OMORI – Achievement Guide

OMORI – Achievement Guide 1 -
OMORI – Achievement Guide 1 -
A breakdown of OMORI’s achievements, with tips and instructions on how to get them. This guide is meant for those interested in achievements while being mindful of spoilers as much as possible.



Welcome! This guide will offer instructions and tips on how to earn achievements in OMORI with as little hassle as possible. It also has strategies to fight some of the tougher bosses that happen to have achievements.

If you are currently on your first playthrough, you should close this guide and complete the game blind. It has a great story that is very vulnerable to spoilers, so I’d encourage prioritizing your experience with the game over achievement hunting during your first go. If you like the game enough to want to 100% it, then go on ahead! Or just search the name of a specific achievement you’re curious about to find it in here.

This guide is currently a Work in Progress as the game is still new and some achievements have yet to be documented, but I will update this guide with further information (and things like screenshots) as time goes on.

Also, just a heads-up on terminology: OMORI takes place in different places. There’s WHITE SPACE, the blank room you start off in, the Real World, and Headspace, the colorful world that most of the game takes place in. Barring certain secret endgame areas and places that are in the Real World, you can assume that locations in this guide are Headspace locations.

If you are unfamiliar with how the narrative paths work in OMORI and how they affect achievements, please read the next section.

Routes in OMORI

Your decisions matter in this game, and these decisions include altering what achievements you can and can’t get. It is thus impossible to 100% OMORI in one run – at least two runs will be necessary.

There are two major routes in OMORI – the normal route and the Hikikomori route. The main factor separating the two is that to access the Hikikomori route you must never leave the house during the Real World segments. Discussing the Hikikomori route in detail means offering many endgame spoilers, as the endgame is where the normal and Hikikomori routes really change – so bear this spoiler warning in mind. Do not go to the Hikikomori section of this guide if you do not want to see exclusive endgame content.

If you are playing for the first time and looking for some advice – I strongly suggest you play the normal route. It offers far more context to the broader story of OMORI and IMO a more fulfilling experience overall, and the Hikikomori route offers certain differences that players would benefit most from having a normal run under their belt first.

Narrative Achievements

This first section will briefly cover achievements that I’ve termed “Narrative Achievements.” These will be acquired naturally in the course of playing the game and aren’t exclusive to any route. Because these are so easy to acquire I will spoiler-flair all the descriptions so to not spoil bosses or in-game events. If you’re curious how to get any of these: just play the game!

Good Morning!
Wake up in the morning.

Go to sleep after a long day.


See you, Space Boyfriend…


Buy high, sell low.
Defeat MR. JAWSUM.

When I flex, I feel my best!

Slime Time is Over!

Whale done.
Defeat Humphrey.

Non-Route Exclusive Achievements, Part 1

The following achievements are not route exclusive but are optional. In order to minimize spoilers I have ordered them in roughly chronological order based on first time acquirable in-game.

Green Thumb
Water a plant in Basil’s garden back to life.
As you first walk to Basil’s house, I believe a sunflower will look discolored. Pick up the nearby watering can and water it.

So majestic… so beautiful…
Fly the BUTT CERTIFICATE in Cattail Field.
You can acquire the Butt Certificate by finding Berly’s tetherball in Vast Forest, specifically the Train Station section across a small bridge. After completing that sidequest she will give you another prompt that, once you finish, will get you a Butt Certificate. Then just go to Otherworld via the ladder like normal.

Defeat ???.
This enemy is found poorly hiding behind a bush in Otherworld Town. Note that they are pretty tough when first encountered, so it’s recommended to grind to ~Level 10 in Junkyard first – however, be careful not to go far enough to trigger the chase sequence with Rosa, since that will despawn ???.

Make your way and talk to LONE MOLE.
On the screen just east of Otherworld Town is a bunch of traffic cones in a path. Keep cutting the cones with Omori until you reach the mole.

