PAYDAY 2 – Stealth Dragon Heist Code Puzzle

PAYDAY 2 – Stealth Dragon Heist Code Puzzle 1 -
PAYDAY 2 – Stealth Dragon Heist Code Puzzle 1 -

This guide is for players struggling to Stealth Dragon Heist, due to the safe code puzzle you have to solve to guess the correct code.

Stealth D.Heist Code Puzzle

Hey, everyone! I was told by a friend of mine that he had come into contact with a guide for this safe puzzle before, and it was horrible at best, according to him.
Thanks to his inspiring words, I decided to make a simplified guide for the puzzle to “guess” the correct code. And no, it’s not the code that the laptops give you, before you go trying that.
So you wanna steal that sexy dragon and make off with it without triggering the alarm, but you don’t know the code to the damn safe. Not to worry! This simplified guide will assist you in getting the correct code. Every time. Guaranteed. I know allot of people make such a claim, but this guide uses basic geometry. And it’s a damn shame that so many people don’t realize that without the proper assistance.
The clock in the room with the whiteboard gives you the answer, and it’s always different. So obviously, just TELLING YOU the answer doesn’t work. Period.
You are told that there are four possible codes. And that the codes start at the top of the hour. Now this is the fun part. There’s four different codes. Only one is correct. They tell you the code changes every fifteen minutes, but this is just filler that helps you realize something important, the code will NEVER change if fifteen minutes real-time have passed during the heist. And the clock tells you which code is the correct one. The answer:
The clock is a Pie Chart!
Yes, I know it sounds odd, but think about it. Four codes. Four Sections. Fifteen Minutes in between. It’s a perfect four-sectioned pie chart.
Section number one is between 12-3 (code 1)
Section number two is between 3-6 (Code 2)
Section number three is between 6-9 (Code 3)
Section number four is between 9-12 (Code 4)
If the hands end up on 12, 3, 6, or 9 specifically should be treated as the next section. So if you see the hands at 6, it’s section three, not section two. I should also point out that the Second-Hand doesn’t count, so you can ignore it. It’s the Hour hand that matters. The shortest one, for those of you that aren’t clock-savvy.
In conclusion. Check the clock, remember the sections, and you’ll never guess the code incorrectly.
I hope this guide helps any current and future heisters who wish to Stealth the Dragon Heist. Have fun, y’all. And keep those helmets poppin’!

Written by Markus

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about PAYDAY 2 – Stealth Dragon Heist Code Puzzle; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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