OPEC IDLE – A quick guide

OPEC IDLE – A quick guide 5 - steamlists.com
OPEC IDLE – A quick guide 5 - steamlists.com
My roadmap to completion.


First Run

Slow Start and a few bad choices.

My goal, unlock all achievements fast. At first the game only allows you certain unlocks…more being available after progressing in pump numbers or beating the game. You can see the difference on my screenshots after beating it the first time.

Note on prestige points, oddly you loose these when resetting the game by a win. Or at least by my method.

Beating the game the first time involves maxing the train where it forces you to reset. This unlocks the Flash icon with 2 upgrades so far. In game unlocks are progressed by buying pumps and a few other upgrades.

So my method So far. I tried an Auto Clicker for the mouse and left the game on for 2 or 3 days and sort of worked. However when you get close to 500 pumps another menu is unlocked for country contracts at a cost of pumps.

OPEC IDLE - A quick guide

This gave me an 15 prestige points. I bought the suitcase to unlock the magic ring upgrades.

OPEC IDLE - A quick guide

OPEC IDLE - A quick guide

My goal here is to auto sell my products, buy contracts and buy all the upgrades (rings, runes, potions). At a cost of pumps, you can easily catch up to the original pump amount because it lowers the pump cost and boost oil prices.

Beating The game the first time unlocks this menu, where I invested the gold coin +100/sec to base oil prices.

OPEC IDLE - A quick guide

At this point I’m missing two achievements.

The right decision!
1. restarts

Good diplomat
Sign agreements with all proposed countries

Now on resting the game by the prestige menu,
OPEC IDLE - A quick guide

You do keep all your upgrades and have alot of points based on the pump count before this option. However no additional flash points?

So I invested in reduced pump cost and a few other random perks to see what they would do. most important was the 25% discount to the contracts.

Work in progress…

Written by Chaos GMR

This is all about OPEC IDLE – A quick guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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