Noita – Stats Editing – Mod Config

Noita – Stats Editing – Mod Config 1 -
Noita – Stats Editing – Mod Config 1 -

Want to play with a hat or amulet without unlocking it? Want to remove the ugly hat from you? Want to experiment or become a god? Want to speedrun through everything? Well this guide will help you do all those things.
warning: It may be better to just use a third party program, as working with file directly is pretty messy. If one doesnt exist, @ me and i might create one 🙂
WARNING: YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COME BACK TO PLAYING LEGIT, once brain finds a lazy way its too lazy to do work.


If you came here for infinite hp navigate to player stats editing -> damage model, gold under it
Unless otherwise steted, all the editing will be done in the player.xml file located in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Nolla_Games_Noita\save00
(if you can’t locate it you can see more detailed instructions here)
You will have to open it with a notepad or other text editor.
ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP OF ORIGINAL FILE. Changing some values will change them for all runs and you dont really want that. Messing arnd with files while not being careful can result in unforeseen consequences.

Player stats editing

On the very top of the file you will see the player entity. This is you!


One of the first components is <_Transform. Its pretty straightforward
scale.y=”1″ >
You can edit the x and the y to move yourself to different places.
I don’t think there are applications for scale or rotation. When editing scale the hitbox stays the same.

Damage model(health editing is here)

Probably the most important thing here is health:
hp=”4″ – multiply by 25 to get the actual number, 25 * 4 = 100, 25 * 40 = 1000
max_hp=”4″ – same as hp
You have three options of becoming invincible:

  • Setting your health to negative value. Will make you invincible, but you will have red flash around the screen, also if you pick up too many health pickups to make your health non negative and then heal youself to more than 0 you will be able to die(pro tip, dont set your health too low(like “-1e020” or smth) or this – []  will happen)
  • Finding the invincibility_frames component and setting it to 400000000(roughly 1800hrs, it does not like the values higher).
  • Setting your health to something like “1e+030”. This will display your health like infinite, but you will actually still be killable, and materials such as fire or toxic sludge will kill you quite fast(gold and spirit touches – instantly). To overcome this you will have to change their damage as well, which I will explain right below.

Editing the damages of different sources:
Each of the numbers in materials_how_much_damage corresponds with material in materials_that_damage on the same position.
Next up we have the damage multipliers. This is the multiplier of damage dealth TO YOU.
slice=”1″ >

Money, wallet

money_spent=”20720″ >
Just change the money component to edit your gold

Character Data

Skipping Audio components we get to character data, this controls your primitive stats.
You can see whats in it, but for me the most important ones are:
fly_recharge_spd=”0.4″ – in seconds, recharge after flying_in_air_wait_frames if not on ground
fly_recharge_spd_ground=”6″ – in seconds, on ground
fly_time_max=”3″ – in seconds, max flight time
flying_needs_recharge=”1″ – setting to 0 will allow infinite flight
flying_in_air_wait_frames=”38″ – frames between stopping to fly and starting to recharge.
You can also change your colision in this section

Charactrer platforming

next up are some some values for velocity and speed when moving

  • Moving horizontally

^ I find it better not to touch those but if you know what you are doing you can change the acceleration
fly_velocity_x=”52″ – velocity while pressing right or left in the air
run_velocity=”154″ – velocity while pressing right or left on the ground
velocity_max_x=”57″ – max velocity moving right
velocity_min_x=”-57″ – max velocity moving left
To make you twice as fast you can just change velocity_max_x and velocity_min_x to 104. If you change them more than 154 you will also have to change your run_velocity

  • Moving vertically

fly_speed_max_down=”85″ – speed when falling
fly_speed_max_up=”95″ – speed when pressing up and flying
Again, everything pretty much speaks for itself, if you want to fly twice as fast change fly_speed_max_up to 190

  • Swimming

everything is less straightforward here, but if you want to move through water more easily, I would recommend setting swim_down_buoyancy_coeff to 0, swim_extra_horizontal_drag to 1, swim_up_buoyancy_coeff to 1
The values when you have the breathless perk are:
The air components are in <DamageModelComponent :
air_in_lungs=”7″ – in seconds
air_needed=”1″ – set to 0 to breathe permanently underwater
With all the damage values and multipliers you can set the values to negative to make the damage heal you.

