PAYDAY 2 – Perk deck stereotype

PAYDAY 2 – Perk deck stereotype 1 -
PAYDAY 2 – Perk deck stereotype 1 -

Hello there heister! time for me to bring more bad steam guide. This time we will cover the types of player that use each perk deck. You must ever wonder in lobby just what kind of player you meet and how to help them have fun playing this game or prepare for disaster that he will brought upon. there are 22 perk deck and maybe up to 50 stereotype for each perk deck so i will try to cover as much as possible. But lets get 1 thing out of the way Stereotype are not always accurate it just what people think of first impression when they see said person for example not all izhma user are sweaty metaslave tryhard as streotype said so, thats just what people think about you when they first see you use izhma. oh btw this is from perspective of someone who play usually loud on Death wish and Death Sentence difficulty as habits so i might not know anything on mayhem and lower difficulty. With that out of the way lets start looking into it!

OG crew perk deck

Crew chief


This guy like helping their team but also not to dedicate too much on support so do this guy a favor by grabbing hostage and give him 2 joker and he will be very thankful and your team also get resistance buff too. People always ignore CC buff and think its insignificant but in reality it help alot for example it allow anarchist to take health shot ( no frenzy) make stoic even dumber perk deck, give ex-prez and grinder a 3 shot health bar and many many more significant buff and yet still people still think this a noob perk deck i mean it make sense because its starter deck but that doesnt mean all crew chief are all bad player….


Pretty Average player who appriciate self-sustaining and tanking ability even more that overkill buff this for deathwish that also largely benefit on DS…. anyways he cool probaly not talk much he dont go down much even if he may complain about why everyone shooting him. move on to the nex……. wait whats that Russian Badger doing over ther….. ohhhhh right… those guy will spam every meme that russian badger use in pd2 video from comically thicc spoon to yes, 800 pound gorilla. i swear to god i cant scroll through pd2 subreddit without someone mentioning 800 pound gorilla. oh btw this guy playstyle is abit slow too


“Armorer is so bad” “Armorer doesnt offer any thing new compare to other deck” “Make armorer great again” “Armorer strictly play by noob who dont know anything better than armorer” “armorer isnt DS viable” “newest armorer rebalance featuring 5 sec invincibility and 69% more armor brought upon you by ####### from modworkshop” ah please cmon i saw it every where i know half of you guys still think armorer isnt DS viable but in reality you get 2 shot zeal ictv armor with no other resistance skill to help thats like only 5 perk in the game have that capability and you also get 2 second god mode ok it sound kinda short but it save you more often than you think, oh what i can make use of 2 scond god mode duh? in example short interaction, change cover when the old cover is overrun, help inspiring teammate dies in middle of nowhere swarming with cops etc ,like why people think this perk is trash wtf
ok ok end the rant back to stereotype yes there also the new player who using it but also armorer also being commonly use by alot of DS player (competent one anyways) too its solid 2 shot armor and 2 second god mode and slow patience playstyle rewarding making it one of the BEST PERK DECK in the game. i even enjoy using armorer myself. oh and all armorer main are chads no matter what. all of them are chads 😉


I cant put it into words … its like using anger in TF2 or a pyrovision goggle, and for me it’s almost a universal stereotype now. 70% of rouge player base have no clue what they doing dive in to middle of gunfire expect he going to dodge all bullets and kill them all with izhma instead trigger swan song kill some of them and dies screaming at teammates for help. ignorance to the most like even if someone give a tip to help winning the video game he would call him ♥♥♥♥♥♥ and kick like i know you dont take game seriously but thats not a reason to kick someone tho. it also a direct downgrade from hacker too (sicario also way better than rogue)but cant say that they will pull up an argument and kick you afterwards. oh yeah these guys also the reason why armorer, crew chief, sociopath, tag team being seen as bad perk deck in community too. oh they might also have silent assasin, carry stacker, few GAB mod, little of rebalance you know rougey stuff


of all the crook player i met, either they are new player bacause of mix of dodge and armor but they somehow using CTV so the perk buff is just go useless then there are a guy who dont take anything serious at all just clowning around and did i mention that building crook for DS is really expensive on points so thats why its really not popular

Hitman Burglar Melee perk


Boring…. he new to the game, he see akimbo buff, he taught i would be cool to have akimbo buff but then he realise i didnt make that much difference so they just use other perk for akimbo build….. btw you also cannot be armor suppressed but getting armor suppressed can also being solved by using bullseye and change cover by any other perk deck or just use anarchist/stoic. overall just reallly boring perk


