Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition – The Kodama Survival Guide

Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition – The Kodama Survival Guide 1 -
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition – The Kodama Survival Guide 1 -
A guide to finding the hidden spirits called “Kodama” and the 2 extra skill points on each level.


The Way of the Nioh

Welcome to the world of Nioh. A wonderful land of action, adventure and blatantly unfair challenge. 
To survive you’ll want to use every advantage you can and Nioh is a cornucopia of great gameplay and complex design. 

The Shrine of Kodama

Kodama are the little green guys who live in the spirit shrine, your save point and options hub. 
Each chapter starts with all kodama being lost, hidden throughout each mission. 
When you find one, it will then be able to grant a blessing. 
There are five different types and each one provides a bonus. 
The more kodama you find, the stronger their blessing becomes. 
A Kodama Bazaar 
But the real benefit is exclusive access to their black market shop. 
This is simply amazing. They keep elixirs, basic ammo and ochoko cups in permanent stock. 
The more kodama you collect the more their shop expands. 
Including sacred water, rare ammo, ninja bombs, magic spells and more. 
The amazing part is the price, these items are actually free. 
Kodama don’t deal in gold you see, they only accept rice. 
So where do you get rice? That’s the best part – rice comes freely through offerings. 
Offerings by themselves were already a great deal. 
Here’s how they work, first visit a shrine to choose “Make Offering”. 
Then select gear you don’t use and give it as an offering. This pays you with amrita, which is xp, and you get rice along with extra items. 
The one catch? You can’t buy more of an item if you have too many to begin with. 
This works like an infinite use supply drop when you run out. 
Here’s a pic from the end of chapter 2 : 
The green check marks are the auto-buy items, which will be bought at each shrine visit. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

Friendly Yokai

Alongside the kodama are other spirits who will help you. 
Benevolent Graves 
Also called Acolytes, these are the blue-graves who can be summoned as an ally. 
They are made by other players who sacrificed themselves helping others. 
Ochoko Cups are required and can be bought at the kodama shop. 
You can make a blue-grave yourself by using Righteous Jasper, which you can get by summoning blue-graves. 
Rolly polly cats who follow you into battle and provide buffs for a limited time. You can have three at once 
Rebels of the kodama kind. They never join your shrine cult, instead they wait for you to give up an item. To do this, go into the inventory and push Y/Triangle to drop stuff. 
Sudama do partake in the black market though, they will often offer cursed gear. 
But not for free, they’re not stupid. 
Mimics, like in Dark Souls, hide in chest. Unlike Souls they only mimic your looks and then perform one of the nine emotes you have equipped. If you respond with the same emote Mujina will give you free loot. 
Mujina chest have three golden bands around it as opposed of the standard two but there is no harm in opening like a normal chest. Unless you use a punch emote, Mujina don’t like being punched. 
Fake walls, also like Dark Souls, they hide various treasure. They behave similar to the Mujina and will depart happily when you do the right emote. Only Nurikabe doesn’t care about specific emotes. Instead they want one of the three colors of emotes – Friendly (blue), Neutral (yellow), Aggressive (red). 
You have 2 chances. 
Look for a red-grave nearby and read how they died. 
There’s a line saying they were too Friendly / Neutral / Aggressive. This highlights one of the wrong choices. 

More On Offerings

Selling loot here gives you the rice mentioned above, free elixers and most importantly, a lot of amrita. 
Amrita is this game’s xp and like dark souls, you can only level up at shrines. 
So filling out the last of your xp while at a shrine makes offerings incredibly helpful. 
Then you have spirit stones, which also give xp, use these to ensure you can level up. 
Grave Robbing 
Red Graves are one of the best sources of new equipment. 
Clearing out a red grave ma*sacre will be your best bet at getting better gear. 
Learn how to take on revenants and you’ll have a constant stream of amrita and loot. 
Offerings are confusing at first, but it has become my go to place for picking out which gear to use. 
The controls here are simple in practice. I’ll explain the key points. 

  • Square / X – a Lock button, stops items from mysteriously disappearing 
  • Triangle / Y – the Select button 
  • R2 / Right Trigger – the much better Select All button, works on a whole tab 
  • L1, R1 / Left and Right Bumpers – navigate tabs 
  • Share / Back – access filter options

I always start by changing tabs to “All Equipment” and pressing “Select All”. 
This will put everything I have up for sell, excluding locked items and anything equipped. 
Then I tab through each category to see what’s worth keeping. 
I lock what I like and sell the rest. 

