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Occupy Mars: The Game – ATV Guide 1 - steamlists.com
Occupy Mars: The Game – ATV Guide 1 - steamlists.com

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This guide here explains how to use the ATV in the beginning and how to go faster!

1. Welcome to the newest family member

Welcome to Mars! This guide will teach you how to go faster on an ATV than the 22 km/h you could get on one you find or the 32 km/h you get on one you build!

2. Electrical Usage and Speeding Up

So, Electrical usage of the ATV seems to be limited to using the charge when you’re holding W or turning around, reversing etc. If you reach top speed, and the ground is smooth and you’re able to glide quite a bit, depending on the speed you are at, sometimes just pressing W to return to your maximum speed.

You can use this to help conserve your battery for long ATV excursions!

If you want to speed up it appears that the speed of the ATV that you have damaged is locked to a maximum speed of km/h and 32 km/h for the ATV you create. If you test it for a while, you will discover that the speed is not fixed at that level. You can make use of hills and slopes to gain more momentum. !

You can quickly reach speeds of 40 or 50 miles per hour by climbing mountains and down hills. Long slopes can get you to 90 in just a few minutes! You can then cruise around without hitting anything on the keyboard unless you want to turn. If you turn, do it slowly, Speeding up while turning could cause the ATV to flip and cause you to fall off!

Watch out for the small rocks that you’ll encounter while driving as they could make you fly!

This simple and brief guide is designed to assist.

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