Stealth……. he might accidentally join loud game then leave because its loud or ask firmly if its stealth or not. even then most burglar stealther cant even do car shop in one go and heavily struggle on breaking feds (i have 100+ completion on Breaking feds DS fight me) and btw they also claim themself to be DS player even if they only play stealth on DS and not doing any loud DSOD


No one play this perk deck at all….. like in practice its actually good idk why no one play this, maybe it have to do with the whole community idea that think the way to play melee is to run in like a moron and smack all enemies? but even DSOD community also forget this thing exist despite it having 2 shot ictv resistance?….. oh wait what is the next perk deck on the list?


This thing just straight up overshadowed Infiltrator even socio have lesser heal but socio have armor regen on kill, panic, more solid resistance, can also be a decent choice for playing with frenzy. BUT SORRY YOU no one gonna give this perk a recognize anyways since every payday 2 player brain seems to haywire to run into street filled with heavy swat and DIES because “oh man its a melee perk deck so you have to get alot melee kill to play this deck” and i will say out right the biggest


sociopath and infiltrator playstyle DO NOT revolve around getting MANY melee kill. NO it revolve around killing stuff whith GUN and get OCCASIONALLY A KILL WITH MELEE TO REGENERATE YOUR HEALTH ONLY (or to kill dozer or enemy that caught up on you at close range) OK LOOK how many aspect on sociopath reward player with using melee? 10x melee damage and health regen only! the panic,damage resistance and armor gating can being acheived but killing enemy with GUNS. So please forget everything about sociopath and infiltrator being a 100% pure breed melee perk deck that require you to run into horde of elite swat and kill them all with me please! i beg you. OH YOU TELL ME MELEE IS gEneRALLY BAD? oH WHY DONT YOU USE BLOOdthIRST? it increse melee damage SO MUCH THAT IT CAN EASILY KILL dozer in a few swing. jesus what wrong with this community
ok wait for actual sociopath stereotype, uh you get that one guy who run into horde of swat and dies like i describe earlier and complained sociobath is bad perk and then you got high difficulty player who actually really good at the game and probaly have a mindbreak over the community mindset to melee perk deck. and sociopath look more attractive than infiltrator too so thats why infiltrator is forgotten. oh and i see you there russianbadger fans please stay quiet for a moment before you spam every meme russianbadger put on his video, i know its funny but please dont spam it please.

Gambler Grinder Yakuza Ex-Prez

i promise there will no more rant from now on sorry about those rant but i cant help it


This is one of the universally refer as the worst perk in the game and it kinda is. So the player who using it is new player playing on low difficulty since you can keep up with health regen on low difficulty and doesn’t know any better choice or they just meme-ing


This guy is very casual or going on nostalgia trip that grinder dominate meta like in 2014 idk. they usually play on Death wish or below because if you play grinder on DS you have to play super cautiously and smartly or you will die over and over again which demand alot of skill. But there also a grinder main that play regularly on DS that i can truly say they are a god for having so much skill that they might have no down the entire DS heist. just imagine how much this guy can do if he use something better like hacker or tag team (yeah we will get to that later)


Ah yes my 2nd favorite perk deck. it also a great player skill filter too so

  • if they thing Ex-Prez is a dodge perk deck they just your everyday pub
  • if they thing ex-Prez is health base deck (or health gating for professionalism) they are very least a competent player

So yea that pretty much it. And it also a better grinder and people who main it usually have a brain on it so they will not died stupidly in middle of nowhere and getting a decent amount of kill for sure. generally a good semi-reliable player (if they didnt think ex-prez is a dodge deck that is)


Really? just stealth…. toss a mollies or a frenzy and run at a super speed thats it… you can also have m0rtifer but thats it. it also worth mentioning that these guy have better stealth skill than those that use burglar for stealth. or they just use suit frenzy yakuza on DSOD hoping for the best they might be meme-ing or they use a b33croft build. or they want to play a techinically blank deck with light armor.

