Ozymandias – How to get achievements fast

Ozymandias – How to get achievements fast 1 - steamlists.com
Ozymandias – How to get achievements fast 1 - steamlists.com

How to quickly achieve your goals


There is currently only one type of achievement: Win as A civilization on B map at Scholar difficulty or greater
It is important to win quickly to achieve your goals. Here's how to edit the victory condition.
Ozymandias - How to get achievements fast - Basics - 520E5E7
While in the civ selection phase, you can click on the crown icon. Click the pen-and-paper icon at the top right of your window. The – and + buttons will appear next to the wonders. (, or you can drag the mouse cursor over each wonder to view the button). Clicking the "-" button lowers the wonder's crown amount and makes it easier. If you make something worth zero crown, the wonder will be disabled. You can disable or make it more challenging to obtain all wonders except the one you aim for. Change the crown requirement for victory to 1.
The Mausoleum(Capture1 city) is the best place to learn about the wonders you should aim for. When should you rush?
– A close opponent is within reach
– The city level of the opponent is low (1 and 2.
– Your civ trait can be used to get early rush, such as Militant. You can also be Courageous or Mercantile.
Rushing is harder when it's the opposite, such as:
– Opponents are far away from you
– The opponent's city is high (3 or 4 –
– Civ trait refers to bad early rush, similar to Ecological.
– The opponent’s city is surrounded by defensive terrain (Hills and Woods)).
Hanging Gardens(250 wealth) is a fast way to start if you don't have the time. You can also try the Colossus(5 Armed Forces and Fleets) if the starting position is not ideal.
This method can win you around turn 15. If the civ has a good start, it's possible for them to win even before T10.

Rush (Mausoleum)

You only need to capture one city to win so you can focus on that.
If you are within the target, cancel food buying turn 1. Place flags on unnecessary tiles, but you can buy tiles to connect borders. To buy an army, accumulate wealth. Some civs are not able to generate wealth early, so you may need to purchase a level of lower wealth waste upgrade to acquire that 40 wealth.
Buy power on X technology to capture tile(s) near the target's capital. Then, when you have captured one of those tile moves in your unit, you can purchase power on city tech. You can buy just enough power to endanger the city and then use all the wealth to gain power when in danger.
Ozymandias - How to get achievements fast - Rush (Mausoleum) - C865808
Here's an example from a fast-paced game, pre T10 victory.

Wealth (Hanging Gardens)

There is nothing special about this, so focus on early expansion to secure as many tiles possible. Flag tech can be purchased if you have the same terrain. Sometimes you may need to buy power on X type of terrain tech in order to win flag tiebreakers.
Stop buying food after the initial expansion and start to build wealth. Concentrate on wealth techs. A certain level of waste reduction is beneficial.


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