PAYDAY 2 – Enforcer Skills

PAYDAY 2 – Enforcer Skills 2 -
PAYDAY 2 – Enforcer Skills 2 -

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PAYDAY 2 – is a four-player cooperative action shooter jam-packed with action. Players can once more don the masks of the original PAYDAY crew, Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf, and Chains, as they invade Washington, DC, for a massive crime spree.

Learn how to enforce

The Best Skill in the Game

PAYDAY 2 - Enforcer Skills - Enforcer Skills - AF4A244

If you don’t understand armor gating, it’s a mechanic that prevents you from taking HP damage as long you have armor. Even one armor. This mechanic is only accessible to Snipers.

Bullseye is the most easily accessible armor-gating tool. It allows you to instantly regenerate 5 armor by landing an immediate headshot with a 2-second cooldown. Every perk deck in this game, except Stoic. It’s so good, I consider it a baseline skill. It’s in every build I have and should probably be in all of yours.

Its value rises alongside the fragility in your perk deck. Anarchist and Rogue will get more excellent value from Bullseye than Armorer.

Resilience and hard work

Grabbing Resilience Aced unlocks Bullseye. Flashbangs are practically non-existent even if you’re not a great at shooting flashbangs with melee and bullets.

It’s so easy to complete objectives and revive others with Die Hard Basic. You can take twice as much damage with decks like Stoic, which is a joke.

Scavenger Basic

It may not seem like much, but 50% more ammo pick-up range is a small price. This makes it much easier to run out of ammo cover and also allows you to grab difficult to reach ammo boxes such as those dropped on high surfaces by cops.

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