Goodbye, World!
You can encounter this optional boss in the tunnel between Capt. Spaceboy’s house and the Junkyard. They aren’t that difficult.

One for the Road
By this point you will probably have leveled Omori up enough to earn the move Bread Slice. Just whittle any enemy down to low HP and have Omori be the one to finish it off next turn.

Power of Friendship!
RELEASE ENERGY on your foes.
Take seven hits in battle, basic attack an enemy with Omori, and use his down-special. The Space Ex-Boyfriend fight is a good required battle to get this done with.

You think you’re clever, huh…
Enter code: haveadollariguess at for $1.00 off.
The description is a joke (though the code works!). You actually have to name the protagonist “OMOCAT” when given the chance. Clever.

Perfect Weather Conditions
Defeat Kite Kid
This optional boss can be found in Pinwheel Forest, by going up the ladder in the upper-right segment of Vast Forest. They can be challenging early on, so perhaps complete the Otherworld first, and be sure to take advantage of emotions in combat. Also, focus on hitting Kite Kid in combat, since they’re the one you need to defeat, not their companion.

Christmas Crusher
Ruin Christmas.
In the Sprout Mole Colony, there is a Square Mole celebrating Christmas. Interact his Christmas tree as Omori and choose to cut it down.

Spring Sympathizer
Choose the SUMMER MOLE.
Summer Sympathizer
Choose the Summer Mole.
Fall Sympathizer
Choose the Fall Mole.
Winter Sympathizer
Choose the Winter Mole.
These four achievements can be acquired together with a bit of save scumming. Just save before talking with any of these moles in Sprout Mole Colony and reload after talking to each.

Kill the first SOUS CHEF.
In the kitchen in Sweetheart’s Castle, you play a minigame to bake a cake. Just make a cake incorrectly and that’ll do the trick (note that the correct method is obviously not what the chef is saying!).

Everyone’s a critic.
Watch all the movies in SWEETHEART’S “throne room”.
In Sweetheart’s movie theater there is an interactable which lets your party watch Sweetheart’s propaganda films. These can repeat and there are roughly ten of them so it could take a while to cycle through – maybe 15 minutes. You should be okay just clicking on and off of them when they start.

As expected from professionals!
Perfectly train the SPROUT MOLE choir.
The Sprout Mole Conductor needs Kel’s help to get his choir into shape. This can be tricky but with a little practice can be made easier – try to train yourself to recognize the dozing faces. Note that this doesn’t have to be perfect, just good enough to get the angelic harmony sound at the very end.

Commission ROCOCO.
After defeating Sweetheart, return down the trapdoor from the stage room and look on the left side of the hallway to see a newly-accessible hole. Rococo is inside. Listen to him and commission him – it will cost 1,000 clams.

Non-Route Exclusive Achievements, Part 2

Hope and Vigor!
Complete ORANGE JOE’S quest.
Orange Joe is found in the north of the optional Orange Oasis, which is accessed by boarding the Train at the Train Station in Vast Forest once you get a Train Pass. You can complete his quest by finding his brother in Dino Dig in Orange Oasis, on its second level.

The Chosen One
Turn the valve to the right in RAIN TOWN.
Rain Town can be accessed by inspecting the sparkles at the top of the orange pond with ice cubes in Orange Oasis. The valve is on the upper-right. You can return to Orange Oasis afterward by inspecting the puddle on the upper-left.

This optional boss is found in Breaven, a secret are accessed by pressing the bottom-right four bread graves(?) in order to make the discovery jingle in the area east of Orange Oasis. There are a number of things to do in this area before reaching this boss and TBH it’s one of the funniest areas in the game so I’d recommend hunting it down, but know that this boss is tough. They make themselves Sad during battle, so you could spec your party out to be Angry in prep to take the advantage.

