OpenTTD – How to Configure OTTD For Best Experience

OpenTTD – How to Configure OTTD For Best Experience 1 -
OpenTTD – How to Configure OTTD For Best Experience 1 -
How to configure OTTD to look, sound and play a bit like the original 1995 game! List of settings, which AI to use, etc.



After you do that, they should now all be selectable from the game options:

OpenTTD - How to Configure OTTD For Best Experience

AI Competitor Settings

The original game came with (really stupid) AI competitors, which Open TTD doesn’t provide out of the box – There’s now a large variety of AI scripts to choose from the in-game online content.

But for nostalgics, the original AI has been re-created among the list by Brumi – Search for “Simple AI“, which is designed to emulate the original game’s AI with a few improvements, and this time it doesn’t cheat – Terraforming now costs it money!

Obtaining and Using:

OpenTTD - How to Configure OTTD For Best Experience

* Go to AI/Game Script Settings

OpenTTD - How to Configure OTTD For Best Experience

* “Check Online Content”

OpenTTD - How to Configure OTTD For Best Experience

* Search for “SimpleAI” and select the one shown in the screenshot above. Download it.

* Under the “AI/Script Settings” screen (purple), increase the “Maximum no. competitors” to as many as you like. Select where it says “Random AI” and press “Select AI”, then choose “Simple AI” from the list for each competitor slot.

* You may want to view the Readme, and Configure each AI – You’ll have to do it individually for each competitor!

Recommended Game Settings

The original TTD had actually very few settings:
OpenTTD - How to Configure OTTD For Best Experience

OpenTTD - How to Configure OTTD For Best Experience

OTTD obviously has a load more to play with since it has a load more features and improvements – Most settings should be set to whatever you desire. But to emulate the old game, you should check the following options. Whether you want to adjust them or not is entirely your choice, though!

Vehicles > Physics:

* Train Acceleration Model = Original

* Slope Steepness for Trains = 3%

* Road Vehicle Acceleration Model = Original

* Slope Steepness for Road Vehicles = 7%

* Plane Speed Factor = 1/4

Vehicles > Routing:

* Forbid trains from making 90° Turns = Off (“Simple AI” likes to make janky tracks)


* Allow Landscaping Under Buildings, Tracks, etc. = On (The original didn’t have this feature, but since “Simple AI” no longer cheats with terraforming, you should keep this setting on or else you may break it)

* Allow Removal of more town-owned roads, bridges and tunnels = Off

* Maximum length of trains = 7 tiles

* Maximum station spread = 12 tiles

* Allow to join stations not directly adjacent = Off (Yeah, you couldn’t!)

* Disable Electric Rails = Off (TTD didn’t have these either)


* Disasters = On

* Recessions = Off (feature not present in TTD)

World Generation:

* Land Generator = Original

(most other settings apply only if Terra Genesis is selected)

* Tree Placer Algorithm = Original

* Road Layout for Towns = Original

* Industry Density = Normal (maps were crowded!)


Most of these should be set to default values, but check:


* Flat Area Around Industries = 0 tiles

* Allow Multiple Similar Industries Per town = Off (or stuff gets weird)

* Economy Type = Original (bigger changes in production!)

Also check the “Competitors” section and change these values based on how “hard” you want your competitors to be to play against, although even “hard” AIs don’t pose much challenge.

New Game

When starting a new game, world generation settings should’ve already been adjusted in game settings, but check:

* Original Map Size was tiny – 512 x 512! Set to this for legitimacy, or increase for a more fun game, especially against multiple AIs.

* Land Generator = Original

* Terrain Type = Flat, which won’t be entirely flat, but the original maps weren’t very hilly

* Sea Level = Low

* Towns = Should be “low” if playing on a larger map, or “normal” on a small map – They were very tightly clustered together in the original game

* Industries = Likewise. Perhaps increase to “normal” even on a larger map if playing with multiple AIs.

* Rivers = None – TTD didn’t have these!

And that’s about it, have fun reliving old times! Post in comments if I missed something, or if you have suggestions.

Written by DarkHoodness

Hope you enjoy the Guide about OpenTTD – How to Configure OTTD For Best Experience, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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