PAYDAY 2 – Kingpin Best Loadout Class + DLC

PAYDAY 2 – Kingpin Best Loadout Class + DLC 1 -
PAYDAY 2 – Kingpin Best Loadout Class + DLC 1 -

You’ll want Infamy 1 reductions to make this build. If you don’t have it, then fiddle around with the points.
I just made this guide to provide a build if someone wants one. And to see how my building is compared to better players to see if I can learn stuff from them. Obviously I want to make the best builds (to my ability) for this community that I have a soft spot for.
With that all out of the way, let’s get into it.

DLC to have Beforehand – [] – [] – [] 
Scarface Character Pack. Unfortunately, it got removed so newer players will have to get it by grey market dealers who you hope won’t scam you out of your money for a key.

Weapons and Stuff

The Bigger The Better Suppressor
Accuracy Boost
Compact Laser Module (not exactly mandatory, but with and without a laser you’ll see a difference)
AK Plastic Grip
Speed Pull Magazine (again, not exactly mandatory, but it’s way too nice to pass up, plus I rather have quicker reloads and keep fighting)
Any -1 concealment sight
Wide Stock
Mark 10
The Bigger The Better Suppressor
Concealment Boost
Compact Laser Module
Speed Pull Magazine
Skeletal Stock
Electrical Brass Knuckles for melee. Injector for obvious reasons. Lightweight Ballistic Vest (I will shorten it to LBV.)
Your weapon stats (and inventory) should look like this.
PAYDAY 2 - Kingpin Best Loadout Class + DLC - Weapons and Stuff - 05528CD
PAYDAY 2 - Kingpin Best Loadout Class + DLC - Weapons and Stuff - 7B801D1

Skills and Perk Deck

Skills – [] 
PAYDAY 2 - Kingpin Best Loadout Class + DLC - Skills and Perk Deck - BF6AACB
PAYDAY 2 - Kingpin Best Loadout Class + DLC - Skills and Perk Deck - 24C7362
PAYDAY 2 - Kingpin Best Loadout Class + DLC - Skills and Perk Deck - 4B0A3CC
PAYDAY 2 - Kingpin Best Loadout Class + DLC - Skills and Perk Deck - 997380D
Why do I take the skills?
Mastermind Tree:
Inspire basic, because I couldn’t afford Aced. Also 3-second manual revives (with your 6-second injector godmode) is pretty nice, and making your teammates faster is a nice QoL for everyone.
Uppers Aced, because 14 cupcakes that save you from downs and lets you be more aggressive is always pretty nice to have.
Quick Fix Aced, don’t be that idiot who takes Docbags with Inspire Aced with this skill (it’s better to take Painkillers), it’s only there as it’s a quicker and slightly more practical way to get basic Inspire. Damage reduction on a tanky boi like Kingpin is pretty nice though.
Hostage Taker Aced, because passive healing outside your injector is really nice, technically not required by any means on KP if you can injector-heal, but it’s much better to have in general than without.
Joker basic, Because converts are amazing to have.
Confident Aced, 2 converts means alot less fire on your team, the best way to survive on DS is to never get targeted to begin with. Some people prefer a 1-convert setup with Joker Aced instead, but both options are fine.
Partners in Crime Aced, save for high Crime Spree, your converts will pretty much die in 5 seconds without this skill. You also move a bit faster and have +69 more HP (414 -> 483 HP, that means you can tank 2 Heavy ZEAL shots and still survive) the thing is, having 2 converts doesn’t give you more HP from PiC Aced compared to having just one.
Stable Shot basic, more stats on an AR and SMG, so it doesn’t hurt.
Die Hard Aced, 70 armor hits some breakpoints. You can tank a light ZEAL/rifle Medic/Cloaker/Medic Dozer shot and still have enough armor to survive the next guy (usually a Heavy ZEAL so your precious HP pool doesn’t get touched.) At full armor, you can reduce a sniper’s damage by 1/3. You could just run suit Kingpin instead which is still good (I mean it’s Kingpin so.) Oh yeah, basic also helps your survivability when you do objectives (you’re running Kingpin, you pretty much have the best perk to do objectives)
Bullseye basic, ever pressed the injector? When you get a Bullseye gate you can actually heal up from it. Or maybe your armor is broken so you get a gate and hey, you got saved from death or getting shot down and forced to inject when you didn’t want to.
Scavenger basic, sounds meh on paper, in reality you get nice pickup range which helps you get ammo in those tight nooks and crannies.
Hardware Expert basic is a skill that I would always go for when I have the spare points.
Body Expertise Aced and Surefire Aced, some might argue having 100 accuracy and using BE Aced is a “crutch,” and “skill issue” but I’m lazy to all Hell and just want to kill the Heavy ZEAL in front of me ASAP before I get shot down. You could live without this skill if you believe in your aim, but I don’t.
Lock N’ Load basic, running with your gun is fun.
Steady Grip Aced, because I like stats on my guns.
Duck N’ Cover basic, this is the best skill in the game no matter what. Stealth? You’ll take this. DS Loud, you’ll take this. High Crime Spree (RIP), you’ll take this. You can never go wrong with having this skill at all.
Inner Pockets Aced, we’ll be using the LBV, and we want our guns to fit within Low Blow Aced numbers.
Low Blow Aced, because that extra damage helps you clear house better.
Optical Illusions Aced, To help with LB Aced and because having your converts getting shot instead of you is always nice.
Professional Aced, getting higher stats is always a good idea.
Second Wind basic, this skill is so underlooked as a standalone. Being able to run faster into cover as your armor breaks (this doesn’t work on Stoic and Anarchist) is so helpful.
Perk Deck: Read the title, it’s Kingpin if somehow you forgot.
PAYDAY 2 - Kingpin Best Loadout Class + DLC - Skills and Perk Deck - 74823B8

Final Words and Credits

You’ll have 2 main weaknesses, Green Dozers (since they’ll kill you instantly under the injector) and Shields (The lack of Shock N’ Awe Aced is really annoying for many players.)
Some people will hate me for not having Nine Lives, Swan Song, and Inspire Aced. Personally, Kingpin is super powerful and can easily go without the 3, but if you want it, then just fiddle with the points. You build around yourself.
Yokai for his video that got me into this weapon combo to begin with.

Carrot for having a really good Kingpin guide that I recommend everyone wanting to play Kingpin watch.

You for reading this thing I made. <3
Anyways, have a good day, and if you have anything to say about the guide that should help me as a player, by all means speak up, I just want to know why you think the way you do, that’s how you grow as a person, you understand the “why” for a claim instead of dismissing it as “stupid.”

Written by Shinki

This is all about PAYDAY 2 – Kingpin Best Loadout Class + DLC; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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