A Guide for New Players

Anyone who missed the 1st Nioh should read through this steam guide : 
Die Hard Combat 
At its heart, Nioh is a souls game with a transfusion of Ninja Gaiden blood. 
This is a game about exploiting openings and punishing mistakes. Death comes from attacking too often and at the wrong time. 
To practice without dying, play the Training Grounds in the Dojo. 
Staying on the Move 
Its important to keep space between you and your opponent’s attack. 
This will give more time to react, so you can more easily roll out of harms way. 
Staying mobile also gives you time to recover your ki. 
Using simple tactics like walking back, sprinting around or just shooting them from afar can win a fight you thought you lost. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

Chapter One, Awakening


1st Mission : Cursed Village

  • 7 Kodama

One – Graveyard Hill 
Behind the locked gate at the 1st shrine. Be sure to run behind the giant demon in the graveyard. 
There are two locked gates, the closest to the shrine is the one with kodama. 
The 2nd gate is only unlocked by killing the giant, who is a super hard, optional boss. 
Two – Enki’s Hill 
Defeat the monkey-demon Enki, follow the path behind him and go left up the hill. 
Three – Shanty Bridge 
After the 2nd shrine, look behind the hut that is straight across from the bridge. 
Four – Shanty Town 
Fight your way through and cross the 2nd bridge. Look inside the house with the broken water wheel. 
Five – Shanty Demon 
Past the demon mist, look behind the house on the left. 
Six – Red Torii Gates 
Now you can unlock the gate for the 2nd shrine. 
Head uphill for some kodama and brawl with the bandits. 
A kodama hides by the steps and scampuss hides on Archer’s Hill. 
Seven – Dark Realm 
Kill the big guy here for a key to the last gate. Mr. Kodama is on the other side. 

Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 


Sub 1 : Dark Forest

  • 2 Kodama

One – Spirit Tree 
From the 1st shrine, run past your new friend and head uphill. 
Go across the bridge on the left and then to the big tree with glowing mushrooms. 
Two – Canyon 
From the big tree, look in the direction it points to and find a house along the cliffside trail. 
Then find the path leading to the house and kick over a dead tree for a shortcut across the canyon. 
The kodama is hiding behind the empty chest on the other side. 
I hear one near the 2nd shrine but I haven’t found it. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

2nd Mission : Of Smoke & Flame

  • 7 Kodama – 2 Locks

At the watchtowers, take the path right to a house uphill. 
One – Back Roads 
Continue uphill to the roofs for a sniping advantage. 
A shortcut ladder is near the front and kodama is in a back alley. 
Two – Watchtower Alley 
The second is on the roofs, run around uphill to find him. 
Downhill leads to a shortcut gate. 
Three – Cave 
As you exit the 1st cave, look behind the crates. 
Four / Ninja – Tunnels 
Cut through the dark realm near the 2nd shrine, the boss chest has ninja locks. 
Little Ko is underground again, so look for a ladder in one the small huts. 
Across the bridge are more huts, one on the right side has a ladder going down to a back alley peddler. 
Straight across the same bridge is a back alley that’s blocked by fire and crates. Avoid the fire and roll through the boxes – stay by the corner and snipe some Gakis before moving forward. 
Scampuss is in the last house. 
Five – Deadend 
Moving ahead, there is a large doorway with bandits around. 
On the left side kick down a ladder for a way back to the shrine. Further down the path is Number Five. 
Scampuss is hardly hidden outside of the 3rd shrine. 
Climb the ladder in the center to kick over a big pot of water. This clears the way to the back rooms. 
Six – Rooftop 
In the back is a ladder to the 2nd floor, then another ladder leads out to the rooftops. 
Further down at the roof leads to another shortcut. 
Seven / Onmyo – Top Floor 
Back up on the 2nd Floor is the way to the top, which leads to the boss key and a 3rd shrine. 
Beat the mist demon for kodama and luxurious onmyo hair. 
Dark Realm 
Kicking over the water pot puts out the fire in the center furnace. 
Dropping down (from a safe height) takes you into an optional dark realm. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

Dojo : Novice Warrior

  • Samurai Locks Reward

Doing this will unlock useful new skills and give you a free skill point. 

Sub 2 : Omens

  • 3 Kodama – 2 Locks

One – Backyard 
Right in the back of the 1st shack 
Two / Ninja – Dark Realm 
The road splits, go right for a rather easy Yoki fight inside the realm. The 2nd shrine is here. 
A ninja hair and scampuss are to the left of the shrine. 
Mr. Kodama is above, look for a hidden path on the stairs on the right side. 
Onmyo Locks – Big Boss 
Follow the path up and go around the boss room for loots. 
Three – Boulderdash 
Now continue down hill for some beautiful kodama. 
If you see a sea of red graves at the bottom you’ll know why I recommend the back way. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

3rd Mission : Sanctum of Vipers

  • 6 Kodama – 2 Locks

One – 1st Shrine 
On the wooden platform on the right. The left leads to an optional dark realm. 
Two / Ninja – Dark Realm 
Kodama is on the main path, outside of the darkness. The ninja locks are deeper inside. 
Three / Onmyo – Nurikabe Tree 
Behind the Great Tree of Nurikabe is – Nurikabe! 
Battle him if need be, past him are the onmyo locks and further in, a kodama. 
Hot springs are afterwards, when the path splits between up and down, go higher for a much needed shortcut. 
Poisoned Pools 
The bottom of the depths is flooded with poisonous water. 
Search for the enchanted snake statues and destroy them to drain the poison. 
You can find a sudama by Enki’s Great Bridge and a scampuss is off to the side. 
Four – Broken Bridge 
The 4th guy is sitting in the poison, right at the post of the bridge. 
Get to destroying the statues, one is ahead of the Broken Bridge and another is in the cave on the right. 
Five, Six – Twin Snake Cave 
One snake hides on the ceiling at the cave’s entrance, shoot the tail to aggro it. 
Dark Realm 
Behind Enki’s Great Bridge is a great secret – Nurikabe opens up a sniper platform. 
Restock and return to do some damage. 
The statue is the boss of the dark realm, killing it will unseal a very important shrine. 
Last little guy is tucked away in a corner. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

