Noita – How to improve your run [SPOILERS!]

Noita – How to improve your run [SPOILERS!] 1 -
Noita – How to improve your run [SPOILERS!] 1 -
Getting lots of gold and lots of dps has never been easier. There are lots of spoilers.


Getting started

Things you need: 

  • Patience 
  • A basic understanding of the surface 
  • Luck (but only a little)

If you already have a digging tool, Go to the east EDR wall and skip to “Always dig straight down!” 

Luck, abridged

This section details theabsolute bare minimumamount of luck required to do this 
If you spawn with a mud or levitatium potion, skip to “Getting over The Tree with Noita Foddy” 
You will want to look for: 
Luminous Drill 
Add Mana 
Reduce Recharge Time 
A Mud Potion 
A Levitatium Potion 
Black Hole 
If you are extremely unlucky, and can’t find anything, visit the coal pits, and go to the fungal caverns to the west , although it still requires a bit of luck. 
If you’re still unlucky, you’ll have to start a new run. 

Guys, theThermalLuminous Drill, go get it!

If you found only levitatium or mud, proceed to “Getting over The Tree with Noita Foddy” 
Now is the time to a*semble the drill wand. 
Spells are listed in the order they should be placed 
Reduce Recharge time, Add Mana, Luminous Drill 
Chainsaw, Add Mana, Luminous Drill 
Reduce Recharge time, Add Mana, Add Mana, Luminous Drill 
Omega, Black Hole 
Black Hole, Alpha 
Tau, Black Hole 
Phi, Black Hole 
Gamma, Black Hole 
Now that you have a drill wand, go to the east EDR wall, and skip to “Always dig straight down!” 

Getting over The Tree with Noita Foddy

So you’ve just started and you have mud in your inventory. 
Noita - How to improve your run [SPOILERS!] 
Just a sample of the many things you can climb with mud only 
Walk west till you reach a large wall of wood, you have reached the tree. 
Noita - How to improve your run [SPOILERS!] 
Don’t bother with this, you don’t need it unless you are extremely greedy. 
You can climb up to the first branch, but the second branch requires the mud. 
The mud will cling to the side of the tree, so use it to make tiny platforms you can stand on to refill your levitation. 
Once you reach the top of the tree, you can rejoice, you don’t need the mud anymore if you have a little patience 

The Paha Silma

Once you reach the other side of the tree, you will be greeted with the snowy wasteland. 
Continue west until you reach this structure, (it might be buried under snow, but snow is not a problem for anything stronger than spark bolt) 
Noita - How to improve your run [SPOILERS!] 
Of course, if you have a constant luminous drill wand, you don’t need the paha silma for this 
Grab it, and climb over the tree and prepare for a fight. 

Trouble in Acid Town

As soon as you climb back over the tree, you will be jumped by a roving group of vicious Happonuljaskas (not the weak variant), who will cry acid at you and ruin your day. 
Noita - How to improve your run [SPOILERS!] 
The brutal aftermath of an encounter with a few Happonuljaskas 
If you know how to levitate long distances (or have acceleratium) you can fly right over them 
and they will never notice. 

Mountains, Deserts, and Explosions! Oh my!

You can either use the mud, levitatium, or the Paha Silma to climb over The Mountain. 
Noita - How to improve your run [SPOILERS!] 
Or you can get lucky with the worldgen 
The Paha Silma can dig through The Mountain’s rock, so if you have crazy patience, you can dig instead of climb. 
Once you reach the top of the mountain, head east, and keep going until you reach a giant wall made of Extremely Dense Rock. 
You can climb this wall, you don’t need mud. 
Keep going up until you reach the ??? 
Noita - How to improve your run [SPOILERS!] 
There’s two secrets here, and one of them is the essence 
Fly into the ??? and drill into the sides of the diamond and get the Essence of Earth. 
Now, quickly make your way to the essence eater (blue orb) to the west, and destroy it. 
If it’s already destroyed, you’re ♥♥♥♥♥♥ unless you have explosion resistance. 
After destroying it, you will get the Tannerkivi, a stone that turns everything harder than soil, into soil. 
Now make your way to the East Wall. 

Always dig straight down!

If you don’t care about your run, skip this section. 
Dig a little into the wall (but not too much), with the fastest digging method at your disposal, and forget the most important rule of minecraft dig straight down. 
Special Instructions for the Paha Silma + Tannerkivi at the bottom of this section. 

