and under it there is a pool and an elevator next to it, etc. For ease of understanding, a numbered map will be used (by megaturn):
People Playground - New Update Review - 1) Substructure Map - D79A475

  • Room 1spacious room with destructible ventilation;—–<Mark: 8/10>
  • Room 2you can get into it through the glass, and the elevator itself, unfortunately, is not working;—–<Mark: 6/10>
  • Room 3narrow with heat generators located in it (non-working);—–<Mark: 8/10>
  • Room 4simple swimming pool with handrails;—–<Mark: 9/10>
  • Room 5it is not clear what it is; has three ventilation and glass passages;—–<Mark: 8/10>
  • Room 6a system of balconies reminiscent of the level from Happy Wheels;—–<Mark: 9/10>
  • Room 7common shower room (well, you know, there are fights between men)) the mirrors in the background do not reflect anything, the washing machines do not work;—–<Mark: 4/10>
  • Room 8a room with a decorative staircase – a rather peculiar thing of little use for something;—–<Mark: 6/10>
  • Room 9good sewerage but for a denser atmosphere it is better to make garbage water;—–<Mark: 9/10>
  • Room 10school class with standard desk, chairs & new blackboard;—–<Mark: 8/10>
  • Room 11the lowest room with some kind of tanks (do not react in any way);—–<Mark: 8/10>

Average Rating: 7.5/10
P.s. I advise you to add more light – it’s impossible to play! By the way, what is most interesting: neither the light nor the illuminators break ABSOLUTELY!

2) Mechanical Belt

Mechanical Belt – not a bad idea – ties two objects together (ideal for creating a pipeline).—–<Mark: 9/10>

3) Resizable Housing

Resizable Housing – firstly, when increasing or decreasing, it retains the correct dimensions; secondly, it can change absolutely any color (you can choose from the menu). —–<Mark: 10/10>

4) Bottles

Bottlesthere are 4 types; ordinary breaking bottles (but you can’t knock out a person with them, and they don’t leave sharp glass after themselves).—–<Mark: 7/10>
People Playground - New Update Review - 4) Bottles - 1EAF6F2

5) Power Hammer

Power Hammer – it is not clear for whom made a typical anime hammer, makes impulses upon impact (not impressed because a bunch of these have been in the workshop for a long time).—–<Mark: 4/10>
People Playground - New Update Review - 5) Power Hammer - 5065458

6) Trees & Bushes

Trees & Bushes – large vegetation will embellish the territory well (but in the game it doesn’t merge much and looks inhospitable).—–<Mark: 7/10>

7) Magnum Revolver

Magnum – in general, a larger, stronger analogue of a revolver (not very impressive).—–<Mark: 5/10>

8) Bazooka

Bazooka – to be honest, when I heard the word Bazooka, I imagined that it would be a real opponent of RPGs, but it is the same grenade launcher but with a skin from the WW2 era and ugly flight effects.—–<Mark: 3/10>

9) Liquid Centrifuge

Liquid Centrifugefilters blood and oil from other additives (not a bad way to cure infected blood).—–<Mark: 9/10>

10) Spot Light

Spot Light – flashlight on the rotor.—–<Mark: 9/10>

11) Normal Wheel

Normal wheel – just a truck / bus wheel (too simple).—–<Mark: 6/10>
People Playground - New Update Review - 11) Normal Wheel - 8ADB4FB

12) Particle Projector

Particle Projector – makes three illusions to choose from: fire, smoke and current; not hazardous to health.—–<Mark: 8/10>

13) Key Triggers Change

Key Triggers Change – Keys can now set a description.—–<Mark: 9/10>

14) Contraptions Info

Contraptions Info – in the buildings section, information about each building is now written (not very carry).—–<Mark: 7/10>

15) “Ambience Highpass” setting

Ability to adjust Ambience on the map.—–<Mark: 8/10>

16) Tank Upgrade

The tank is now like a car: has increased destructibility, all characteristics are reduced, an engine and a fuel tank appeared.—–<Mark: 8/10>
People Playground - New Update Review - 16) Tank Upgrade - 6105AB5

17) People Strengh+

People have become stronger and more tenacious (not very cool! better make their faces destructible). Maybe the author had something else, but when checking it turned out that after the update, people bleed much faster.—–<Mark: 6/10>

18) Invisible Phase LInk

Phase LInk is visible only in special mode.—–<Mark: 9/10>

19) Slow Grenade

Grenade now explodes twice as long (too long).—–<Mark: 4/10>

Total Mark

There are a lot of little things left, so that you don’t get bored while reading, I decided to include only the most important!
The update seemed somehow dry to me; to do this in one month is forgivable, but spending more than two did not live up to expectations (you could add Molotov cocktails, flash banks, motorcycles, animation of the revolver drum, etc. instead of everything that was already in the game, but you added it). I will not offer ideas for an update (what happened before does not count); there are other Discussions for that; Let’s move on to the scores.

Total Mark: 7.5+9+10+7+4+7+5+3+9+9+6+8+9+7+8+8+6+9+4 = 135 : 19 x 10 = 71 / 100 !!!
I myself am surprised that such a high rating has turned out, but in any case, the numbers say it. And I probably agree!
7 Beer bottles / 10

IMPORTANT!!! Epilogue

IMPORTANT!!! I have a normal attitude towards the developer and I would like him (if he found it) to react adequately, like me, Your unified critic.
And for the average reader, I propose to write your own THOUGHT about the review and update, CORRECT and SUPPLEMENT me (if necessary) in the comments, THANKS for the work with a like (the more there are, the more likely the author will see it). I will not say that I did a colossal job – just in a day.

If you are critical, then write only specific and well-founded CRITICISM!

Written by megaturn

This is all about People Playground – New Update Review; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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