Dojo : Novice Ninja

Dojo : Novice Onmyo

  • Ninja / Onmyo Locks Reward


Sub 3 : Twilight

Sub 4 : Blacksmith’s Favor

Sub 5 : The Search

Sub 6 : Greedy Hunter

Challenge Missions, no items 
The Search is about finding lost kodama. They won’t join your shrine but you still have to find them. 
The 1st is in the Shanty Town, the 2nd in a graveyard and the last is talking to Enki at the end. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

Chapter Two, Soaring


4th Mission : Monsters of Okehazama

  • Samurai Locks Reward 
  • 7 Kodama – 2 Locks

This level is very twisty with tunnels going back and forth. I will point out a safe path between shrines. 
One, Two – Enki Cave 
Ko #1 is in the right side of the 1st big cave. #2 is at the end of the tunnel leading to the next room. 
The Hag Room splits with the left exit going to a sudama and a shortcut. 
On a dangerously skinny trail, guarded by a Yamaba Hag. 
Three – Forest of Snakes 
You can sneak past the snakes to a shrine if you are unfamiliar with fighting them. 
The kodama is in the lower area across from the bridge. 
Four / Ninja – Dark Realm 
Kodama is hiding by the fence near a well, and the locks are in a house on the lower level. 
Tengu Trail 
Avoid going deeper into the caves for now but do take the right hand path as you enter. 
It lets you disarm a boulder trap. Strike it to set it off and hop down. 
Along the trail you’ll get another scampuss and a Nurikabe with a hot spring. 
Five / Onmyo – Temple 
The dark realm here is a single room and unlocks a shrine and mage locks. Kodama is here too of course. 
There are three new exits here. 

  • A mossy area takes you to a sudama and a shortcut 
  • Next to the shrine, is a way back to the Tengu Trail 
  • The red torii gate leads to the war camp

Six – Snake Pa*s 
Cut through the caves using the tunnel near the shrine, looking out for a treacherous ceiling snake. 
Inside is a large cave with more snakes and tunnels. 
Note the stone lamps and torii gate that mark the way back to the shrine. 

  • The kodama is in a winding path to the right 
  • Across from you is the way back to Tengu Trail 
  • To your left is a shortcut to Enki Cave

Seven – War Camp 
Kodama is on the leftmost path. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

5th Mission : Mysterious Castle

  • 7 Kodama – 2 Locks

Killing Large Yokai 
For the big boys, extreme firepower is my recommended tactic. 
Whatever your build is, buff your guns with the rare ammo and an eagle eye talisman. 
One – Dark Forest 
The dark realm is optional, grab the kodama when its back is turned. 
A scampuss is across the bridge with a yokai soldier on it. 
Two / Onmyo – Bloody Hill 
First stay on the main path to unlock a gate and a sudama is just downhill. 
Both treasures are on the 2nd floor of the big house, which you can get by using a ladder on the gated wall. 
Three – Floodgate 
Across the bridge by the gate, go uphill and left to a big floodgate lever. 
This lowers the water and creates a another shortcut. 
Follow the new path down into a cave, up a ladder to the kodama. 
Four – Samurai House 
From #3, head upstairs and out to the balcony. Kodama is on a 1st floor roof, so walk around back to jump down. 
Five – Dark Realm 
Inside the area with white fencing, behind the chest. The dark realm here is optional. 
By the hot spring. 
Ninja Locks – Dark Realm 
In the boss chest of the 3rd dark realm. 
Six, Seven – Floodgate 
Past the dark realm, lower the next floodgate. 
This will lead to the 3rd shrine, a sudama and 2 kodamas. 
One is on a ledge by the waterfall and a group of bad guys, grab this one last. 
The other is uphill on top of the big torii gate. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

Dojo : Adept Warrior

Dojo : Adept Ninja

Dojo : Adept Onmyo

The ninja and onmyo each require 30,000 proficiency points. 
The warrior only requires 20,000 proficiency. 

