OpenTTD – Basic Tutorials (Original 1995 demos!)

OpenTTD – Basic Tutorials (Original 1995 demos!) 1 -
OpenTTD – Basic Tutorials (Original 1995 demos!) 1 -
For absolute beginners – Videos of the original 1995 Transport Tycoon Deluxe tutorials, which still (mostly) apply to Open TTD!



The original DOS Transport Tycoon Deluxe came with five basic demo tutorials, which gave the player a very basic understand of how the game actually worked. 
Open TTD has a myriad of new features and improvements over the original, but it plays pretty much the same. These videos should still apply. And you get to view a little of the game’s history. 🙂 
If you want a more comprehensive understanding of how to play Open TTD, there’s an online manual: 
And an online tutorial: 
And also the guide by Master Hellish:” target=”_blank”>″ target=”_blank”> 
And an online tutorial: 
And also the guide by Master Hellish: 
1 – Basic Bus and Lorry Service


Covered also in the online wiki: 
You can also make one-way roads for extra traffic management, try playing with the road construction menu. 
Regarding vehicle orders: (applies to all modes of transport) OpenTTD handles them better – You don’t have to issue orders to every individual vehicle. You can clone a vehicle in the depot after issuing orders to it, and it will have the same orders as its original. 
Additionally, you can build a new vehicle in the depot, and in the “Vehicle Orders” screen, click the “Go To” button on a vehicle which is already out on its rounds, and its order list will be copied to your new vehicle. 

2 – Basic Train Service 
Covered also in the online wiki: 

3 – Basic Air Service 
Also covered by the wiki: 
Towns have noise limits (depending on settings and town size) – By default, there’ll be a limit to how many airports can be placed around a town. 

4 – Ship Service 
Boat to nowhere! 
Boats are very basic, but have been improved in Open TTD with the addition of can*ls, locks which allow boats to traverse slopes, buoys to help with navigation (place them between docks and add them to boat orders to stop boats getting lost), and aqueducts (Can*ls can be built across bridges to get from one side of a hill to another). 
Also covered in the wiki: 
Can*ls and locks: 

5 – Build a Railway with Two Tracks 
Covered more in-depth on the wiki: 
Basic Network: 
Trains are the primary focus of Transport Tycoon, and you can build much more complex rail layouts than shown here. Open TTD has much better signal management over the original game – Trains actually can queue at stations now instead of looping in a circle forever. 
Wiki info on signals: 

More Helpful Hints

* To modify the terrain in OpenTTD, Landscaping is a separate toolbar: 
OpenTTD - Basic Tutorials (Original 1995 demos!) 
* The game world view cannot be rotated, due to limitations of the original game, and backwards compatibility – But the transparency options should make things easier to see what you’re doing. You can make trees transparent – Or actually, anything in the game can be made transparent! The button below each option in the Transparency Menu toggles between making everything shadows, or completely invisible: 
OpenTTD - Basic Tutorials (Original 1995 demos!) 
NOTE: Destroying invisible trees around towns may have unintended consequences (depending on settings)! If your reputation drops too low, you won’t be able to build stations in those towns. 
* To increase the size of the Graphical User Interface (has to be applied before starting a new game), it may help to get the “OpenGFX + Big GUI” mod from the in-game Online Content menu: 
1. Open the online content menu: 
OpenTTD - Basic Tutorials (Original 1995 demos!) 
2. Search for “OpenGFX + Big GUI” in the filter box: 
OpenTTD - Basic Tutorials (Original 1995 demos!) 
3. Enter the “NewGRF” settings from the main menu: 
OpenTTD - Basic Tutorials (Original 1995 demos!) 
Add the “OpenGFX + Big GUI” NewGRF (mod) to the “Active” list, then press Apply. 
OpenTTD - Basic Tutorials (Original 1995 demos!) 
Note that it won’t increase the size of everything, but most things. 
(More hints maybe coming up when I think of them) 

Written by DarkHoodness

Hope you enjoy the Guide about OpenTTD – Basic Tutorials (Original 1995 demos!), if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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