Party Hard – Simple Guide for High Crimes with additional general tips

Party Hard – Simple Guide for High Crimes with additional general tips 1 -
Party Hard – Simple Guide for High Crimes with additional general tips 1 -

Simple Guide for High Crimes with additional general tips. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
There’s new stuff in the DLC and help or explanation is non-existent so allow me to help!
I’ve managed to complete it through trail and error so don’t give up!


Welcome to my first-ever guide! I hope this helps and I can support you into becoming an efficient killer with the wealth I accumulated from simple trial and error. This DLC requires alot more patience than I found the base game did but please don’t give up! I hope my tips can assist you. I don’t know how to efficiently add screenshots to better explain so please bear with me.
As you tend to get your a*s kicked alot in this DLC I highly recommend unlocking Katie if you haven’t already. I think she’s the best.(✿◠‿◠).
To unlock her you have to escape the cops 5 times in one round. It’s easily done on the casino level. Just play ring a ring a rosey with them and she’s all yours. She’s the most versatile character because instead of immediately stabbing within range she’ll kick someone and knock them unconscious for 4 whole seconds! You can grab them and take them out of other’s line of sight and put them in an eternal slumber they can’t wake up from.
Additionally, you can trigger traps to explode like gumball machines or speakers then kick n pile up bodies there. You can also kick people walking past while holding a body. Just be careful to not kick anyone too close to a sleeping body otherwise you might accidentally stab them.
Poison and Katie go together like racism and ignorance because you poison the drink, knock someone unconscious then pile those bodies up in front of the table. When they wake up they’ll be poisoned and already feeling sick. Most of the time they’ll run away saying they feel sick but if they don’t and continue sleeping or dancing quickly move them or retreat. But the minute someone calls the cops to retreat because onlookers will think your behavior suspicious and report it to the cop covering the dead bodies in your wake. He can come out of nowhere and catch you off guard so be careful!
I thought I’d add my more general tips just in case they can aid you in any way.
Prolonged dancing will mostly upset people, they’ll move away. If you do It right they might walk into a trap. Be careful not to get your a*s beat though!
Bouncers will attempt to beat you to a pulp if they see you but will be taken aback if they see a dead body. Use this to your advantage.
Police can’t be stabbed but can be outrun or led into traps. If you successfully kill two policemen in a row, the FBI will show up.
The FBI are a pain because they hang around scouting rooms nonstop. If they see you they’ll try beat your a*s but you can outrun them too and SOMETIMES they’ll leave the level or leave you alone but this might be a bug. Lure them into a trap to get rid of them for good.
You can see the rage meter atop another character’s head. If it glows red, prioritize them because they may attack you and the chances increase the less amount of party goers. I have been killed by the last alive person. They laughed in my face. To this day, my ego is still bruised.
This is pretty obvious but AVIOD undiscovered bodies at all costs! I was outside behind a glass window and they played the blame game and I lost. They can stand there and play the blame game but make sure you are nowhere near them so you don’t get blamed. I thought I might add this because I didn’t remember it, but I played this in 2016 then whenever it debut on PS4.


You start every level in the dlc with the character you pick here so unless you want to quit and reload levels pick Katie here.
Since party hard now has a story you technically have a different objective instead of killing everyone. You must kill the drug dealer. He’s located in the top left corner, alone but guarded by two dogs. This is the first time you can complete the level by killing a special person instead of everyone.
There’s a total of five in the level. They are vicious and will attack you on sight like bodyguards but move quicker than the wind so watch out. There are golden bins you can hide in should the need arise. To remove them from the picture you have to feed them. Notice the golden bowls scattered about. To get food you must purchase it from the vendor. He charges $30 for three servings of dog food. You need a total of 6 to fill all bowls and therefore must collect $60. Money is collected off the ground near dead bodies.
The easiest way to do this is to kick someone, drag them closer to the sewer before killing and disposing of. Once the bottom of the screen is clear go to the phone on the bottom left area and select make a call. You should have some bug control vehicle rock up. They’ll drop a bomb and kill a bunch of people. The people should drop a fair amount of cash. You need the bottom area clear so you can easily sneak past the bottom two guard dogs and grab as much money as you can if you leave it too long sometimes they disappear. Fill the dog bowls with food. If you want to quickly advance you could just do the two bowls closest to the drug dealer, hide, and then quickly dispense of him with the other dogs are out of the way. Or you can play it slow and safe if you want to kill everyone. The dogs ignore you once they’ve reached their food bowls. After you kill the drug dealer you get a cutscene so don’t panic. You no longer dance after completing levels now.