  • Samurai / Ninja / Onmyo Locks Reward


Sub 7 : Hot Blooded

  • 5 Kodama

One, Two – Temple 
The first is on the right side of the temple, behind a lamp. The 2nd is on the left side, by the steps. 
To the right of the 2nd shrine. 
Three, Four – Underground 
Both of these are through the right exit of the Waira room, the big ugly grub yokai. 
#3 is to the left and is behind a Nurikabe wall. #4 is in the hallway to the right, by some candles. 
Five – Boss Room 
In front of the big doors, to the right. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

6th Mission : Hollow Fortress

  • 6 Kodama – 2 Locks

One – Underground 
The big yellow crystals can be smashed for a little extra amrita. 
A kodama is right around the corner on the main path. Look for a ladder in the back. 
Down by the lift controls, in the backroom past the 1st shortcut. 
A scampuss is at the top of the lift area, in another back room. 
Two – Mid Lift 
Ride the lift up and notice the dark realm aura. Ride back down and step off at the aura. 
The kodama is on the way back, on a rock jutting out of the wall. 
Ninja Locks – Mini Boss 
This can be done first but I like to open the shortcut beforehand. 
Find and drop down to the safe part of the ledge. The locks are uphill. 
Scampuss, Sudama 
On the main path past the 2nd shrine. 
Three / Onmyo – Nurikabe Hill 
Take the split path that leads uphill, past a Nurikabe approved hot spring. 
The locks are in a chest and kodama is further down, to the right. 
A shortcut ladder is just after the first ladder. 
Four – Sky Bridge 
Along the floating stone path, past the big Snowclops. Explore the building behind him. 
Five – Lock & Key 
On a lower ledge by the end of the wall. 
You’ll land near some demon mist, this guy guards the key to the last kodama. 
The darkness in the castle has the 3rd shrine and another Nurikabe brand hot spring. 
I forgot to screenshot the false wall, but its on the 3rd floor in a corner. 
Six – Back Door 
With the gate unlocked you can find the last kodama of the chapter by a small paper lamp. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

Sub 8 : Imagawa Diehard

Sub 9 : Dying Wish

Sub 10 : Error in Calculation

Sub 11 : Yokai Hunt

Sub 12 : Fire God’s Magatama

Sub 13 : End of Seclusion

Sub 14 : Shiftling’s Judgement

Sub 15 : Viper and the Butterfly

Challenge Missions, no important items 

Chapter Three, Shadow


7th Mission : A Way Out

  • 7 Kodama – 2 Locks

One – Starting Path 
Behind a big tree next to a small shack. 
Two – Searching Light 
There’s a scampuss behind a rock just before the spot lights. 
The kodama is behind the ramp leading out and sudama is on the back porch of the swamp house. 
Three – Camp 
Just around the corner is a soldier’s camp. Kodama hides behind the campfire. 
Four – Fallen Tree 
After the 2nd shrine, on the tree that the biwa guy sits on. 
Five – Searching Light II 
The 5th is in the next clearing, across from the entrance. 
Don’t take the rear exit as its filled with cheap deaths. Take the high road instead, it has a dead tree shortcut. 
The main path will take you to a big cave, take the back roads instead for sudama and a hot spring. 
Six / Onmyo – Temple 
The back roads are a good place to run to for fighting, avoid combat in areas without safety rails. 
Both important treasures are on the temple steps. 
Seven / Ninja – Sohaya Village 
A Nurikabe is hidden in a far corner at the left side. 
The ninja locks are at the end of the rooftop way and ko is waiting near the boss gates. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

Sub 16 : Shrine of Oaths

  • 1 Onmyo Locks

Onmyo Locks 
Its under a layer of poison by the 1st set of broken bridges. 
Drain the water by destroying 2 snake statues. 
The first is by the cyclops and a second is in the cave near by. 
At the end on the Great Bridge. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

Sub 17 : Chinese Bellflower Dagger

  • 1 Onmyo Locks Reward


8th Mission : Of Ice & Corpses

  • 8 Kodama – 2 Locks

On the main path, in a shack behind the two watch towers. 
One – Dark Forest 
In the back of the first dark realm, before the wooden stairs. 
Two – Stairway 
Behind some crates on the wooden stairway. 
Three – Front Gate 
After the 2nd shrine, look for an outside ladder near the squad of samurai. 
Much Loot – Samurai Fort 
Take the back door out of the kodama #3’s house and unlock both gates. 

  • 2 Kodama – inside the center fort on the left, upstairs and down 
  • Ninja Locks – upstairs past the kodama 
  • Sudama, Scampuss – right side of the fort, follow the path outside to the 2nd floor 
  • Onmyo Locks – upstairs into the dark realm

Six – 3rd Shrine 
In a storage shed. 
Seven – Dark Realm 
On the roof of a shed. 
There are two scampi near the entrance in the darkness. 
Eight – Nurikabe 
Before the boss arena, behind another of Nurikabe’s hot springs. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

