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People Playground – GORSE LABS: ANOMALY 1 -
People Playground – GORSE LABS: ANOMALY 1 -
A small bit of story, not official to the game!



Anomaly ‘types’:
AMAN = Low class, almost never breaks out.
PELANGGARAN = Medium class, can break out, but not commonly.
KELUAR = High class, breaks out easily.

Types are based on how easily they break out, not based on how dangerous they are

GORSE LABS: ANOMALY: FILE 001: Standard Gorse

Standard Gorse

00. is given a simulated cave environment, the cave is simulated inside a shaped 15 Cm thick acid-resistance metal alloy. The cave is made of stone, gravel, dirt, and sand, exported from Siberia, Russia, and Maine, USA. All foliage in the containment area is exported from jungles in [REDACTED] Asia. In case of a breach through Gate Alpha of the chamber, armed guards, dressed in 3 layers thick metal armour plating, held together with wax coated fabric, are to be dispatched to the chamber, surrounding corridors are to be patrolled by standard armed guards.

00. is a green 4-legged spider like creature, with a large mouth on the front of the head, the legs are tipped with grey armour, scans show the armour as being made of stone. 001 has the ability to spit acid with pin-point precision, this acid melts through the skin and into the bloodstream, when it reaches bone it melts into the bone marrow, making the bone fragile, and traveling to the spine, up to the brain, killing people easily.

On 03/03/██, 2:33 AM, a major containment breach was recorded, just 5 hours after being first contained. This was before current containment procedures, meaning that only standard guards were dispatched, they were killed within 2 minutes of arrival, though none left the actual chamber, and after another 8 hours the Alpha gate was closed, and the breach was resolved.

On 27/12/██, 9:46 PM, Dr. Ross, under the effects of an unknown drug, opened the Alpha gate, and entered the chamber, his partner, Assistant Hawk, came on the intercom and began to communicate with Dr. Ross, though he kept walking, he entered the actual cave part of the chamber, his body was never found, and he is presumed dead.

GORSE LABS: ANOMALY: FILE 002: Hanging Gorse

Hanging Gorse

Due to 002’s skill at breaching, containment is nearly impossible. A 1 Km area of abandoned corridors and old facility functions has been sealed off from use and 002’s chamber has been put at the farthest location from the entrance, so far, sensors detect approximately 23% of the area has been taken over. Plans for when 100% of the area have been taken have not yet been declassified.

00. bears a similar appearance to 001, but with sharper, more white teeth and black liquid constantly flowing out of the mouth, and excreting from the legs. The substance is sticky, and attaches to everything it touches, once it connects with something, it is impossible to remove, 002 uses this to create nests.

On 07/11/██, at 7:47 AM, a new staff member got lost within the facility, he entered the area where 002 is contained, he enters a room with the substance in it, he freezes in place, as detected by the sensors, he turns to run and accidentally trips his leg on a tendril, he falls and does not move for █ minutes. He starts to struggle, a camera in the hall sees the substance envelop his legs, and pull him back into the corridor.

Written by eroom

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about People Playground – GORSE LABS: ANOMALY; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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