Ninja Kiwi Archive – how to pop bloons in bloons

Ninja Kiwi Archive – how to pop bloons in bloons 1 -
Ninja Kiwi Archive – how to pop bloons in bloons 1 -
The hardest mechanic in the hardest game


step 1: ensure you own a mouse or tracking device

ensure you have a mouse. if you do not, use a trackpad. If you do not own any tracking devices, you may want to invest in one. 

step 2: ensure you have ninja kiwi archive installed on your device.

the easiest way to play the original bloons is to install the ninja kiwi archive, developed and published by ninja kiwi. Make sure you have enough space on your Compact Disc, Universal Flash Bus Drive, or other form of storage drive to install the program. 

step 3: launch the program with any tool you like and start bloons.

Find the program, either in steam or in your file explorer, and launch the executable file. Once launched, the ninja kiwi archive program will appear as a window. Select Bloons in the list of available games and wait for it to start. 

step 4: start a game of bloons

Find the play button, and select level one (1). This will start the experience. You should see a cartoon monkey holding a dart that appears to be looking at cartoon balloons. 

step 5: use your tracking device to pop a bloon (balloon)

If you are using a mouse, find your primary button and hold it. If you are using a trackpad, click and hold in the area of the primary button. When you do this, you should see an arrow appear. Move your pointer to aim the arrow. When you let go, the dart will fly and pop the bloons (balloons) in its path. Note that the longer the arrow, the faster the dart will go. 

step 6: experience a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm

Great job! You have now popped your first bloon. You should now feel excited and enthusiastic to pop more. One last note: the popping addiction never ends. 

This is all about Ninja Kiwi Archive – how to pop bloons in bloons; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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