Ain’t nobody here but us chickens.
Defeat the CHICKEN? at the top of DINO’S DIG.
Dino’s Dig has four levels, and this enemy awaits alone on the last one. Perhaps the easiest way to make it here on a run is to do a few dry runs of Dino’s Dig to farm Dino Dollars and a Pyramid Key, then once you have ten Dollars purchase the Silver Spoon for twenty digs and on your next run immediately use the Pyramid Key to skip to the second level. With 20 digs you should be able to get to the final level unless you’re very unlucky. Note that the enemies in Dino’s Dig are quite tough (though the one for this achievement is not), and you may want to come back at a later time to do this.

The currency of the future…
Trade CLAMS for CLEMS.
To access this, you must first complete a sidequest in Sprout Mole Colony after beating Sweetheart: finding Pessi’s thing, which just involves talking to different moles in the Colony. After that is done the shifty-looking mole from the quest will relocate to a manhole cover in front of the Last Resort. Talk to him and accept his offer. Note that his offer is non-reversible and if you’re not cool with losing all your money you better save first and reload.

Ghost Party!
Have a ghost party.
You will encounter this ghost party in the haunted pool to the right of the Last Resort. The following is a list of locations of the ghosts:

  • In the Junkyard, in the area where Hero first must charm the conveyor belts and Life Jam Guy gives his tutorial.
  • In the snowy area in Otherworld that has the igloo/fishing bear/Sno Cone vendor.
  • In the Last Resort, on the fourth floor, in the room connecting the Resort to the construction area.
  • In the gallery of Sweetheart’s Castle.
  • On the floating Pinwheel Island where Kite Kid is fought/C Key is found.
  • In the main overworld area of Orange Oasis.

They call me SCARETHROW.
Listen to MR. SCARETHROW’S rant.
I believe starting from your first encounter with the Last Resort, you could return to the Junkyard to an area previously blocked by Gator Guys to find a lone scarecrow and a platform for Kel to throw from. Keep throwing balls and listen to Mr. Scarethrow’s hilarious monologue in the meantime until you earn the achievement. This is possibly available much earlier, I’m not sure.

Good Dog?
Pet all the creatures in MARINA’S sector in Humphrey.
In the northern path in Humphrey lies a number of Marina’s prior creations just interact with all of them and select “pet” for each. Note one disappears once you poke/pet it, so be sure to pet them all first!

Read all the tombstones in the… dev room…
Once you reach [MAJOR SPOILERS] Black Space, in one of the rooms that looks like a town (with roads and houses), go to the top of the screen and interact with something that stands out on the left. This will take you to the dev room – just read everything in it from there.

There’s something behind you…
Reach the other ending.
Achieving the ending that’s default for Hikikomori route, but can also be earned in a normal run. Just wait for your Hikikomori run if you plan on doing one of those, but if not here is what you must do different on a normal run [MAJOR SPOILERS!]: when you wake up in Basil’s house on the third night, you normally go to check on Basil. Instead, you can either exit his house and return to your house to sleep in your own bed OR immediately go back to sleep in his house. Different things can change depending on the different ways you go about this ending…

Normal Route Exclusive Achievements

In this section I will cover achievements exclusive to the game’s normal route. This means discussing the Real World segments of the game in some detail. If you choose to play the Hikikomori route for your first playthrough for some reason, be wary of spoilers in this section.

These will be in rough chronological order of when they’re acquirable. Also, unless noted otherwise, all these achievements are earned in the Real World.

Up high…
High-five KEL.
Down low…
High-five KEL three times.
Too slow!
Don’t high-five KEL.
These three achievements relate to high-fiving KEL. You get these prompts through normal completion of the normal route, and to get all three in one you need to save scum declining one high-five, reloading, and then giving it to him.

Lose to KIM and VANCE
This encounter is mandatory and nothing bad happens if you lose, so just throw the fight.

