Path Of Wuxia – Video Walkthrough for English speaking players

Path Of Wuxia – Video Walkthrough for English speaking players 1 -
Path Of Wuxia – Video Walkthrough for English speaking players 1 -
Hey peeps as the title indicates due to my interest in this game Im going to attempt to make a comprehensive video guide to serve as a walkthrough.

Peace out n take care of yourselves in these troubled times <3


Pew Pew Intro

First off a big shout out to the creators of the English mod, it is a blessing! I highly encourage those who want to be a part of an active and super friendly community regarding PoW to join the discord hosted by the creators of the translation mod by following this link: 
Second off what I wont be covering in this video series is stuff that is already listed in the guide section here so this will just cover general gameplay and tips for newer players. 
Feel free to let me know if you’ve found any Easter eggs I didn’t cover or any tips to help my understanding of the game improve etc. 
Here is a link to the YouTube channel i will be posting the vids on: 
Each Part/Episode will be designed to cover specific parts of the first year events so you can easily find whichever section you are interested in. 
Hope you find it helpful and lemme know what u think or what i could include to make it more comprehensive. 

Video Walkthrough

For this particular playthrough I chose to stick to sword training and skills. If I will cover the other options I will include links to each specific playlist in a different section to keep this segment from being over cluttered. 
Part 1  
Covers character creation as well as the very early stages of the game. It has no voice over commentary sorry about that 🙁 
Part 2  
Covers your entry into the Hall and what you should be doing to maximize your stat gain before the school year actually starts. Again this has no voice commentary but i go over most of the general stuff in part 3 ^_^ 
Part 3  
Covers your initial interactions with the school activities as well as a voice commentary of what you can do while trying to level up your character. 
Part 4  
Prep for the spring exam 
Part 5  
The spring exam slappathon and goodies u can find there 
Part 6  
Leveling up friendships while getting ready for the summer exam 
Part 7  
Meeting "Mr. Popsicle" and how to get a cool (no pun intended) new internal during the summer exam 
Part 8  
Literally got RNGed in the worst way possible during a fight and one of the NPCs dissapeared afterwards, but luckily he reappears if u change scenes and go back. If that NPC casper move has happened to u as well thats how u can fix it 🙂 
Part 9  
Not gonna lie RNJesus showed me love and I passed this fight on the first try. A quick heads up is that if u choose to listen to stories with Hong’er you can get a crit passive trait amongst other things. 
Part 10  
Tried to squeeze in as much training in as possible before the big winter exam showdown and the Four arts festival. 
Part 11  
Faceless Sword Fiend Face Reveal aww yeee i was personally very excited to finally get to him. Check out his awesome skill set and dank crits UwU 
Part 12  
I am just way too stubborn when it comes to finding out what goodies u can drop from winning certain fights so this video will show what u can get from defeating the Faceless Sword Fiend. 
Part 13  
This video covers the final winter exam as well as what extra items u can get for reaching certain achievements throughout the first year. 

Walkthrough Playlists

Sword Guide Playthrough 
Fist Guide Playthrough 
Blade Guide Playthrough 
Will be available after i finish the fist one 

Written by Akenah

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Path Of Wuxia – Video Walkthrough for English speaking players, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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