Maniac Kingpin Anarchist Biker Sicario


This guy only play on low difficulty since at overkill with a full boost you will take almost no damage. at mayhem and deathwish you still also see this guy but on those difficulty enemy are more enemy spawn and you start to staking some damage and no one use this on DS (unless again meme-ing) for obvious reason. and because the perk description is written like a shakespear poet so no one would understand it. and even if they do they would not even care for its buff since the way you can get a fistful of merely 48 dmg flat reduction ( or whopping if you refer to overkill) is to keep up the 60 dps which can be hard if enemy keep rushing at you or you cant put enough DPS before they kill you.
Oh and acheivement hunter really hate this deck


“green dozer and street shotgun cop” say these words and every kingpin mains will ♥♥♥♥ their pants.
They are usually very competent player and pretty chill too. always a good times when playing with there guys i can garunteed you that.


Jesus my 3rd favorite perk deck. and also might be most favorite perk deck for many people. Being used and beloved by anyone from complelely new to the game,edgelord revenant spammer, most toxic player, youtuber, god of the game,crime spree enjoyer,metaslave,Commando 101 enthusiast and even the random guy who sit here making this guide because he have nothing better to do. this is probaly the best designed perk deck in the game too since it designed to be played with anything and anywhere and anyone can play use this perk deck. anarchist will never out of place
Oh forgot to mention these guys really hate sniper
And hacker user too for ruining their zerk.


<<this perk deck is reserved for uncle geldgeil>> im not joking no one used it at all its design looks ok but its incredibly inconsistent. i think just treat it as worse version of ex-president and grinder? idk….


theres alot of good thing coming out of sicario player base. they usually a youtuber stan more specifically a yokai stan. i mean they not great but they are also not that bad either. sometimes they are really good player too and they are also incredibly chill but also worth mentioning that some sicario also a new player but they are willing to learn in and out of the game. some player complain that smoke is so useless and sometime get them killed for making use of smoke so they use flashbang on sicario instead. i know it sounds wacky, but a completely viable strategy for people who like consistency.

Stoic Tag Team Hacker and ugh…….


nowadays i would proudly say that all stoic main have brains, since leech took the whole stereotype of new player on DS, meta slave, millions downs, no brains. Now there are still new player playing stoic but all of them know leech better so they will try a more skill demand way and actually trying to get better at the game. Sure you still encounter those million down stoic but they are less common and now left with only Semi-competent or competent player using it. Or they just want to chill on high difficulty.

Tag Team

Now this is a king of all underrated perk deck! this perk belive it or not, really good if you and your team can kill a decent amount of enemies. yes “killing” majority of player somehow struggle to kill enemies. hooked up with the fact that it came with youtuber that no one give a recognize to or dont even know them. make the community give even more bad rep to tag team.
for stereotype uhhh no one really use it but tag team really popular on long time DSOD community. More specifically The Vegetable garden Discord server community (Carrot), since Carrot is the h3h3 enthusiast he can convert someone to be tag team mains and joins his dumb propaganda, not that i disagree with him though.


ah yes my favorite perk deck. Hacker player is the step up from stoic player that already comfortable with stoic so they move on to hacker. Like Anarchist player you can encounter every type of player from edgelord to friendly to tryhard except there are way less toxic player using hacker with addition of stealth player which are actually a competent stealth player. oh and you would expect there must be a rogue player move on to use hacker? nope they would still use rogue since i mean they cant kill ememies to proc pecm so they cant make use of hacker at all. Hacker are usually being used by a competent player (except me). This is might be the 2nd well designed perk deck it might lean to too strong but still a well designed.
They also hate anarchist user for being a cry baby for complaining they cant get that sweet berserker buff because there is a hacker.


Oh no Leech. i am lost of words man……. Like one time he carried me on goat sim for stupid dsod achivement but other time… many times……. almost everytime……. he dies again…….. dies like no ampule ready to get up again too. its like a 34 revenant rogue final form, like why? he will constany try to rush every objective possible like he trying to beat world record speedrun. and there will be worse when there’s THREE OF THEM and THEY ALL DIES AT THE SAME TIME. waiting to being pulled out of custody or restart all together. i know there is a good leech but most of the time they just pull leech out as f-word this heist/lobby i wanna beat this with ease and no more suffering. and go back to his other favorite perk deck. oh btw kiss good bye all your medic bag that you bring since 9 times out of 10 its all gonna be used by those f-word ing LEECH.
It also worth mentioning that this is now new crime spree meta too.

Written by Stellar Stellar

This is all about PAYDAY 2 – Perk deck stereotype; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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