Against all odds…
Get a perfect score delivering PIZZA.
That can’t be good for business.
Quit in the middle of a part-time job.
Math Whiz
Complete the math worksheet correctly.
Grammar Whiz
Complete the grammar worksheet correctly.
It’s honest work.
Complete all part-time jobs once.
A number of achievements relating to the part-time jobs. They’re largely self-explanatory. I could work on a guide for the pizza minigame if there’s demand for that. You only need to nail one session of pizza delivery for the first achievement, and you can save scum the second achievement to still earn the money. The tutoring jobs are available from the colored flyers found in the supermarket.

Good Company
Go to SEAN and KAREN’S housewarming party.
On Day 1, talk to the couple in Fix-It. They will invite you to their party on Day 3 (their house being the one near the church with balloons), which grants this achievement.

I’ll just take that…
Take $20 from KEL’S wardrobe.
When you get access to Kel’s room, examine his wardrobe.

The Art of Self-Defense
When you get access to Kel’s house, check the purse on their kitchen table to acquire Pepper Spray. Then just use that when fighting these enemies for a quick and easy win.

Battle the “bees”.
On I think Day 2 of the Real World, there will be a bee’s nest on a tree in the back of Faraway Park. Interact with it to battle three bees. They can pack a punch – be sure to bring some First-Aid Kits from the pharmacy.

Good Dog
Pet a dog.
On Day 2 in the Real World, you should be able to assist an artist who lost their dog. Find the dog on a nearby street and return to the artist’s house after ward to be able to pet the dog. I’m not sure if this achievement can also be earned by interacting with Kel’s dog.

The Very Best
Defeat the PET ROCK champion.
On Day 2, talk to the Hobbeez Shopkeep and buy a Pet Rock. Equip it on Sunny and explore the town, fighting anyone with a symbol above their head. Eventually return to Shopkeep and he will direct you to top competitors nearby (the Elite Four of rock-paper-scissors, if you will). After that, return to him and defeat him, and he will direct you to the champion, the Fish saleswoman, who you must then beat to earn the achievement. Be warned: this game is unfair at the higher levels and the champion is just cruel. It took me over two hours to beat the Elite Four and champion. Not for the faint of heart.

Tummy Full of Fish
Feed the STRAY CAT every day and sunset.
Finding and feeding this Stray Cat (which apparently changes location often) twice a day is expensive – you need to buy six Fish from the supermarket in total. I have not achieved this yet and will document its locations when I do.

Littering is bad, recycling is better.
Throw away something.
Give Trash to the Old Lady in Faraway Park. I have not achieved this yet so this doesn’t apparently refer to the woman who pays for Trash in the park; I will update this upon further investigation.

When she was here…
Buy some flowers from the Fix-It store clerk. On Day 3 in the Real World, go to the Church and out the back door to the graveyard. Inspect the highlighted grave for a touching scene, and this achievement.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle!
Defeat the Recyclepath.
On Day 3 in the Real World, return to the old hangout spot where Basil fell into the pond to find an unexpected structure. You may have to come back in the evening. The powerful boss awaits within – be sure to bring a number of First-Aid Kits and save in advance, as losing once while inside apparently locks you out afterward. I will update once I complete this.

One more day…
Reach the good ending.
Close your eyes…
Reach the bad ending.
Two ending achievements exclusive to the normal route. The difference between the two boils down to the final choice in the game [MAJOR SPOILERS!]: during the final battle with Omori, chosing to continue after he defeats you will give you the good ending, while choosing not to will give the bad. Just save before the battle (it’s pretty clear when it’s coming) and retry after getting one ending. For dramatic purposes I’d suggest going for the bad one first…

Hikikomori Route Exclusive Achievements

The following achievements are exclusive to the Hikikomori route. Since much of the normal/Hikikomori routes are similar in Headspace for the early and mid-game, most of these achievements relate to endgame accomplishments – so spoilers galore!

Like the other sections, I’ve organized this in roughly chronological order of possible acquisition. These can all only be completed on Day 4 in Headspace except for the first one.

