Outward – Debug Menu Area Switch Locations

Outward – Debug Menu Area Switch Locations 1 - steamlists.com
Outward – Debug Menu Area Switch Locations 1 - steamlists.com

This guide is to tell you exactly where the Area Switch in the Debug Menu will take you.

Part 001: Cierzo Tab

CierzoTutorial: The Cierzo Tutorial
CierzoNewTerrain: Cierzo
CierzoDestroyed: Cierzo after failing Vendavel Quest
ChersoneseNewTerrain: Outside of Cierzo
Chersonese_Dungeon1: Vendavel Fortress
Chersonese_Dungeon2: Blister Burrow
Chersonese_Dungeon3: Ghost Pass
Chersonese_Dungeon4_BlueChamber: Blue Chamber Conflux Path
Chersonese_Dungeon4_CommonPath: Main Conflux Chamber
Chersonese_Dungeon4_HolyMission: Holy Mission Conflux Path
Chersonese_Dungeon4_Levant: Levant Conflux Path
Chersonese_Dungeon5: Voltaic Hatchery
Chersonese_Dungeon6: Corrupted Tombs
Chersonese_Dungeon8: Cierzo Storage Room
Chersonese_Dungeon9: Montcalm Clan Fort
ChersoneseDungeonsSmall: Misc.Dungeon – Hyena Burrow
ChersoneseDungeonsBosses: Blister Burrow Arena

Part 002: Levant Tab

Levant: Levant
Abrassar: Outside of Levant
Abrassar_Dungeon1: Undercity Passage
Abrassar_Dungeon2: Electric Lab
Abrassar_Dungeon3: The Slide
Abrassar_Dungeon4: Stone Titan Caves
Abrassar_Dungeon5: Ancient Hive
Abrassar_Dungeon6: Sand Rose Cave
AbrassarDungeonsBosses: Levant Arena
AbrassarDungeonsSmall: Misc.Dungeon – Hive Prison

Part 003: Harmattan Tab

Harmattan: Harmattan
AntiqueField: Outside of Harmattan
AntiqueField_Dungeon1: Abandoned Living Quarters
AntiqueField_Dungeon2: Forgotten Research Lab
AntiqueField_Dungeon3: Ancient Foundry
AntiqueField_Dungeon4: Ruined Warehouse
AntiqueField_Dungeon5: Lost Golem Manufacturing Facility
AntiqueField_Dungeon6: Crumbling Loading Docks
AntiqueField_Dungeon7: Destroyed Test Chambers
AntiqueField_Dungeon8: Compromised Mana Transfer Station
AntiqueField_Dungeon9: Old Harmattan
AntiqueFieldDungeonsBosses: Immaculate’s Camp
AntiqueFieldDungeonsSmall: Misc.Dungeon – Blood Mage Hideout

Part 004: Berg Tab

Berg: Berg
Emercar: Outside of Berg
Emercar_Dungeon1: Royal Manticore’s Lair
Emercar_Dungeon2: Forest Hives
Emercar_Dungeon3: Cabal of Wind Temple
Emercar_Dungeon4: Face of the Ancients
Emercar_Dungeon5: Ancestor’s Resting Place
Emercar_Dungeon6: Necropolis
EmercarDungeonsBosses: Berg Arena
EmercarDungeonsSmall: Misc.Dungeon – Damp Hunter’s Cabin

Part 005: Monsoon Tab

Monsoon: Monsoon
HallowedMarshNewTerrain: Outside of Monsoon
Hallowed_Dungeon1: Jade Quarry
Hallowed_Dungeon2: Giants’ Village
Hallowed_Dungeon3: Reptilian Lair
Hallowed_Dungeon4_Interior: Dark Ziggurat Interior
Hallowed_Dungeon5: Spire of Light
Hallowed_Dungeon6: Ziggurat Passage
Hallowed_Dungeon7: Dead Roots
HallowedDungeonsBosses: Giants’ Village Arena (South)
HallowedDungeonsSmall: Misc.Dungeon – Abandoned Ziggurat

Part 006: Sirocco Tab

NewSirocco: New Sirocco
Caldera: Border of Caldera and Enmerkar Forest
Caldera_Dungeon1: Steam Bath Tunnels
Caldera_Dungeon2: Sulphuric Caverns
Caldera_Dungeon3: The Eldest Brother
Caldera_Dungeon4: Scarlet Sanctuary
Caldera_Dungeon5: The Grotto of Chalcedony
Caldera_Dungeon6: Myrmitaur’s Haven
Caldera_Dungeon7: Oil Refinery
Caldera_Dungeon8: The Vault of Stone
Caldera_Dungeon9: Old Sirocco
Caldera_Dungeon10: Ark of the Exiled
CalderaDungeonsBosses: Tower of Regrets Arena
CalderaDungeonsSmall: Misc.Dungeon – Oily Cavern

Part 007: Others

Dreamworld: In Between

Written by Melo The Yellow

This is all about Outward – Debug Menu Area Switch Locations; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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