Sub 18 : Approaching Tiger

  • Samurai Locks Reward

Sub 19 : Shadow’s Duty

  • Ninja Locks Reward


9th Mission : Bird in a Cage

  • 7 Kodama – 2 Locks

For the artillery sections, hide behind cover and block when you have too. 
Kill the operator and fire the cannons when you can. 
One – Battlefield 
A kodama is to the left, behind a collasped house. 
A sudama is on the right, behind a hut. 
Two – Battlefield Cave 
Near the cannons, the 2nd ko is in a cave with a stinky new yokai. 
Three – Battlefield Gates 
Along the main path as you leave the 1st battlefield, near the Yoki demon. 
Four / Onmyo – Mines 
At the 2nd battlefield, take cover and find the mine entrance to the left. 
You’ll want to fight tooth ‘n nail for your lock of mystical hair. 
The kodama is right at the top of the ladder leading out. 
Ninja Locks – Nurikabe 
At the 2nd shrine’s dark realm, enter the mine shaft on the left and catch a scampuss as you pa*s. 
Nurikabe is in the corner surrounded with putrid water, behind him are the locks. 
Five – Bas*ment 
Head into the castle’s bas*ment and go right, through the flooded part. 
Number Five is hiding in a crawl space near the back. 
A scampuss is on the above floor, near the stairs. 
Sudama – 3rd Shrine 
Check behind the stairs across from the shrine. 
Six, Seven – Red & Blue Switch 
Both kodama are found with the special bridge at the top. 
After the dark realm, run through to open the shortcut. 
Then use the blue switch first and then the red second. 
#6 is in a corner storeroom and you’ll drop down from the blue bridge for #7. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

Sub 20 : Golden Nation

  • 3 Kodama

One – Rock Garden 
In the center of the level, close to the shrine. 
Two – Rooftop Study 
Get to the roof from the rock garden. 
Go left and explore the room at the end. 
Three – Chapel Rafters 
From the garden ladder, go right and walk the rafters to reach little kodama. 
The boss is below, so summon a blue grave beforehand. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

Sub 21 : A Lesson Learned

Sub 22 : Immovable

Sub 23 : A Formal Match

Sub 24 : Lingering Snow

Sub 25 : Brothers’ Blade

Sub 26 : Fallen Star

Sub 27 : Horns & Dragonflies

Sub 28 : Point of no Return

Sub 29 : Demon King’s Blade

Sub 30 : Child Prodigy

Challenge Missions Galore, no important items 

Chapter Four, Dawn


10th Mission : Pervading Waters

  • 9 Kodama – 2 Locks

One – Flooded Village 
A Nurikabe is just past the bridge leading into the flooded part of town. 
The kodama is past the 2nd shrine, in the back alley. 
Two / Ninja – Dark Realm 
Ninja hair is locked in the dark realm chest. 
2nd kodama is on the 2nd floor, along with a shortcut ladder leading to a scampuss. 
Three – Shoddy Bridge 
At the end of the long bridge, in the middle of the scaffolding. 
Four, Five – Shipyard 
Four is in the collapsed part of town near the shipyard and a shortcut. 
The 5th is in the heap of boats and there is another shortcut outside of the shipyard. 
Six – Can*l 
Explore the area across from the shipyard, #6 is by a lone tree. 
A sudama is further down, in a hut. 
Seven / Onmyo – Dark Realm 
The 3rd shrine area has a scampuss in a corner. 
Onmyo locks are the reward for the dark realm and a kodama is by a little house behind it. 
Climbing the tree leads to a sudama. 
Eight – Rock Garden 
Nurikabe is hiding before the rock garden and kodama is hiding by a stone lantern. 
Nine – Dam 
This last kodama is after the mini-boss. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

11th Mission : Frenzied Blade

  • 8 Kodama – 2 Locks

To protect yourself from the burning ground, dash into the buckets found here and there. 
This gives you a short water buff which prevents fire damage over time. 
One – Burning Tree 
Past a slightly burning tree, ko is behind a samurai house and a shortcut is on the other side. 
In the burning plaza where the blue flames are. 
Sacred Arrows can knock down burning wheels, use ’em to avoid becoming road kill. 
Two – Dark Realm 
Your next kodama is on the other side of the gate, on the way to the 2nd shrine. 
Three, Four – Burning Temple 
There is a cool secret here, find the two zombie things with powder kegs on their backs. 
Kill the 1st and sneak behind the 2nd. Backstab or grenade ’em to destroy the wall behind it. 
A kodama is past this alley, up on the roofs. 
The other kodama is beside the big temple room, to the right. 
Ninja Locks – Temple Roof 
Run to the right around the temple and climb the ladder there. 
Then walk around to the backside on the roof and drop down to a burnt out attic. 
The locks are on a dead ninja, but first grab a sudama and unlock the gate. 
Five, Six – Nurikabe Hallway 
From the sudama roof, look to the left for a long open hallway, both kodamas are there. 
Jump down at the ladder and talk to Yasuke, the Obsidian Samurai, so you can fight together. 
There is also a shortcut in the room with Nurikabe. 
Onmyo Locks – Nurikabe Roofs 
Take the ladder that’s behind Nurikabe, follow the roof to the other side for another ladder. 
Down there will be a big onmyo chest and a sudama is in a nearby alley. 
Seven – Blue Flame 
Inside the dark realm where you first met Yasuke, behind the blue flames. 
Eight – Boss Room 
At the 3rd shrine, open the gates before the boss room. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

