PAYDAY 2 – 2 Types of LMG builds (DSOD) Leech + Anarchist

PAYDAY 2 – 2 Types of LMG builds (DSOD) Leech + Anarchist 1 -
PAYDAY 2 – 2 Types of LMG builds (DSOD) Leech + Anarchist 1 -

This guide shows two LMGs, one for damage and one to help you survive.

Leech version (survival)


  • Anarchists are more likely to choose this build because of their first aid kit. (, because you can’t run berserkerker with leech)
  • This build is for areas where you might need to do many more suicide runs.


Anarchist version (. Damage).


  • Berserker is why you would choose anarchist instead of leech, and why the leech version does more damage.
  • Berserker allows for one headshot of every non-special unit in the game (.) requires body expertise to kill its 1 bodyshot.



One of the highest ammo prick up rates on the game(12 rounds on average)

  • Long Barrel
  • The better suppressor, the bigger
  • Lion bipod
  • Stability or team building
  • No Foregrip
  • Led Combo
  • Solid stock


Compact 40mm Grenade Launcher

Higher chance of ammo picking up than the china puff

  • Viper Gas Grenade
  • Any boost
  • Compact laser sight
  • Any Sight


Buzzer Melee

  • Charge cloakers
  • Stuns for 3.5 secondsPAYDAY 2 - 2 Types of LMG builds (DSOD) Leech + Anarchist - Buzzer Melee - 7BF2E9F


Tips and tricks


  • KSP LMG has one the highest ammo pick-up rates in the game, so you don’t need ammo bags

  • Doctor bags can be used to the maximum extent in the game
  • You can use 2 Doctor bags to get Nine lives aced. This is 192 seconds of the swan song, (. If all four players bring 2 doctor bags, you get 128 downs. This is 768 seconds of the swan song).
  • 2 Doctor bags on OD gives 16 Total downs, which is 96 second of swan songs. With 4 players bringing aced doctors bags, it’s 64 downs with 384 second of swan Song
  • To stun cops, use your gas grenades to open doors
  • Gas grenades can penetrate walls
  • One gas grenade does enough damage to kill all non-special units in a short time.
  • Drills can be used to stop cops from kicking you with gras grenades
  • Shoot gas grenades at enemy points of spawn
  • Gas grenades stun in 4.2 secondsANARCHIST
  • Dealing with Anarchist gives you armor back (Even though it says it gives 10 it gives 30).
  • You get 2 seconds of invulnerability if your armor breaks on anarchists (Cooldown of 15 second even though it says 20).
  • To get armor back from cops, or even convert jokers from dot, you can use shurikens
  • Shurikens eliminate all non-special units from the game.LEECH
  • You can revive yourself with the help of leech vials
  • Leech vials can restore 40% Health and 10% for every two kills when active
  • While Leech is active, Swan song cannot not be activated
  • Get jokers ASAP to get the 30% Health Increase. This increases your health up to 538.2 (from 414)
  • While the leech is active, uppers don’t activate.
  • Only use the first aid kit if your vial has reached its cooldown and you are in urgent need of health.


Written by B⁧⁧seth

Hope you enjoy the Guide about PAYDAY 2 – 2 Types of LMG builds (DSOD) Leech + Anarchist, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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