Peggle Extreme – Hitting Orange Pegs & Extreme Fever Strategy

Peggle Extreme – Hitting Orange Pegs &  Extreme Fever Strategy 2 -
Peggle Extreme – Hitting Orange Pegs & Extreme Fever Strategy 2 -

Welcome to this post. We’ll discuss the Peggle Extreme-Hitting Orange Pegs & Extreme Fever Strategy in this post, and we sincerely hope you find it helpful.

This Peggle Extreme strategy guide is a condensed but comprehensive source for improving your game and dominating your opponents.

The many pegs and their effects are discussed as advanced tactics for completing stages and using the ball launcher more effectively. It’s a beautiful and comprehensive resource for gamers of any skill level.


Peggle Extreme:

Peggle Extreme is a fun, free, addictive, and entertaining game on Steam that challenges you to shoot a ball onto a board filled with pegs.

While the game’s concept is simple, it can be very challenging. This is especially true when you attempt to hit the orange pegs to activate Extreme Fever.

Please note that some of the features described in this guide may not be present in Peggle Extreme but are available in other versions of Peggle.

This guide will provide tips and strategies to knock the orange pegs consistently and achieve Extreme Fever every single time.

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Understanding Game Mechanics

Peggle Extreme requires you to know key game mechanics to succeed. Here’s an overview of some of these techniques:

  • Pegs:It would be best if you hit pegs with your ball to advance through the game. There are many types of pegs. Each has its effect. Orange pegs, for instance, have more points and fill up the Fever Meter. Blue pegs however, are regular pegs that need to be pushed to eliminate the board. After hitting them with green, purple pegs grant you the power boost, while green pegs grant you additional points and help you reach your goals more quickly.


  • Ball Launcher:The ball launcher is located at the top center of the screen. It is used to aim and shoot your ball. You can move the launcher left and right by using the arrow keys or mouse and adjust the angle of your shot by moving the mouse upwards and downwards. After targeting your shot, press either the space bar or the left mouse button to shoot the ball.


  • Obstacles:There are many obstacles on the board that you should avoid or use to your advantage. Blocks can divert your ball, thereby altering its trajectory, and moving buckets can be used to score extra points as well as activating Extreme Fever.


  • Power-Ups:Power-ups are special abilities that can help you achieve your goals. For example, the Fireball power-up lets you shoot multiple balls at once and the Super Guide power-up shows you the exact path the ball will follow before you shoot it.


Strategies for Hitting Orange Pegs:

It is essential to hit the orange pegs to activate Extreme Fever and get a high score. Here are some helpful tips and strategies to hit the orange pegs:

  • Plan Your Shots:Don’t shoot the ball randomly. Plan your shots and aim for orange pegs. Before you shoot, think about the trajectory and angle of the ball.


  • Use Bouncing Techniques:Sometimes the orange pegs can be challenging to locate. In those instances, you can use bouncing techniques to hit them. Try throwing the ball off walls or other pegs to reach the pegs in orange.


  • Use Power-Ups:You can make use of power-ups to hit the orange pegs. For instance, the Space Blast power-up clears all the pegs within a specific area, making it easier to hit the orange pegs.


Achieving Extreme Fever:

Invoking Extreme Fever is the ultimate goal in Peggle Extreme. Here are some strategies and tips to help you achieve Extreme Fever.

  • Fill the Fever Meter:As you hit orange pegs, the Fever Meter fills up. To fill the Fever Meter quickly hit as many orange pegs you can.


  • Use Moving Buckets:Moving buckets are the key to getting to Extreme Fever. You can activate Extreme Fever by hitting the moving bucket.


  • Use Power-Ups:Power-ups can help you achieve Extreme Fever. For instance, the Lucky Spin power-up gives you an extra ball, increasing the chances of hitting more orange pegs, and filling up the Fever Meter faster.


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