12th Mission : Sun Sets on Mt. Tenno

  • Onmyo Locks Reward 
  • 8 Kodama – 2 Locks

One, Two – Cliffside 
The first is on the rocky edge, from the main road. 
The second is nearby, but requires you to drop down from the scaffolding above. 
Don’t skip the shortcut here, you’ll need it. 
Three – Dark Realm 
Both the kodama and sudama are on the upper level in the darkness. 
Four, Five – Rice Paddies 
Cut across the hills to the top, #4 is on the roof of a house there. 
The fifth is by the shortcut gate, off in a side path. 
Six, Seven – Fortress of Doom 
Now is good time to put your rare ammo to use. Walk slowly and counter snipe any shooters. 
Assault the big lugs with your big guns and take over the fort in the name of Kodama! 
Or you can dart in and out, taking what you want. The inner monsters can be avoided. 
The inside corners have a kodama, on the right, and a scampuss to the left. 
Another kodama is below the bridge and without a trap in sight. 
Onmyo Locks – Mage’s Cavern 
The Nurikabe is at the left of the cave entrance, but you can score an instant kill on him. 
Run around to the other side and remove a piece of paper stuck on his back side. 
Grab the hair off a corpse and pick an exit. By the sudama, a ladder leads outside behind the fort. 
On the other side, the ladder leads to the next treasure but is guarded by a ninja yoki. 
Eight / Ninja – Fortress HQ 
Enter by either the front door or through the caverns below and fight for your loot. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

Sub 31 : Aberrant Mage

  • Onmyo Locks Reward


Sub 32 : Missing Gun

Sub 33 : Song of the Yokai

Sub 34 : Man of the Underworld

Sub 35 : Abduction

Sub 36 : Burning Sky

Sub 37 : Warrior

Sub 38 : The Third Word

Challenge Missions, no important items 

Chapter Five, Twilight


13th Mission : Ruin Draws Near

  • Samurai Locks Reward 
  • 7 Kodama – 2 Locks

One – Castle Bridge 
Simply climb the ladder after the bridge. The hard part is crossing the bridge alive. 
Two – Hidden Room 
At the 2nd shrine, run down the hallway into the next room – or sneak, as it’s heavily guarded. 
Throw a bomb at a powder keg in the corner by the stairs to open up the wall. 
Take the stairs and go left for a shortcut. 
Three – Upstairs 
Back in the first hall, use the ladder to search the room above. 
Downstairs leads to a fortified shortcut gate. 
Onmyo Locks – Trap Door 
First visit with the sudama and kick down a ladder. 
Then roll into a bucket of water and drop into a fiery trap for some magic hair. 
Four – Broken Floor 
Along the main path, a back room has a hole in the floor. 
This leads to kodama #4. 
Five, Six, Seven / Ninja – 3rd Shrine 
At the 3rd shrine there is a meaty dark realm stuffed with secrets. 
Two of the kodama are on the bottom floor. 
Check for a Nurikabe wall in the back for ko and some fine ninja hair. 
Past the king of the darkness is another kodama, hanging out in a caved in hallway. 
Climb the busted pillar to the top, the kodama twins are found by dropping from ’round back. 
Don’t miss the much need shortcut at the top floor, right side. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

Dojo : Weapon Masters

  • 2 weapon skill points reward 
  • new mystic skills are unlocked in the skill tree

When you reach 120,000 proficiency with a weapon, it’s dojo mission will unlock. 
All proficiency progress is viewable within the Status Menu. 
Mystic Arts are first learned using skill points, then must be set by clicking it again. 
Remember, you can repec any skill tree from the Dojo Menu with Triangle / Y 

Master Mission : Dual Swords

Chapter 4, Dawn : Master of the Three Evils 

  • Summoner’s Candle crafting and a new Guardian Spirit reward


14th Mission : Two Faces of Hospitality

  • 7 Kodama – 2 Locks

One – Entrance 
First one is literally around the corner. 
Two – Spa 
#2 is In the hot spring by a watch tower. 
Three – 2nd Shrine 
I forgot the exact spot, but my notes say a kodama is by the 2nd shrine. 
Four – Reinforcements 
After meeting with Honda, walk along the foggy cliffs. 
Kodama is down below by a boat, but fight on to a nearby cannon. 
Shooting it will open a shortcut. 
Five / Onmyo – Samurai Town 
From #4, cross a boat-bridge to another foggy cliff. 
Ahead is an optional dark realm, go to the right for the goodies. 
Kodama is in a watchtower, onmyo locks are below a cannon, and the scampuss is to the far right. 
Six – 3rd Shrine 
Moving uphill to the 3rd shrine, light the cannon as you pa*s by. 
Backtrack to where you picked up the mage’s hair, a sudama and kodama will be available. 
Seven / Ninja – Keep 
Past the samurai guards, Nurikabe and the locks are to the right. 
Kodama is to the left, actually hiding inside the armor on display. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