Giving items/spells/wands

First think of where you want to put the item, the quick(small) inventory or the full(large) inventory. With this method you can put normally quick inventory item(such as stones) in full inventory.
Then find the right entity.
Search for: name=”inventory_quick” or name=”inventory_full” accordingly.
Next find and copy the entity you want to give yourself
(I can and want to provide list of the most usefull ones, but not sure what is the best way to do this, as they are quite large in size, please give suggestions)
Paste it below transform component of the inventory entity. Keep the indents clear.
 tags=”” >

 ·<—– PUT THE ENTITY(item code) HERE

 bunch of other entities here if you have em(each entity is an item)
The items have <ItemComponent, inside of it you can find the following attributes if you need to change the location(be careful not to put it over other item):
Inventory slots start counting from 0

Wand editing

First you have to find the want. For that search for name=”inventory_quick” to find the quick inventory, then it will have 4 entities, one of them is the wand you want to edit. It will probably be the same entity in order as the items lay in your inventory.
Alternatively just search for tags=”teleportable_NOT,wand,item” > and then in the corresponding entity you can check the <ItemComponent to make sure of its position inside the wand.
reload_time is recharge time.
fire_rate_wait is cast delay.
The wand entity will have <AbilityComponent. Here you have mana and recharge values:
reload_time_frames=”-60″ – be sure to sync with <gun_config reload time if you are editing it
<gun_config component has the rest of some values, it is located right below.
reload_time=”-60″ – in frames. So real value is reload_time/60.
shuffle_deck_when_empty=”0″ >
The cast delay can be found in one component lower(<gunaction_config):
you can also edit the name of the wand ui_name=”Destructive wand”


In world state you can edit such things as time and weather, everything is simple there
if smth is the value an smth_target is the value to which the smth moves
Perk unlocks:

Location coordinates

I also commented them on the locations on this map – [] 


Orb of True Knowledge top of pyramid
. position.x=”9987.16″
. position.y=”-1167″
Orb of True Knowledge above mountain
. position.x=”778.553″
. position.y=”-1074″
Orb of True Knowledge near winter
. position.x=”-9983.55″
. position.y=”2945″
Orb of True Knowledge left to temple on third level(regular snow level)
. position.x=”-4353.02″
. position.y=”3960.14″
Orb of True Knowledge in luuki cave
. position.x=”-3840.2″
. position.y=”10113″
Orb of True Knowledge in hell
. position.x=”-257.842″
. position.y=”16242.8″
Orb of True Knowledge in wizards den
. position.x=”10496.7″
. position.y=”16257″
Orb of True Knowledge under pyramid
. position.x=”9981.84″
. position.y=”2945″
Orb of True Knowledge under lava lake
. position.x=”3467.93″
. position.y=”1892.34″
Orb of True Knowledge behind lava lake bridge, Sauvojen Tuntija, The Connoisseur of Wands boss
. position.x=”4352.75″
. position.y=”897.011″
Orb of True Knowledge near The Forgotten boss
. position.x=”-8963.11″
. position.y=”14721″


Mestarien mestari, The Master of Masters or Grand Master boss
. position.x=”12541.6″
. position.y=”15174.2″
Kolmisilmän silmä, Three-Eye’s Eye, Mecha-Kolmi boss
. position.x=”14082.2″
. position.y=”10980″
Orb of True Knowledge behind lava lake bridge, Sauvojen Tuntija, The Connoisseur of Wands boss
. position.x=”4352.75″
. position.y=”897.011″
Dragon cave, Suomuhauki, Dragon boss
. position.x=”2357.64″
. position.y=”7390″
Gate guardian boss
. position.x=”2669.19″
. position.y=”11604″
Kolmisilmä, Three-Eye boss, Celestial Ruby
. position.x=”3542.61″
. position.y=”13111″
Syväolento – Lake Boss
. position.x=”-14010.4″
. position.y=”9971.45″
Unohdettu, The Forgotten, Skull boss
. position.x=”-11519.7″
. position.y=”13185.1″
Ylialkemisti, The High Alchemist boss
. position.x=”-4863.61″
. position.y=”875.83″