Good Boy
Complete your TO-DO LIST.
The Real World segments in Hikikomori are left almost exclusively to completing chores. Just interact with the list in Sunny’s room each day for a minigame before going back to bed. This, as far as I’m aware, is mandatory for progression.

I’ll cherish you all forever.
Get the FLOWER CROWN from Basil.
Speak to Basil from any picnic area on Day 4 of Headspace.

The Brightest Stars
This optional boss can be fought in the tunnel between Capt. Spaceboy’s house and the Junkyard. They aren’t that hard for this point in the game.

Take Me to the River!
Let the plastic fish finish its song.
Go to Capt. Spaceboy’s house in Otherworld and speak to Pinkbeard. Take the item he drops and use it on the plastic fish in the igloo in the snowy area outside Otherworld Town.

Welcome Home
Take the KEEPER OF THE CASTLE’S power.
Go to the bottom-left hallway in Sweetheart Castle’s main foyer and interact with the curtain in the lower-right section of the next room to find a hallway that leads to the Keeper. Accept his offer. Note that this will permanently lock you out of Sweetheart’s Castle and all of its sidequests/collectibles/achievements, so best to save before and reload after seeing this.

See you, Space Husband…
Defeat Space Ex-Husband
This optional boss is fought at the end of Snowglobe Mountain, a Hikikomori-exclusive area mandatory for that route’s completion. You can find it by completing the achievement Take Me to the River! This boss is tough, and I’m uncertain if there’s a gimmick I missed while playing – they seemed to take no damage and only single-digit crit damage from hits. The only thing that hurt them was Release Energy, which takes 10 turns to charge, and they tanked 5-6 hits of that… – in other words, stock up on items before this boss and prepare for a slog.

Defeat every SOMETHING at the bottom of LOST LIBRARY.
Return to the section of Deeper Well before Humphrey with the teleporters. Where there were philosophical NPCs before there are now 3 sheets of Sheet Music scattered around. Grab them and go back to the stage of Sweetheat’s Castle, where a crack in the floorboards now allows you to return to the Lost Library. Go in the door on the bottom-left and place the notes on the piano. You can now fight three optional Somethings for unique, powerful moves for Omori. They aren’t that hard.

To complete the following achievements you will first need to speak with Mr. Jawsum.

The First Law
Found in Humphrey, specifically in the final room of the “difficult” puzzle for the bomb in the robotic quadrant. This is a joke fight compared to the other two.

Found in Humphrey, specifically in the the north room of the lower level. This boss is like a puzzle – they will name an emotion and will instakill any teammates who aren’t that emotion at the end of the turn. It’s useful to have a party member that moves last because the boss will sometimes alter a mood on their turn and will only instakill after everyone else has moved. Otherwise they don’t have a huge health pool and can be beaten pretty quickly.

Seriously, you’re the coolest!
Beat the BOSS RUSH.
To access this challenge, go up the left pipe from the bomb room in Humphrey’s robotic sector. You fight the following in order: Ye Olde Sprout, Download Window, Space Ex-Boyfriend, Giant Crawler, Sir Maximus I-III together, Sweetheart, Mr. Jawsum, Pluto (Upgraded), Slime Girls, Humphrey. Be sure to stock up on at least 25 of the mass Juice healing items nearby as well as that many emotion-altering items, both single-target and for the team. This isn’t too bad if you know what emotions to expect coming and manage to heal toward the end of each fight. The game also gives you a break between the Sir Maximuses and Sweetheart by including Life Jam Guy, who gives you some free Life Jam and turns to heal. You must beat it all in one go for the achievement.

Minor Imperfection
Found in Humphrey, specifically in the main lobby of the lower level. This is OMORI’s superboss, the final challenge, and should only really be sought out once you’ve finished everything else. More detailed guide WIP.