  • Paha Silma + Tannerkivi 
  • Luminous Drill (continuous cast with no interruptions) 
  • Luminous Drill (Frequent interruptions or slow cast delay/recharge time)

These are the digging methods I have used to get the experimental wand (so far, if I use a new method I will update this guide) 
How long it will take for each digging method 
Times are not exact 
Paha Silma + Tannerkivi 
Moon Radar: 6 Minutes (6 Minutes total) 
Power Plant: 12 Minutes (18 Minutes total) 
Experimental Wand: 9 Minutes (21 Minutes total) 
Escape: 5 Minutes (26 Minutes total) 
Constant Luminous Drill 
Moon Radar: 3 Minutes (3 Minutes total) 
Power Plant: 8 Minutes (11 Minutes total) 
Experimental Wand: 1 Minute (12 Minutes total) 
Escape: 6 Minutes (18 Minutes total) 
Bad Luminous Drill 
Moon Radar: 8 Minutes (8 Minutes total) 
After about 5 more minutes (felt like 30) of “digging” with the bad luminous drill wand, I got so bored that I dug left, directly into the Overgrown Caverns, and died from a large firebolt (launched by myself) 
TLDR: Use the Paha Silma + Tannerkivi, it’s faster. 
The actual digging part 
After digging for some time, you will reach a structure similar to the Essence of Earth’s brickwork diamond, this contains the Moon Radar Perk, it’s a gift, take it, it will give you strength. 
If you do not want the Experimental Wand, skip to “The Gold” section. 
Continue digging down until you reach yet another diamond structure, this is the one. 
Dig into the diamond, and take your prize, now leave through where you came from. 

Paha Silma + Tannerkivi

Noita - How to improve your run [SPOILERS!] 
POV: You’re halfway there 
You will dig 2x as fast but at around 7 minutes (not enough to reach the wand) of constant exposure to the Paha Silma, the Tannerkivi will explode, and cause an earthquake. 


This section was put in just for fun, actually following this section is 100% suicide. 
In between The Pyramid and the east EDR wall, if you dig down, beneath the surface is a bunch of tunnels that lead into the Overgrown Cavern, the Fungal Cavern’s steroid abusing cousin. 
Noita - How to improve your run [SPOILERS!] 
Despite all the fungus, it’s not fun down here 
The aim of the game is down, and all the shrooms are in your way. 
After this, it’s the East Sandcaves. 
Noita - How to improve your run [SPOILERS!] 
I know it’s the west sandcaves, but I didn’t have a picture of the east sandcaves  
Take the hiisi base, remove the base, give the hiisi a buff, and add sand, you now have the Sandcaves. 
You might be low on HP after this, but you expected this… right? 
Now for the power plant. 
Noita - How to improve your run [SPOILERS!] 
New Vault+ 
The fungus didn’t stop you, the hiisi didn’t stop you, so these discount terminators won’t stop you… right?? 
Turns out these aren’t discount terminators, they’re actual terminators, with projectile immunity. 
In the very middle of the power plant is A Very Bad Thing™ so try to shy a little to the east. 
Noita - How to improve your run [SPOILERS!] 
Mann vs Machine 
Once you have your prize, go back up, you’ve won, no reason to stay down here except to die to a fungus-infested sand-powered robot. 

For a FewDollarsGold More

Once you have reached the surface again (with the moon radar perk), you might be thinking “what now?” 
Noita - How to improve your run [SPOILERS!] 
It costs 400,000 gold to fire this weapon, for 12 seconds 
Gold, but not just any gold, The Gold. It’s a biome. Made of gold. More than 250k gold. 
Go to the Essence of Earth’s diamond, and go to the very top of it. 
Drill a little platform into the EDR ceiling, and point whatever your drill tool is at the tiny moon on your screen. 
Dig in that direction. 
Noita - How to improve your run [SPOILERS!] 
Completing The Work is overrated 
You can swim in the gold, you can drown in the gold, it will take you 8 minutes to collect all the gold. 
You can now buy everything* 
*as long as you don’t spend it all on perk re-rolls! 

What now?

This section is for the little pieces that aren’t getting 250k gold or a super fast wand (but make frequent use of both) 
Improving your Minigun 
Spells are in the order they should be placed. 
Reduce Recharge Time, Heavy shot. <- Minigun jetpack 
Damage +, Concentrated Light. <- laser gun 
(will update with more combinations… hopefully) 
You can buy whatever the hell you want, and to an extent, perks as well. 
I cannot count the amount of times you can re-roll before you can’t re-roll again, but if you re-roll until you can’t anymore you will have about 45k gold left. 
The perks that will improve your run are 
1. Tinker With Wands Everywhere: self explanatory. 
2. ALL IMMUNITIES: Any immunity perk means one less thing to damage you. 
3. Peace With Gods: Like tinker with wands everywhere, but you will need to visit an intact holy mountain to properly use. 
4. More Love: Like Peace With Gods, if you get it 4 times. 
The spells that will improve your run are 
1. Alpha, Tau, Gamma, Omega: These spells will give you infinites, be it black holes, healing, or bombs, you will just have to defeat the alchemist boss first. 
2. Lava to Blood: Lava sucks, blood is like water, but red. 
3. Healing Bolt and Circle of Vigour: Healing. 

Written by MACMAN2003

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Noita – How to improve your run [SPOILERS!]; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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