PAYDAY 2 – Mastermind Skills

PAYDAY 2 – Mastermind Skills 5 -
PAYDAY 2 – Mastermind Skills 5 -

Hello and welcome to this PAYDAY 2 – Mastermind Skills guide.

Here are some pointers on fundamental abilities you can add to your build to make it slightly better, as well as a list of mistakes and skills you should avoid taking.

Mastermind Skills

Inspire Aced with Doctor Bags

PAYDAY 2 - Mastermind Skills - Mastermind Skills - 2E21163

PAYDAY 2 - Mastermind Skills - Mastermind Skills - 0A62E16

(Left: Less useful. Right: More useful.

Painkillers are recommended instead of Quick Fix when using Doctor Bags, particularly Death Sentence. A 10-damage resistance of 1% is rarely a meaningful benefit unless you’re running a perk deck that does not already have a two-shot ICTV, and if that IS the case you’ll get more Quick Fix DR time from using First Aid Kits. Still, you’ll need the Doctor Bag. First Aid Kits can be consumed immediately along with Uppers.

Painkillers can be highly beneficial in conjunction with Inspire Aced. The 80% resistance to damage makes it incredibly easy to revive someone without going down again. Any perk deck with powerful armor and health will benefit from it. An Armorer’s ICTV can take 2 shots on Death Sentence. However, this is increased to 7 shots when they are taking Painkillers. This allows them ample time to reach safety.

Inspire Basic

I do not deny that the basic effect of inspiration is great. It’s extremely beneficial to boost the speed of movement and reloading for people you shout at and faster revives. Investing in Inspire basic and just basics is not worth it unless you are cautious about keeping the buff for your team. Even so, it only takes 8 points to master it and be able to revive teammates. Combat Medic Basic Basic and Die Hard Basic greatly reduce damage, so the speed at which you can revive is irrelevant. Using the 8 points on skills that will help you stay alive and stop law enforcement is better.


PAYDAY 2 - Mastermind Skills - Mastermind Skills - 3A5C9BC

PAYDAY 2 - Mastermind Skills - Mastermind Skills - 5674F99

(Left: Less valuable. Right: More useful.

There’s nothing wrong with aceing the Joker skill. The issue is when you don’t get confident at any point. While the faster conversion time can be helpful on Death Sentence it is not worth not attempting Confident Aced.

Joker Aced is a modified SWAT-attracted fire that can do 165 percent damage. If you have hostages and you lose your Hostage Taker and Partners in Crime Taker’s regen.

Two SWAT officers can draw fire and cause 200% damage each using Confident Aced and Joker Basic. You’ll have a security net for your health — you won’t lose Partners in Crime or Hostage Taker when one dies and often gives you plenty of time to secure another.

The difference in efficiency between the two is significant while the cost difference is almost non-existent; the first is priced at 28 points, whereas the latter is priced at 30 points.

This is all about PAYDAY 2 – Mastermind Skills; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon! This write-up was inspired by a piece written by the creator and author dark buddhism Also, if you like the post, don’t forget to add this website to your bookmarks; we publish new posts every day with additional material, so be sure to check back with this website frequently for more posts.

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