Omega Strikers – Terminology and Stats

Omega Strikers – Terminology and Stats 3 -
Omega Strikers – Terminology and Stats 3 -

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Terminology for the game

Base StatsOmega Strikers - Terminology and Stats - Terminology in-game - 5843B72

  • Power:

    Determines the amount and type of damage applied to an enemy. Every ability uses the multiplier to determine which percentage of a striker’s power will be used to calculate its damage or knockback.

  • Speed:

    Determines a Striker’s movement speed. It uses diminishing effects to reduce HASTE’s effectiveness once a Speed is reached

  • Stagger:

    This determines how much damage the Striker can take without becoming Staggered

  • Cooldown Rate:

    Determines the Striker’s abilities cooldowns. The cooldown scale is nonlinear and is used to calculate what percentage should be applied to each ability’s base cooling down.

  • Knockback Resistance:

    Determines whether a Striker can ignore a certain percentage from the knockbacks received.

  • Size:

    The Striker’s physical size and their Strike Ability radius are used to determine this. MELEE ability also scales with a Striker’s Size

Status EffectsOmega Strikers - Terminology and Stats - Terminology in-game - AA95FBB

  • Stunned:

    Players are prevented from taking any action. Stops the Core from moving until the stun expires.

  • Banished:

    Ability blocking prevents the player from using it. Makes affected Strikers (and the Core) immune to all other effects.

  • Knocked:

    Pushes the enemy Strikers in a given direction. They are stunned for that duration. Redirects Core but doesn’t stun it. Does not cause DAMAGE

  • Knocked Out (KO):

    When a player is pushed away from the Arena and removed from action, they will not be able to act again until they respawn.

  • Staggered:

    The Stagger Bar will empty and the Striker will experience ma*sively increased damage. The Stagger Bar is rapidly regenerated after being Staggered. However further damage will delay this effect.

  • Damage:

    Some amount reduces the StaggerBar of the target. It does not knock back the target unless a HIT OR KNOCKBACK is used.

  • Hit:

    A catch-all expression that describes any action that has the effect of causing an event to occur on a specific target (DAMAGE),

  • Elusive:

    Striker becomes untargetable, immune to abilities and effects. However, any existing DEBUFF or BUFF will persist even if elusive.

  • Immune:

    This effect makes Strikers untargetable and immune from all other abilities and effects except BUFFS. This effect appears briefly after the Striker respawns following a Knockout.

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