Minty Fresh
Brush your teeth every day.
This is not technically Hikikomori exclusive, but I found it easiest to do so here. Every day in Real World, inspect the post-it note in the bathroom to brush your teeth. Doesn’t matter if it’s in the morning or evening. It must be done a total of four times.

Completionist Achievements

The following are all achievements in the game based on group of things – collecting them, defeating them, or interacting with them. I’ll break this down with non-route exclusives, then the Hikikomori exclusives, and finally the meta one.

Note that most of the traditional completionist objectives are Hikikomori only, as is collecting all the Hangman keys (though there is no achievement for it) – so don’t fret about those on a normal run.

Non-Route Exclusives

Bunny Exterminator
Defeat 100 BUNNIES.
Since Bunnies are common and varied enemies throughout the game, it’s probably best to put this one off toward the end, then check in with the quest-giver in the Train Station in Vast Forest to see how many you need to defeat. He will still tell you how many you’ve beaten even after reaching the 50 that’s the end of his quest.

Squizzard Exterminator
Defeat 100 Squizzards.
Obviously the best place to do this is the Sea Cow farm on the Endless Highway. Good source of clams from the quest-giver inside the barn too, and a quick way to level up to the level cap at Level 50 if you’re looking to challenge endgame Hikikomori route content.

Recycling is a concept
Get all rewards from the RECYCLING MACHINE.
Turning in all the scrap you earn from watermelons in the game isn’t enough to earn this, so you may need to grind for cans by having Kel dig for them at the start of Junkyard battles. You can run and retry battles to most efficiently do this at a high enough level (probably an average of 20 or so is good).

Hold 99 Tofu.
Most easily done by buying them from the vendor in the Sprout Mole Colony, albeit at the excruciatingly slow rate of one at a time. Once it’s complete, you can see the Tofu Connoisseur in Orange Oasis and trade him 10 Tofu each for rare healing items!

Patron of the Arts
Commission all of Rococo’s art.
Rococo has six paintings he needs funded. His costs are pretty expensive, so you’ll likely need around 100,000 clams to complete this. I will update this with exact figures once I finish it.

Normal Route Exclusive

Music Connoisseur of Sorts
Insert every song into GINO’S JUKEBOX
You can insert CDs you acquire into the jukebox in the pizzeria. I have not completed this yet but can report these CDs:

  • Five are sold at Hobbeez.
  • One can be earned by beating the poster on the upper-right corner at Hobbeez.
  • One can be found in the man-shaped hole left by Leaky Pipe Guy on Day 2 of his adventure.
  • I’ve seen reports online that the person who pays for trash in the park can give you one, can’t confirm this myself yet.

Universally Loved
Receive all FLOWERS in the hospital.
The achievement relates to the good ending, so SPOILERS: during the good ending you wake in the hospital surrounded by flowers from all those who you’ve left a mark on in the Real World. I have not completed this myself but can report receiving the following flowers:

  • From Kel/Hero/Aubrey and Aubrey’s gang (I presume by default)
  • From the parents of the tutored kids (for tutoring them well)
  • From Kim/Vance’s mom (not sure why)
  • From Kim/Vance’s dad (for fixing the Leaky Pipe)
  • From the artist (for finding the dog or Angel, or both, not sure)
  • From Shopkeep (for buying all his stuff or completing Pet Rocks!, not sure)
  • From Sean and Karen (for attending their party)


Hikikomori Route Exclusives

A Bit Less Lonely
Commission all of GATOR GUY’S statues.
Return to the Last Resort on Day 4 of Headspace and speak to Mr. Jawsum. Following that, go to the construction site on the fourth floor and speak to the artist Gator Guy next to the picnic. You can commission him like Rococo. His statues will cost 15,000 clams in all. Leave the Last Resort for the Deep Well and return to give him time to sculpt each.

The view is pretty nice…
Look through all telescopes.
This is locked behind Hikikomori route because the last telescope is on Snowglobe Mountain. I did achieve this but neglected to note all their locations – I know one is on the Endless Highway and another is in Otherworld – but I’ll add a more precise list soon.

