People Playground – Ibion Republic Lore & Walkthrough

People Playground – Ibion Republic Lore & Walkthrough 17 -
People Playground – Ibion Republic Lore & Walkthrough 17 -

Welcome to People Playground – Ibion Republic Lore & Walkthrough Guide

The Ibion Republic is a modest nation located in the enormous galaxy called “Euthenia.” (In addition, the CCH can be found in this particular galaxy. They will be covered in further detail.) is dragged unwillingly into an ongoing civil war that will never be resolved.

The government practices xenophobia without justification and is corrupt.
Euthenia is a Bhunsian word that translates to “home” in English. A Starburst galaxy called Euthenia, whose name comes from the Bhunsian word for “home.”


The Ibion republic, or the Bhunsians, are a sub-species of humans. They have a very small average height. They are called Homon(. Unfortunately, the word is censored so we won’t use it.) Brevis are basic CBL lifeforms. They have all the basic needs of humans and a religion that revolves around mining and war. The Bhunsian’s are a highly resistant species. They can survive for up to 25 hours in a chlorine-filled room. However, they have a high radiation tolerance and can withstand doses up to 500Sv/h before radiation poisoning takes effect. Bhunsian’s are intelligent, making them great builders(25%) and scientists(58%). They are also great political allies, but they have not conquered their solar system. The star is a young star of yellow, which constantly emits CMEs every 1-15 weeks.



Adilles, the old homeworld of ibion republic. It has been ravaged by civil war and is now in ruins. There is little chance of it recovering. Every 10 months Adilles reaches its farthest point from the center star. This marks the beginning of a year-long nuclear winter. The planet is in constant darkness and receives a lethal dose of radiation from the nuclear warheads detonated in 3055(. Other than the nuclear winters, the planet’s temperature drops to -135C. During the nuclear winter, their average radiation is 4.51MsV/h. It has been measured as high as 1500Sv/h. Adilles’ diameter is 16,711km. Together with an estimated gravitation force around -11.55()

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Ivis, The new homeworld for the ibion republic. This planet orbits closer to its star than Adilles. This makes it hotter, with an average temperature of 31C. It is also rich in iron, uranium and copper. Along with coal, there is also Sodium, Radium and Radon. There are small traces of plutonium.

Ivis has one moon. It is red in colour. During the night, it glows and lights up the sky with a blood red glow. Every night. The diameter of Ivis can be estimated at 13,947km

Gravitation force estimated at -8.91

People Playground - Ibion Republic Lore & Walkthrough - -- KNOWN CELESTRIAL BODIES -- - 9E4366E

View of space from Ivis’ surface

(Here’s some dumbass ibion photography work)

People Playground - Ibion Republic Lore & Walkthrough - -- KNOWN CELESTRIAL BODIES -- - 45131A9


Lor, the moon Ivis. Its reddish color is due to its high copper density, which accounts for 67% of the rock’s surface. It is not protected against the sun’s radiation. This fact is not to be colonized. Projections show that the moon will have nickel and liquid lava. The lava is formed when the front of Lor moves out from the shadow of Ivis. From there, the surface is superheated for a few days to a maximum temperature of 1785C. This creates an ocean of lava. It is a mixture from rock, nickel, and copper. Gravity: -1.55

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Dov 3U

It is unknown what this “Planet”, Star, or “Gas giant” is. The heat radar can only detect it because it is completely black. It is located approximately 1-2 lightyears from the Corona Palioxis Solar System, where the Ibion republic rules. It is estimated to have 3-5 Solar Masses, and is moving toward the center at 5 AU/h.

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Palioxis A/B

Palioxis, a K-type star with a mass of 0.89Sm. Incredibly active star in the “young stage”. Not a suitable star to explore the solar system. Surprisingly, the bhunsian’s survived in this almost hostile environment, characterized by near-constant solar storms. Palioxis orbits the star Palioxis B, located closest to the sightings of dov 3U. It has a mass 2.5Sm and is currently rated A3V. It is expected to grow into its red giant form within 1 billion years. Both stars create a yellow and blue haze in sky because they are both flashing at the other side of the planet.