Essence of Earth
. position.x=”16128.6″
. position.y=”-1787.42″
Desert Essence Eater
. position.x=”12570.4″
. position.y=”-17.9505″
Winter Essence Eater
. position.x=”-6885.57″
. position.y=”-173.992″
Essence of fire
. position.x=”-14061.2″
. position.y=”374.957″
Essence of air
. position.x=”-13051.1″
. position.y=”-5366.96″
Essence of water
. position.x=”-5375.08″
. position.y=”16647.8″
Essence of Spirits
. position.x=”-14078.8″
. position.y=”13577.6″

Music machines

Desert Music Machine
. position.x=”14702″
. position.y=”-69.0028″
Forest music machine
. position.x=”2792.13″
. position.y=”247.9″

Tree music machine
. position.x=”-1907.27″
. position.y=”-1395″
Lake music machine
. position.x=”-12186.5″
. position.y=”-421.003″

Moons and chests

The Moon
. position.x=”284.801″
. position.y=”-26105″
Light chest
. position.x=”11516.6″
. position.y=”-4864″
Dark moon
. position.x=”260.129″
. position.y=”37768.7″
Dark chest
. position.x=”3837″
. position.y=”15616″



Gold biome(top right)
. position.x=”15101.1″
. position.y=”-3129.33″
Rainbow trail
. position.x=”-14006.1″
. position.y=”-2809.99″
Gourds room
. position.x=”-16188.4″
. position.y=”-6273″
. position.x=”-9986.36″
. position.y=”-6473.73″
Gold biome(left bottom)
. position.x=”-14181.6″
. position.y=”16618.4″
Power plant biome (left bot)
. position.x=”-16664″
. position.y=”16962″
Meditation Chamber
. position.x=”-4366.18″
. position.y=”2368.76″
Kuulokivi, The Music stone
. position.x=”-3328.32″
. position.y=”3341.92″
Hourglass chamber
. position.x=”-3848.92″
. position.y=”5432.26″
Entrance to the tower
. position.x=”-4352.17″
. position.y=”10850″
The end of everything room
. position.x=”-4919.94″
. position.y=”15022″
The Work(End room)
. position.x=”6401.84″
. position.y=”15144.6″
Chaingun, Experimental baton
. position.x=”16131.9″
. position.y=”9987.33″
Purification altar, Perk Removal Altar
. position.x=”14111.1″
. position.y=”7552″
Moon radar perk
. position.x=”16119.2″
. position.y=”3328.45″
Tower exit (wands)
. position.x=”9983.78″
. position.y=”4221″
Weird fungi secret
. position.x=”5885.51″
. position.y=”3377″
Buried eye room
. position.x=”3845.39″
. position.y=”4373.96″
Cauldron room
. position.x=”3836.83″
. position.y=”5338.87″
Portal room
. position.x=”3846.12″
. position.y=”7414″
. position.x=”1525.88″
. position.y=”6062″


F uckfu ckfuc kfuc k
im  s or        ry        a        bo tu           thi
s                        gu    i de 
it was a clusterfuk
i will still publish it to keep myself motivated to atleast make it finished
I really lost the reason to do this, there is too much to go over, and someone who wants to find something always will.
But hope it was a nice intro to save editing
gib feedback really needed
THIS guide TOOK my SANITY i guess gods really were enraged. they also took the wife but eh whateve r
Idk why im posting it.
Todo list: organise coordinates and finish em, gib explanation to digestive effects(to give immunity to poly for example), make cosmetics guide

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Noita – Stats Editing – Mod Config, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!


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