Path Of Wuxia – Year 1 General Guide (With Calendar)

Path Of Wuxia – Year 1 General Guide (With Calendar) 1 -
Path Of Wuxia – Year 1 General Guide (With Calendar) 1 -
A general guide with tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Year 1 experience for Path of Wuxia, to get ready for the release of year 2!


Up above is a link to a Google Sheets page which shows the layout of Year 1’s calendar, showing which parts of the year are blocked off for events. By making a copy of this page you can plan out in advance how you want to spend your time to advance your character. 

Day 1 Secrets

During the events of your first day at the Academy, there are several secrets that can award you with stats. By getting all of them you can give yourself an edge in training, as by having higher stats you train martial arts faster. Most of these secrets are accessed at night. 
Before leaving on the boat to go to the academy: 
Talk to the food vendor on the right side, his food gives a +1 bonus to a stat depending on which one you choose. 
Talk to the artist in the left back corner of the area, he will give you a puzzle to solve. To solve it, go right until you see a lone tree standing up and then run south towards your screen for about 10 steps, an interaction icon will pop up, and you will dig up a paperweight if you press it. Give him the paperweight and you will get +1 to a stat and a free gift item. 
During the day at the academy: 
Make sure to talk to all of the main characters in the cafeteria before returning to Wu, doing so will award you with friendship points with them as well as 3 points of dexterity. 
At night at the academy: 
Choose not to sleep, and instead wander around the school. Go towards the cafeteria and before entering move south (towards the screen). You will see a Well, draw water from the well 6 times, on the 5th time you will get a notification that your strength has increased by +3. Then go into the cafeteria and approach the plants that are growing near the entrance. Water both sets of plants 3 times each and you will gain +3 to Will. 
After that, go to the entrance to the academy and take both of the paths leading out of the academy. One will give you a chance to talk to Chu Tianbi, who will also give you an accessory if you found the blue jade during the escape scene at the beginning of the game. The other path will take you to the training area, there you’ll see one of the main characters. Talk with him and spar with him, by completing that you gain +3 Vitality. Talking with him to spar again will cause you to be chased by one of the instructors. Successfully escaping from the instructor yourself will award +3 Dexterity (it is impossible for your friend to escape). 

Training your Stats

In the early parts of the game, there are several ways to increase your stats that are more efficient than using the normal stat training options. These ways are: 
Unlocking each of the 4 basic mantras in the library and then training them, each one gives 12 points to a stat once fully trained, allowing you to gain 12 stats in a total of 2 turns by spending 12 energy. This is more efficient than using the training option for your stats, even during the "Month Start" where you gain 6 in a stat instead of 5 for training, as you spend less energy. You can split up the act of reading at the library and training the mantras to fit them anywhere into your schedule. If your total stats reach 146 or more, you can fully train the starting mantras in 1 turn even without the Mid month bonus. 
Choosing to do the Miscellaneous tasks instead of taking a martial arts course is Very good for your stats. Instead of learning 2 basic martial arts moves, you will gain stats every 2 months for free. You will gain 10 stats at a time, for a total of 30 stat points. 15 of those stat points will be of the primary stat that the task offers, while each other stat will gain 5 in total. Since you can only equip 4 skills per martial art type at any one time, taking the stats instead of the early level skills is a very worthwhile investment rather than learning basic skills which you will soon replace. 
Training the starting weapon skills can net you a total of 9 points in a stat, but unless you have enough stats to complete the training in 1 turn it is less efficient in both time and energy than standard training. In order to fully train one of the starting weapon skills in 1 turn, you will need to reach around 270 in total stats and use the Mid month bonus. It is a very good idea to max each of these starting weapon skills, because after the Spring Exam you gain access to hidden quests for each of these skills that you raise to max level. 
Each of these hidden quests has a stat requirement of either 60 in 2 stats or 80 in a single stat. Perfectly clearing these quests will get you money, a powerful weapon, a stat potion worth 6 stat points, and access to two (and eventually a 3rd) powerful martial art skills, one of which is unlocked automatically. You gain all of this without spending any energy and by spending only 1 turn, since it is a quest. While you aren’t given a lot of time to complete them before they disappear, it is possible to complete all of them. 
You gain a free use of the Herbal Bath at the end of the Spring Exam, so make sure to be hovering at 70 energy or less before the Spring Exam begins to get the most benefit. Each use of the Herbal bath increases the effects of your next training/martial arts sessions, adding a total of 6 extra stat points over 2 Martial Arts training sessions (or 3 stat training sessions). 

Arts Contests

Two Arts Contests will occur during the 1st year, one at the start of Month 5 (your last turn to prepare is Month 4 End), the other at the start of Month 11 (with the last turn to prepare being Month 10 end). 
At each of the Arts Contests, you will have the option to participate using 1 of the 4 Arts. There is a prize to be won for reaching 1st or 2nd place in your chosen contest. 
The first Arts Contest requires a skill level of around 150 to take 1st place, and taking first place will award you with a useful accessory. Taking 2nd place will award you with a strong piece of equipment (but of the same strength as what you get from the hidden quests for each martial art skill). 
The second Arts contest requires a skill level of 350 to take 1st place, and taking first place will award you with a unique martial art. Each of the unique martial arts skills you can learn this way is tied to one of the 4 Arts, and it will increase its power the more you raise that arts skill. These skills can scale to be Much more powerful than any of the skills you gain access to in Year 1 if you focus on raising your Arts skill to a very high level. Taking 2nd place will get you useful pieces of equipment, but once again they are much less desirable than the 1st place reward. 
During each contest you will be asked two questions, and by answering the questions correctly you gain 10 extra points in the associated arts skill. This can allow you to reach the threshold for 1st place in the contest if you were below it before. 

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This is all about Path Of Wuxia – Year 1 General Guide (With Calendar); I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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