No Man’s Sky – How to Complete Expedition Phase 1

No Man’s Sky – How to Complete Expedition Phase 1 1 -
No Man’s Sky – How to Complete Expedition Phase 1 1 -

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No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated universe.

Phase One

**** Disable PTV

After you’ve spawned, remove the base computer and set the PVP to NO ONE.

We have put a lot of energy into the planet’s beginning (Paradise). Buckle-up

Start collecting carbon dust and ferrite

Create 18 small floor panels, and then upload the base

Note: You can build almost anything, even lamp poles.

Install Analysis Visor

Make Di-hydrogen Jelly using the materials you already have.

Craft Life Support Gel

Refine 200 copper

Make 3 nanotubes

Install Boltcaster

Make 1000 ammo

To reuse materials, construct a Nomad station and then deploy it.

(1 Select PHASE 1: TROI 1 – Select Local Delicacies

Be on the lookout for IMPULSE BEAN and remember to take a bag

Four items are required to repair your ship:

Nomad store Hermetic seal, metal plating and Jelly

Select the PHASE TWO option – ALBUMEN SPWN

Find the Humming sacs and gather 5

For sodium, take Cave Marrow

To make the most of your collection, you’ll require both the Advanced mining laser and the Optical drill

When you get to your vessel, gather both PURE FERRITE and COPPER

If you spot a structure that is whispering eggs while you travel take a break and stop. Take three eggs. The building can be used as a cover.

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After you have fixed your ship, take it back home to your base

Then summon your Nomad to transfer your inventory

To gather STAR BULBS Use the Nomad – look up (1 )

Note: To avoid any issues, make sure you have the right milestone chosen when you complete the COOKING/SCAN milestone.

Return to your base and go back to work

TWO Starship Launch Fuel

Creature Pellets

2 Nanotubes

2 Antimatter housings

Edit You can also build or craft the Nutrient Processingor. It’s a fantastic storage device that will be required.

You should have at minimum 9 metal platings


Find a medium-sized body of water and you will find three living pearls.

If you’re not near the water, take a flight with your ship and collect living pearls

Please be aware that to complete the PHASE 3 milestone for FAUNA Marine, you must also scan three other underwater fauna


Adopt any pet

Let’s reach the final step and finish it.

Buy Uranium and Pyrite! !

Oh we’re not finished yet. Utilize the planet chart to locate the treasure.

Okay, we’re done with the first phase. We’re done! !

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