Path Of Wuxia – Translator’s Mercy : Poem Walkthrough

Path Of Wuxia – Translator’s Mercy : Poem Walkthrough 1 -
Path Of Wuxia – Translator’s Mercy : Poem Walkthrough 1 -

Four Arts Competition : Year One

4 Arts Year One (Level 1 requires 110 skill in the art + both answers correct to get first place , Level 2 needs 310 + both correct answers to get first place) 
Calligraphy 1 
Leap Stroke 
Calligraphy 2 
Zhang Xu 
Ink in the inkstone shines brightly 
Zither 1 
Zither 2 
Painting 1 
Painting 2 
Garcinia cambogia 
Lou Shen Futu (translation update pending, pick the bottom option) 
Go (Chess) 1 
Imperial Go Master 
Be mindful of self 
Go 2 
Orange in the play (or "Game in the Orange" depending on patch) 


Midnight Walk Poem : 
When the ancient tour the night with candles, what good reason they had. 
That’s her, where lights are few and far between. 
May we all be blessed with longevity. Though far apart, we are still able to share the beauty of the moon together. 

Lore & Order

Midnight zither : 
This is really a melancholy melody… 
Seeing the tragic back of a martyr! 
Ah… the breeze is bland, awe-inspiring.. 
Book organization : 
The classic category of Syncretism. (or Zajia depending on patch) 
Reward : Trait – Scholar : Qi consumption -3% when attacking 
Mid-Autumn Festival, Picking Grapefruits : 
Zhu Luan 
Leave me some 
Spring School Trials: Injured Diciple 
His element is Wood, Water nourishes Wood, Change Element to water 
Slowly and gently 
Dragon Boat Dieting King : 

Qixi Festival Year One

Flower Shop : 
~From top to bottom. 
Fertilize the Petals. 
Exterminate Pests. 
Change Soil. 


For comedic purposes, the first skill you can use is named one punch because it’s a running gag By Heluo that the first skill required a ridiculous amount of exp to level, but is one of the mist powerful skills in the game. 
郝大大肉包 has been given the fitting name Super Big Meat Bun! 
At the tea shop, after talking to the the sword maiden, remember to pick up the Blue Ribbon. 
Use the oil in the prologue to open the other cage to get a piece of blue jade, if you give jade to the beggar you will receive the wooden sword for free, show the pendant to headmaster for a reward. 
The location of the treasure the painter at the lake is directly down from the pier. 

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