PAYDAY 2 – Quick stealth level up 0 to 100 under 4 hours

PAYDAY 2 – Quick stealth level up 0 to 100 under 4 hours 1 -
PAYDAY 2 – Quick stealth level up 0 to 100 under 4 hours 1 -
This guide provides quick tips about how you can get more XP efficiently and comparison between top stealth heists.
A personal heist preference to get to lvl 100 from 0 in 3-4 hours while doing only stealth heists.



This guide intends to provide some overall ideas to reach lvl 0 to 100 quick while enjoying various heists and play style. So this is not the quickest way or best way for firming XP. But its a better way to increase infamy while not feeling like grinding same heists again and again. 

Important Notes Regarding XP


  1. Each alive player (Not BOT) gives 10% more Xp, So potentially you can get 30% more Xp by playing in a 4 player lobby. So if a new person joining at last moment, let them join in at least you will have 10% more Xp. 
  2. If a player is in custody while escaping, it deducts 30% Xp which is almost one third of your total Xp. So if a teammate is in custody then better is to wait till the assault wave end. Assaullt usually last from 1min-3 min. (Use Advanced Assault indicator Mod) 
  3. There is level penalty for any heist to play or else you will face a Xp penalty. for example Golden grin casino has a requirement of lvl 70. So playing it at level 30 will give you a 40% penalty in Xp. So look for the heist’s JC values and play accordingly. 
  4. Loots dont provides Xp always.(Ex: Golden grin casino-money bags, Big oil- weapons & cokes, yacht heist-artifacts, shaclathrone auction) 
  5. Most of the heists calculate your Xp as per objectives completed in your presence on that heist. So if you join a heist almost at the end then you will receive almost zero xp. while there are few exceptions like RATS DAY 1,harvest bank heist where you will receive almost similar Xp even if you join a game moment before escaping. 
  6. Election DAY 1 & Firestarter DAY 2 has thrice base Xp for completing them after 3 minute. So if you are doing ECM Rush then wait a while at spawn point. 
  7. every stealth heist has a stealth bonus(5%-25%) irrespective of difficulty you are playing , which gets applied on next heist. So always go for a high stealth bonus heist before starting a high Xp heists Big bank and alesso heist. 
  8. There is a 5% Xp bonus for collecting all gage packages. It is calculated linearly with each package pickup ,so you wont loose the complete bonus on failing to collect all of them.




  1. The XP amount mentioned below includes 205% infamy bonus and 45% “Blending in” bonus from perk deck ,so player below XXV will loose a great amount . 
  2. All the heists are played solo to provide a stable result. XP & time will be automatically changed as per your lobby players. 
  3. 5% gage bonus is excluded as it is not worth time to collect them always. 
  4. As it more tailored for solo players i have excluded framing frame(1.7M Xp) and transport train heist (1.9M Xp) as they take more then 30 mins to complete in solo. 
  5. Diamond store ,shadow raid, fire starter like heists can be done fast with ECM rush for a good amount of xp if you have a 4 player team. 
  6. Kindly comment if you have any suggestions regarding post, It will be greatly appreciated.


Heists list for Stealth run


Sl.HeistsDifficultyXP with prev. stealth bonus(in millions)xp w/o stealth bonus (in millions)Applied stealth bonuslvl reachedtime (in minutes)extra loots for Xp
1Ukrainian JobVERY HARD0.0750.075X201X
2Diamond StoreDS1.051.055509ALL
3Breakfast in TijuanaDS1.21155910X
4Murkey StationDS21.8156815ALL
5First World BankDS1.71.4157313ALL
6Golden grin CasinoDS2.362157910X
7Dragon HeistDS1.581.4108217ALL
8The DiamondDS2.051.8158620ALL
9Bomb DockyardDS1.11158710X
10Big OilDS2.161.9159015X
11Election DayDS1.21159210X
12Big bankDS3.963.3209735ALL
13Alesso HeistDS3.132.71510015ALL


By Soum aXetuirk™

Hope you enjoy the Guide about PAYDAY 2 – Quick stealth level up 0 to 100 under 4 hours, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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