Party Hard 2 – Punch Club – Kill them all

Party Hard 2 – Punch Club – Kill them all 7 -
Party Hard 2 – Punch Club – Kill them all 7 -
Hello there :insert_general_kenobi_gif_here:
If you’ve stumbled upon my little guide, it means you are also struggling with killing everyone in Punch Club, as there are plenty of weaklings panicking and escaping your blade.
Worry no more, as this is solution to your troubles!


The setup

First, you need to check if you have 2 required elements in the level. These spawn quite often, so you shouldn’t need plenty of restarts to have them. 
1. Acid Barrel – it should spawn directly above your spawn location. If it’s not there, restart level. 
Party Hard 2 - Punch Club - Kill them all 
2. Canister – it should be slightly on the left from barrel. If it’s filled with gas, simply pour it wherever. 
Party Hard 2 - Punch Club - Kill them all 
3. Now fill canister with acid and voila! You’re ready for some killing spree. 

The guard

There is pretty easy way to get rid of bouncer guarding main entrance to the club. 
Approach him just so he starts chasing you. The second he moves, run towards balloons. 
Party Hard 2 - Punch Club - Kill them all 
When he approaches, simply press interaction key to send him flying. 
Downside of this, is that you will probably not obtain the stun gun. But you shouldn’t need it anyways. 

The plan

So the main idea here, is to bring sleeping people into an acid pool. Simply pour your acid from the canister on the ground, you need only a short while to create a stain, which is enough. 
I found two main places, where it’s most useful and lowers the risk of detection. 
First would be right next to where you find the canister: 
Party Hard 2 - Punch Club - Kill them all 
Second would be in the toilet with open window-shortcut: 
Party Hard 2 - Punch Club - Kill them all 

The details

There are important rules to remember here: 
-DO NOT kill anyone. For some reason, acid dissolves only sleeping people, but not the ones being dead. 
-DO NOT fight back. If someone wakes up while you’re carrying them, just let them beat you. Nobody will kill you, you will lose few seconds max. 
-DO NOT waste your acid. Even though there is plenty of it in the barrel, you will run short of it quickly if you try to dissolve everyone in their own acid stains. 
-DO NOT pour acid close to fire source. Acid is flammable and if touches fire, it will burn down the same way gasoline does. Fire may also spread and raise an alarm (and therefore – panic). 
-DO NOT worry about witnesses. If somebody went for a smoke next to your acid pool, you don’t have to worry about them noticing you just dissolved somebody. Worse case scenario, they get slightly alarmed (green attention icon) and walk away. 
-DO NOT call swat. Police raid may also cause panic, for obvious reasons. 
-PAY ATTENTION to your existing acid pools. These can evaporate over time, rendering them useless. Simply look if the stain is still bubbling under all dissolved bodies. If not, you can always pour acid on somebody already sleeping (for organization purposes, I personally created each subsequent acid pool next to the one that evaporated). 
-BE SURE of selected item. Once or twice, I wanted to pour acid on some sleeping fellow, just to realize I forgot to switch my item and killed the guy. You can still get away with a body or two, hidden in bathroom stall or in the upper-left corner behind crates, but as you probably know, people here are somehow drawn by piles of dead bodies. 
-BE PATIENT. This methods takes a while and the longer you’re doing this map, the harder it gets as less and less sleeping people are available. Usually around 45-50 victims, you can go around and kill people or just pour acid under their feet (works pretty well if you manage to catch some dancing people in one acid pool, as they usually do not run). 
-BE CAREFUL of npc-conflicts. Some NPCs seems to be in conflict with each other. This means, a certain NPC will chase another certain NPC, no matter of their current state. If you accidentally kill a person, which will be chased by another person, that another person will find just a body. On the other hand, if you manage to put down sleeping person in the pool of acid, while the conflicted person is on the way to beat the crap out of them, there is real chance of the other person staying in acid a second too long for their own good. 
-Utilize other means – there are few barbecue grills and balloons on map. Use them if anyone is standing next to it, as killing people this way, does not raise any attention. 

The Success

It took me almost half an hour to finish the level with this method, but there was a slight learning-curve about how acid really works and what I can and cannot do. If you read everything above and be wary to your surroundings, you can probably do it a lot faster. 
Party Hard 2 - Punch Club - Kill them all 
(notice I received points only for “Kill them all”, as this was the only objective I was missing when replaying this map) 

Written by ZygfrydQ

This is all about Party Hard 2 – Punch Club – Kill them all; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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