Sub 39 : A Prayer in Moonlight

  • Onmyo Locks Reward


15th Mission : High Spirited Demon

  • 6 Kodama – 2 Locks

This is a hell of a level so I’ll provide a little more help. 
Make sure to fight enemies one at a time to avoid getting drawn into a crossfire. 
And as always, fight fire with fire. 
Use as much ammo, bombs, spells as you can get away with. Having aoe will help out a lot. 
One – Fresh Start 
The only one that’s easy to get, just turn around at the start. 
Two – Dynamite Hill 
At the starting hill, take the back road in. Where the artillery was last level. 
Destroy the large crystal and use your firepower to remove Cannon Yoki, who patrols the hill. 
Enemies seem to be everywhere, so go slow and defeat them. 
Or dart in and try to run back to safety. Either way, head for the hill, a kodama is waiting. 
The dark realm does have the 2nd shrine, so going all out and restocking makes a good plan. 
Three, Four – Evil Cabin 
There is a mini boss here, so bring along help. 
The sudama is behind the big crystal and Both kodamas are after a dark realm. 
Cross the fallen tree carefully, a biwa guy is nearby and any Revenants will attack on sight. 
Your team should distract them, giving you time to a*sa*sinate the biwa player. 
There are two shortcuts, a ladder goes to the 2nd shrine. 
The gates lead to the next kodama and another mini boss. 
Ninja Locks – Secret Bath House 
Make a note where a safe spot is in the canyon. This is important for kiting. 
You’ll need to kill a key keeper, so load your best shots. 
Run up to the big rock at the end of the path for cover and kill the skeleton. 
The goal is to run around the broken cannon, aggro the mist and run back to kite. 
Stay moving to avoid the bombardment and shoot the demon from safety. 
The path to the bath is safe as long as you keep moving. 
Onmyo Locks – Killing Fields 
Use the bath house for fighting the big skeleton. 
Snipe another across the chasm from the big rock. Fight the last one using the wall for cover. 
Then grab the hair after baiting a shot. 
Now for the difficult part. 
Walk the log and try to get behind the big rock or fencing. If you’re lucky the artillery will kill Biwa. 
Red graves will hara*s you either way, so running might be better. 
The shortcut is past the watchtower, to the left and is a priority gate. 
Five – Kappa Island 
Restock for this battle, you don’t want to face both kappas at once. 
Target one from the bridge and lure him to a safer place to fight. 
Kodama #5 is past a second kappa. 
Six – Avalanche Alley 
Zoom in with the bow and trigger the boulders, the last one will knock down the wall for you. 
A kodama and a crystal are inside. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

Sub 40: Stray Cats

  • Ninja Locks Reward 
  • 5 Kodama

Follow the compa*s to find each cat, they’re not missable. 
One, Two – Hill Climb 
The first kodama is behind you at the very start and a second is on the cliffs on the right hand path. 
Three – Dark Jail 
Inside the only dark realm of the mission, behind a door at the end. 
Four, Five – Descent 
Across from the jail, open the gates and check behind the house for #4. 
The last is downhill, on a small boat at the docks to the right. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

Sub 41 : Okuni’s Search

Sub 42 : Farewell to the Past

Sub 43 : Calling the Fire God

Sub 44 : Scattered Fragments

Sub 45 : A Prayer in Moonlight

Challenge Missions, no important items 
Scattered Fragments has a blue grave named “Yamanaka Shikanosuke”, summon him to unlock another mission. His name is written in blue. 

Chapter Six, Dream

Clean Up 
You can travel back to chapter 5 for a few more kodamas and a lock of ninja hair. 

Dojo : One Who Lives in Shadows

  • 2 Ninja Locks Reward 
  • new mystic skills are unlocked in the skill tree

Requires 200,000 proficiency with ninja tools. 
Make sure the skill you choose reads “SET” by clicking it after learning it. 

16th Mission : Mausoleum of Evil

  • 9 Kodama – 2 Locks

One – Snowy Hill 
Drop down from the hill at the beginning and check the corner. 
Jump down again for a way back to the shrine. 
Two – Mansion 
Climb the ladder on the far side of the mansion, a scampuss, sudama and kodama are up there. 
Three / Ninja – Drop 
After draining the water, drop from the far side hole. 
#3 is on the outside of the first drop, the locks are kept in a dark realm chest after a 2nd drop. 
After lowering the water again, check around the dragon statue. 
Four – 2nd Shrine 
The small building next to the 2nd shrine has a fourth kodama. 
Five – Downstairs 
Follow the path downstairs, kodama is under a ceiling snake. 
Six – 3rd Crystal 
The big house with the third crystal has a kodama and Nurikabe, which leads to sudama. 
Seven / Onmyo – Dark Realm 
Lower the water again and go back to the center building. 
One of the middle doorways drops you into darkness, your treasures are here. 
Eight – Secret Hot Springs 
The hot spring is on the middle floor, hit the switch on the bottom floor to spin the bridge. 
You’ll have to return to the top floor and drop down from the side of the half-stairway. 
Kodama is on the root path next to the bath. 
Nine – Last Stairway 
With the 3rd floor bridge spun around, it will lead straight from the shrine to the boss. 
A kodama will be found on the way. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

Dojo : Nine Symbols

  • 2 Onmyo Locks Reward 
  • new mystic skills are unlocked in the skill tree

Requires 250,000 proficiency with magic. 
Make sure the skill you choose reads “SET” by clicking it after learning it. 