Police Department

This level you gotta find a selection of keys whilst avoiding the claws of the law. As you know they can’t be stabbed only taken out with traps. The first key is bottom right this opens the key to top left which opens the key to bottom left where you trigger a cutscene.
Here’s exactly what I do.
Go into the room above the police officer closet to you. It has a bookcase so break it and hide in the cupboard. After he dies purposely run into the security camera. You have to time the triggering of the gumball machine and the guard spotting you correctly. It works best when the camera is pointed up at the chairs. He doesn’t always spot you if he’s further away. If this fails you can try again with a bookcase.
Next I wait for the two guards to group into the room left of the one with the bookcase. The trap there is electrical and times out quick so wait for one to leave before triggering it. I’ve only managed to kill one but it’s better than none. Then I try to get in bottom left. First I trigger the rectangle-looking trap and hide. That takes out another cop. Use the gumball machine to kill another cop and if you haven’t killed the camera guy break the bookcase then stand in front of the camera until he gets flattened and you can leave with the key. The keys for top left so snag that and carefully make your way bottom left to complete the level.

People sleeping on beds together and being filmed level

This one has alot of types of guards so I recommend Katie. You now have a gun which you can often shoot if you are being chased with F on keyboard or Y on Xbox controller. If one of the FBI agents chases you at the start try leading him into the screen trap without blowing yourself up in the process. Don’t bother making a call it’s too risky. You’ll either get the butcher who randomly kills people but often takes to you and that’s provided he doesn’t blow himself up at the screen trap. Or you get the swat team who you’ll end up having to kill most of because they will try to knock you out.
You can get the drop on the group of three on the right buy first kicking the FBI agent then the other two before stabbing all three. The one on his own I usually just shoot because he often turns around too quickly.
Usually I focus on the bouncers I lead the first one further down the hallway before he stops. I’ve tried kicking him after he stops since they seem a lil buggy but this isn’t the most reliable method so just shoot him them going into the room where everyone’s being filmed doing the dirty then lead them to his body and stab them when they get ! surprised by the body. If you just shoot them too far up in the hallways they don’t go into it at all and someone calls the cops.
After getting rid of the security guards I kick the filmer and drop him infront of the camera and set that laser trap off and kill the others at the back. Next the stragglers that walk through like the drug dealer because he’s a big nark and I don’t think you can get items off him since you have a gun. Then kick n kill the girls in that room on their own. Then mess around triggering the camera. then standing in the doorway. First one guy in the next room comes but about 4 or 5 are also heading from a room so I do my best to shock them with dead girls from the other room and stab any who try to run past or wait for them to back off before triggering it again you can shoot them as well.
After they are done I poison the food and kick the dancers and anyone else, pile them bodies up then move back left quickly because this is right next to the cop spawn point. Then its chucking bodies into toxic waste for a while. That’s usually what I do with the bodyguard who’s at the entrance of the far right area. DON’T use the gumball machine because he doesn’t walk back and no one else passes through there. For some reason I seem to cease to exist in his eyes after making him run twice so I kick him and throw him in the toxic waste.
Watch the swat guy carefully because you can only shoot him if you are right behind him. Then it’s easy waiters and two FBI agents and a sleeping waiter who can’t hear a gun go off.

High Crime

This one’s a little odd but not too tricky at all compared to the last one.
The first bit you gotta mess around with these switches and avoid the two agents. There’s a trap top right so get to that. I haven’t noticed a pattern it just seems random each time. Just take note of the switches you are pulling I guess. For me I pulled all of them but the yellow one. Once you’ve done that walk out the front door and onto the elevator to the next level.
You need to get a key and it’s on the body of the last person you kill.
This ones a bit nuts I just poisoned a vat then kicked and placed a few bodies until the cops came then tried to avoid sick people as best I could. This levels pretty damn small so don’t go overboard on the poisoning or you’ll have nowhere to run. Using a conga line goes alright but anyone spooked will refuse to conga. Once you’ve got the numbers down you can kill the rest. They also don’t seem to notice dead bodies while in conga but there was only 1 man a bear and a chicken so. Making a call just has aliens show up. Meh. I only did it after killing everyone because I didn’t notice the key thing for a bit.
Boss battle
He has a gun and you must stab him. His eyesights a bit funny so immediately flip tables and be ready to sprint. He gets a ! when he notices you and that means hide. Stab him while he’s reloading. Move out the way because he drops grenades. Rinse and repeat. Takes about 5 stabs to take him down. GG! Thanks for using my guide and please let me know if it helped or if you think I’ve missed anything! Happy headhunting!

Written by Anxietittie

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Party Hard – Simple Guide for High Crimes with additional general tips, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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