We’ll always be there for you, OMORI.
Visit all mirrors.
I have not achieved this yet, and I’m not sure what I’m missing TBH. Will update with a list when available.

Anytime is a good time for a picnic!
Recover at all of MARI’S picnics.
I haven’t achieved this either, and again I’m not sure what I’m missing. Also unsure if this refers to doing all the interactable picnic cutscenes, or healing, or saving. Will update when I know. I’m certain this is Hikikomori exclusive, though, due to Snowglobe Mountain.

Foes Filed!
Complete the FOE FACTS! journal.
Encounter every enemy in Headspace. This includes bosses and does not include any Somethings or other nightmare monsters. It also does not include Life Jam Guy or the cat chimera that chases you in Humphrey. Instead of providing a full list due to space restrictions, I will note certain easy-to-miss or limited time encounters you should look out for. Everything else in Foe Facts is basic enemies or bosses that you’d add by fighting everything you come across normally.

  • Forest Bunny? – one bunny in particular in Vast Forest. It’s by itself.
  • Big Strong Tree – a tree kinda standing out by itself in Vast Forest, on the map that leads to Train Station. It has insanely high defense and doesn’t attack. I would wait until lategame when Aubrey learns Power Smash and spam it with that.
  • Dust Bunny – inspect the bookcase in the centaur’s house in Otherworld. Only appears here.
  • Sprout Bunny – appears on second level of Dino Dig. Sometimes missed because its sprite rarely if ever shows up on the overworld.
  • Horse Head/Horse Butt – only appears in front of Sweetheart’s statue in the hedge maze courtyard.
  • Watermimic – be sure to interact with all the watermelons in Humphrey to not miss these mimics.
  • In Breaven, one must sacrifice all of the objects hiding the code for the safe to spawn one-of-a-kind enemies.
  • Be sure to fight the two enemies exclusive to Snowglobe Mountain: Snow Piles and Snow Angels
  • King Carnivore – in Sprout Mole Colony, do not interact with the screw device in the Mayor’s room. That will instakill this boss. Instead, climb to the lower level and defeat them. Kinda tough, may be wise to come back to after finishing Sweetheart’s Castle.
  • Be sure to get all the Hikikomori exclusive bosses, too. Sadly, this means you must defeat Perfectheart as well…


Meta Achievements

It’s all a dream…
Unlock all achievements. Thank you for playing OMORI.
The almighty achievement.


Thank you for reading this. This is my first attempt at a Steam guide, so once I get a bit more familiar with things I should be able to make this look better (as I know it comes off dry and text-heavy now).

I wanted this guide to help cut through a lot of the noise and conflicting information on how to achieve certain things in the community right now. Hopefully this made your experience better.

If you have anything to contribute to the few achievements that’re still WIP in this (especially those collectionist achievements), please add/DM me or comment on this guide. Thanks!

Written by phantom2450

This is all about OMORI – Achievement Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!


  1. You can get your money back if you go to the construction site, then walk around for a bit. There will be a cave where the Shady Mole lives. If you defeat him you earn your clams back.

  2. To get the littering is bad, recycling is better achievement you have to trash something in your inventory.

  3. There are mirrors in several different locations throughout the game, but there aren’t any in Blackspace, Blackspace 2, The Abyss, Whitespace, Red Space, The Neighbours Room or in the area where Basil’s house is. There is a missable one in Rain Town, accessible through the pool of orange juice. Again, there are many lists for these.

  4. To earn all the picnics you have to consume the refreshments at each one. There are several guides with the locations of these, and it is exclusive to the Hikikomori run.

  5. When you fight Space-Ex Husband, he’ll say something about certain memories e.g. I remember Sweetheart with another man…the RAGE I felt… If you make him angry using an item or skill you can deal much more damage for a few turns. It’s based on his dialouge and what the memories are about.

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