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Hailing from Goreulon Prime, This group of unsightly aliens is more like a dark cult than a civilization.

Who are the Flesh Shapers?

The Flesh Shapers are an unsightly race hailing from Goreulon Prime. The planet is entirely organic and alive. They use hideous “constructs” made of mutilated flesh to do labour for them.

More on the planet

Goreulon Prime Is a large planet made entirely of meat, the “trees” and “plants” are made of hardened hair and the “rock” is hardened and compressed muscle.
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The Flesh Shapers do rituals to appease their planet and are gifted resources and constructs to help them survive.
Older star charts show that the entire planet never used to exist and that it just appeared one day, Without any explanation.
The planet produces a material called Fibronite which can be found on some constructs, this material is extremely durable and can move on it’s own.

Breaking News


The Flesh Shapers figured out how to give constructs multiple optic nerves, greatly increasing their detection skills.


nothing yet…


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More About The Culture

The Flesh Shapers are very unpredictable and have not seen anything that their planet hasn’t created.
Most low-ranking Flesh Shapers are initiates, who are given basic jobs such as tending to the livestock constructs.
The higher ranking people wear exoskeletons and have much longer capes.
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These are the BoneLords, a squadron of bio-mechanical soldiers who wear the skeletons of their first kill as battle armor.
They also control the Material In their robes to act as weapons.
The first Kill is always the most important in Flesh Shaper Culture, most people have a feast once the deed is done, as it symbolizes coming of age, a Flesh Shaper is legally an adult once they kill someone.
Flesh Shapers always keep the corpse of their first victim as it is incredibly offensive to them and shows a lack of bloodlust, a lack of bloodlust shows weakness and is a crime punishable by death or exile
A few rules in Flesh Shaper culture.

  • Pacifism Is Illegal
  • Eating Plants is heavily frowned upon
  • Respect the planet or it may be the last thing you do
  • Ignore the Constructs’ screams of pain, they cannot really feel it



Seething Amalgams of flesh and hate, constructs are created in rituals and can have multiple different purposes from military to agricultural.
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These Creatures feel no pain and have no self preservation, they are happy to run into minigun fire.

The Actual People

Goreulon Prime’s dominant species are called the Egoth, they are incredibly pale humanoids who drink blood (The Flesh Shapers is the Faction/Cult name, the Egoth are the actual race.)
They all have white skin, red eyes, and blood tears, they are also never fat as their diet does not allow it.
Average IQ: 145
Average Height: 6ft
Average Life-Span: 160
Average Number Of Murders: 583
Average Number Of Heartbeats In a Lifetime: 6727680000
Diet: Sanguivore, Carnivore (They drink blood and eat meat)

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