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Aton, named after the god war. This gas giant, Aton, is a hellish place. It has an average temperature of 1251C, and its clouds are sulfur, carbon, and hydrogen. It has one moon, Niter. The gravity of an Aton at thousands per hour blows out the gases from its clouds. This melts any material that touches it. The surface of niter becomes filled with lines made from sulfur gas being blown away from Aton.

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Palioxis B’s only planet, Covora. It is a gas giant made up of many noble gases that have been heated to hundreds of degrees. It’s moon has been transformed by the gravity of covora and heat from Palioxis B into a ring made up of rocks and gases. Every 50 years, Aton and covora cover each other. The main body of covora is covered by Aton, while the rings of Covora remain outside the shadow of Aton.

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The flag of Ibion republic has changed over the years. It started with the current flag, and moved down to the creation of the ibion Republic in 2022.

People Playground - Ibion Republic Lore & Walkthrough - -- FLAG -- - CE29CBE

[“Opportunity”] (4055-Current)

People Playground - Ibion Republic Lore & Walkthrough - -- FLAG -- - 5BEE1E8

[“The Cross Of Luster Red”, (4030-4055] –

People Playground - Ibion Republic Lore & Walkthrough - -- FLAG -- - 51146CB

[“Anarchy Rains”] (3095-4030 –

Yes, the ibion republic had a flag for a while.

People Playground - Ibion Republic Lore & Walkthrough - -- FLAG -- - E9B0F6D

[“Final Flash”] (3055-3056 –

People Playground - Ibion Republic Lore & Walkthrough - -- FLAG -- - 104DCAA

[“United Ibion”] (2022-3000 –

— The Bhunsian Civil War

The civil war in Bhunsian, which still rages on Ivis. The world is constantly at war, leaving cities and villages in ruin. In 4051, a white peace was attempted but failed when the minister to Bhumlodur was assassinated outside the embassy.

Numerous Battles have been documented, with an estimated number of battles in the thousands.

The Grand Republic of Nedreunia, or just the ibion rebellion, keeps an older version of Ibion republics’ flag.

People Playground - Ibion Republic Lore & Walkthrough - -- FLAG -- - 104DCAA

They try to convert the people by using a flag.


The Ibion Republic, a socialist nationalist republic, was established in 3099 by a military coup in Dhoredur, the bhunsian capital. The government houses and the prison were raided and then burned. This is known as the Purge of 3099. This triggered a wave of rebellions and coups. The ibion republic was forced to enter an infighting war, while the main rebel force gained its strength. When ibion recovered, the military was renamed, and the capital was rebuilt. Replacing the prison by a Reichstag-type building where the party could assert its control over the region. The vanguard program was built from the new government’s space-related advances. Plans to escape the solar system before a star dies or expands into a red giant, which would kill all life and destroy most planets, were also part of the new government. This sparked public support for space exploration, ignoring the scientific evidence that colonization of the solar system can be dangerous and can lead to radiation poisoning.


— Wyatt Dixon —

Wyatt Dixon, the inventor of Nirvana’s bomb. He is a brilliant and bright man, best known for creating the first nuclear bomb used by the Ibion republic. Dixon was named Chairman of Napavik Nuclear Plant. He is also credited with winning over Adilles in 3055, before the bombs dropped. He died in 3068 at the age of 89.

Clark Sharp

Clark Sharp, the Supreme leader of ibion. Expert in politics, military tactics, and colonization.

He is 25 years old and is quite tall. Standing at 1 meter tall, this dwarf is a true giant and rules the land with an iron fist.

— Jax Cooper —

Jax Cooper, pioneer of nuclear energy in Ibion. First to develop a working fusion reactor. Also, several high-power fission reactors were built. Contributed to the invention of Nirvana, and the creation of Vanguard’s fission core. Ex-Chairman, Vanguard Program. In 4054, he died.


The Ibion Republic has a strong military force. Here are some ranks of the Standard military.