The Interim

A new icon is added to the world map, next to the Twilight Missions, this is the Interim. 
Talk to the people here twice to unlock some new missions. 
Only one gives an actual reward, so its the only mission I’ll recommend. 

Interim : Restoring Harmony

  • Talk to Saito Toshimitsu, he’s on the right 
  • Onmyo Locks Reward


17th Mission : Golden Castle

  • 8 Kodama – 2 Locks

One – Troubled Waters 
Past the demon mist in the pond. 
Two – Dark Roof 
The kodama is In the dark realm of the roof, standing at the corner. 
Three – Crystal Bas*ment 
At the 2nd shrine, don’t fight the crystal yet, go down the ladder on the left. 
This gets you a scampuss and a easier way to destroy the crystal from the bas*ment. 
The kodama is in the crystal room on top. 
Four, Five / Ninja – A Dark Realm’s Crystal 
The next kodama is inside a dark realm, sitting by a big rock. 
The locks are in the dark chest, and the next kodama is through Nurikabe, to the right of the locks. 
Six – Nurikabe’s Bath 
Continue fighting in the bas*ment, a sudama is down the hall. 
Take the ladder for another kodama, a shortcut and a Gyuzuki, Mezuki fight. 
Seven / Onmyo – Tag Team 
Beating either mini boss gives you the 3rd shrine and the 7th kodama, who’s by the next boss door. 
The locks are behind the Gyuzuki, Mezuki fight, at the end of the hall with a crystal. 
Eight – Last Crystal 
In the final crystal room you’ll find the last kodama. In the other room, there’s a shortcut ladder and scampuss. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

18th Mission : Cherry Blossoms in Daigo

  • 8 Kodama – 2 Locks

One, Two – Starting Path 
Once again check behind a tree at the start. Another is just past the gates behind another tree. 
The scampuss is inside the building. 
Three / Onmyo – Samurai Room 
As you enter the large garden area, check the right most path for #3. 
The prized hair is in a secret room behind a wallscroll next to the kodama. 
Four – Pagoda Tower 
This one is placed outside the tower that’s before the 2nd shrine. 
The scampuss is by the shrine. 
Five – Samurai Temple 
The fifth is to the left, outside of the large temple building. 
A scampuss will be somewhere nearby. 
Six – Demon Mist 
Follow the main path and cross the bridge leading to an infested shed. 
The kodama is behind the shed and the locks are in the chest inside. 
Seven – Back Track 
First clean out the last dark realm, destroying the crystal will alter the floating islands. 
Then go back as far as you can go, this you take you straight to kodama. 
Eight – Final Boss 
Past the shrine, with the last of the loyal samurai. Check behind a tree for this last kodama. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

Final Mission : Sealed Fate

Not really the final mission. 

Sub 46 : Roaming Artisan

Sub 47 : Bravest of the Brave

Sub 48 : Mataza the Spear

Sub 49 : Dream’s End

Challenge Missions, no important items 

Interim : Japanese Heart, Yokai Smarts

Interim : Scented Letter

Interim : Yaksha Returns

Interim : Restless Spirits

  • Talk to Koroku, on the right 
  • Talk to Azai Nagamasa then Hanbei, both are on the left 
  • Talk to Azai Nagamasa after clearing “Scented Letter” 
  • Talk to Shibata Katsuie, I never found this guy

Challenge Missions, no important items 

Chapter Seven, Afterglow


Interlude : Blue eyed Samurai


Sub 50 : Dawn of Hope

Sub 51 : Winds of Ruin

  • Samurai Locks Reward


Epilogue : Eye of the beholder

  • 2 Locks

Ninja locks – Backdoor 
The locks are in the chest on the top floor where you begin, but the boss is down below. 
Take the backway down and snipe a cannon yoki at the first fight, then look up for an ambush at the second. 
In the dark realm, find a spot to shoot through the grate for a ez kill on the boss. 
Hit the switch in the back to get his loot. 
You’ll need to take out another cannon yoki on your way back up. 
Onmyo locks – Roundabout 
From the top floor, drop from the half-stairs and cross the bridge. 
Use the curved path beside the hot springs for another ez kill on the big brute. 
The onmyo locks are where Mezuki is patrolling. He’s weak to fire so explosive ammo work best. 
Follow the path back up to the top floor and take the other stairs down. 
This leads to the locks, where the brute left his loot. 
Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition - The Kodama Survival Guide 

Sub 52 : Trustworthy

Sub 53 : Wave of Terror

Sub 54 : Calamity’s Pulse

Challenge Missions, no important items 


I will update this when I finish the dlc missions. 

Written by surreal

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition – The Kodama Survival Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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