CHAIRMAN: Cody Lawson, Head of the military, Higher ranking power than the supreme leader.

COLONEL GENERAL: Arthur Walker High-ranking office position in the military.

GENERAL: Maxwell Griffiths and Charlie Powell’s Ground forces positions are more than colonel general.

STAFF INSTRUCTOR: Issac Morgan, Ted Hill, Mylo Cooper, Myra Matthews, An instructor.

SARGEANT NCO position. He doesn’t have much power beyond directing cadets.

Corporal SNCO.

Cadet The lowest rank a soldier can have.


People Playground - Ibion Republic Lore & Walkthrough - -- MILITARY -- - B0F5B6B


Stormlegionnaire is a sub-species of the Stormlegionnaire. Although they don’t have any physical features, they are shorter than their larger species. Stormlegionnaire, who are 2 meter tall giants, make up the ibion military. They are in all aspects tanks. They are said to have survived 153 bullet injuries, but they do not speak any language.


The era of advancements began with the invention of the auto rifle in 1930. Soon, nuclear bombs were created in 3050. The space age was then embraced, and the first colonel spaceship was named the Serenity in 3056.


This was the first spaceship built by the ibion republic and used a fission reactor for its triple engines. He was destroyed by a nuclear warhead in the year 4015 after he passed over rebel-controlled land in ivis.


The second build space ship is armed with nuclear warheads, a fusion reactor, twin guns, and an ACAE (Adaptable Code Analytron Engine)). He was detonated in adilles following a fusion runaway.


Regan Parker and Ayden Newman created the ACAE engine. It works by using high-speed protons to create a plasma field. From this, it uses a magnetic force to snap in half, creating 13300 Joules or 13.3 Kilojoules. This is to conceal information from the rebels. It requires fusion power to operate for an extended period. This is the most we know about its creation. It can also explode if the magnetic fields bounce back, causing the protons to return to the engine. This causes a proton storm that ends in an explosion of high-mass neutrons.


The Improved Shield Attractomatic Engine, or ISAE, is a neutronic attraction engine design. Adam Miller invented it. It is a light engine, weighing 161 Kilograms. It uses a Blasium block that attracts neutrons. The neutrons are forced into the engine’s main ring, and atomically crushed until they reach critical mass. They then implode from the cone of the engine, allowing it to propel itself at 804 km/h.


Vanguard is a space station that orbits the only moon of ivis and allows for the study of its appearance. Vanguard was launched in 4035 by a spaceship with an ISAE engine. Vanguard Program also announced they would attempt to colonize Ivis’s Moon to understand the landscape better. However, the chances of success are low due to the constant replacements required by the star’s radiation.


The creation of the Interstellar exploration agency(IEA) and then the construction of the first spacesuit, Babbage. Babbage was tested only once as a mark 1. The current model, mark 10, is a mix of space suits and combat armour.


What is a starburst galaxie? How will it affect the growth of voskal and Ibion?

Starburst galaxies, such as M82 or the cigar galaxies. These galaxies have experienced a rapid explosion of star formation and star loss, which makes their survival time short. Starburst galaxies, compared to our galaxy will not last until humanity becomes a type 5(or) civilization. This will slowly impact the nations by removing most of their solar systems and planets to colonise. It will mean that they will be slowly writher’d to dying stars that will one day explode or expand, killing any life that may have been on them.

What is the cause of the civil war?

The bhunsian civil conflict from 3045-Current was sparked by Mark Edwin, the last leader of Ibion. He declared that any creature outside of Ibion was not bhunsian in origin and should be considered enemies of common bhunsian. Despite many public outcries, nothing changed. A group began to funnel support and diverted from the ibion alliance. Due to the constant hit-and-run tactics, civil war has raged on. As ibion becomes weaker, retreats into the hands of manpower is replaced with rebellion.

Are bhunsian only humans-like creatures?

The visual federation is not a mix of animalistic humanoids. They look very similar to humans, even though many have ears that look like cats, foxes, or wolves. However, they will be better described in their guide. If I make one.


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