[NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection] NINJA GAIDEN Σ – Ninja gaiden’s Invincible time – I-frame skill list.

[NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection] NINJA GAIDEN Σ – Ninja gaiden’s Invincible time – I-frame skill list. 1 - steamlists.com
[NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection] NINJA GAIDEN Σ – Ninja gaiden’s Invincible time – I-frame skill list. 1 - steamlists.com
This guide will show you which skill has the I-frame.
I wish it’s helpful information for your gameplay.


1. The Invincible time ” I-frame “

Ninja gaiden has several skills with the I-frame, some people calls the “Invincible time” Not only the dodge has the I-frame but also there is a few mores skills that have the I-frame. Dodge ( L1 + L Stick ) is the most common I-frame moveset but it has the most shortest I-frame. There is pros and cons with the each skill’s I-frame. 

2. Basic Dodge – L1 + L stick

It has the most shortest I-frame, It has also most shortest recovery time. It makes it the most versatile moveset especially when you can mix with a guard stance. You will use this most of the time in the game. 

3. Wind Run – Square + Cross – PS / X + A – XBOX

Wind run looks like a simple jumping, but it is not just a simple jumping. It’s more like a “Lock-on + I-frame” jumping. If you use the Wind Run, you’re gonna be jumped toward the enemy like that you have locked on your target and tracking your target. 
It’s extremely helpful especially when you’re about to change your direction from the escaping to the striking back your target. Also you can make a combination with few skills ( Such as “Flying Swallow” / “Wind Path” / “Guillotine throw” ) 
Pros – “Lock On” Target , Longer I-frame than Dodge 
Cons – Always “Lock On” Target , Longer recovery than dodge 

4. Wind Path – Jumping at the right above the enemy

When Ryu’s position is at the right above the enemy, you can press the jump button one more time. Then Ryu will step the most closest enemy and jump one more time. The I-frame of the Wind Path is considerably long. It starts from the beginning of the stepping until the landing. 
If you mix with the Wind Run , you can have a synergy from 2 different I frame movesets. 
Pros – Long I-frame , Good synergy with Wind Run 
Cons – Closest distance makes possibility to be surrounded. 

5. Flying Swallow – Jump toward enemy + Triange / Y

Needless to say it’s Ryu Hayabusa’s one of the iconic skill. 
It has the I-frame until right before the landing. 
But it doesn’t have the I-frame right after landing, and this skill has a fairly long amount of the recovery time. 
Pros – Very aggressive and strong attacking skill 
Cons – Long recovery time makes you very vulnerable after the landing. 

6. Guillotine Throw – Square + Cross – PS / X + A – XBOX

It’s a simple grabbing skill. But all of the grabbing skills in Ninja Gaiden series have the I-frame. Guillotine Throw has the entire I-frame whole of the moveset and it has fairly short amount of the recovery time that makes you less vulnerable. 
Wind Run + Guillotine throw is the most common way to use the Guillotine throw since the Wind run has a nice tracking property. 
Pros – Grab moveset. Long I-frame 
Cons – Closest Position, possible to be surrounded. 

7. Izuna Drop – Square Square Triangle / XXY in the air

Izuna drop is also a grab moveset. As I said before, all of the grab moveset in Ninja Gaiden series have the I-frame. 
It is the one of the most powerful skill, somehow you can only use it in the air. 
Pros – Most powerful grab moveset 
Cons – Only in the air 

8. Ultimate Technique and Ninpo

More than a single time charged Ultimate technique has the i-frame at the entire of the moveset. 
The landing charging with the ultimate technique is the most common way to charge the ultimate technique skill. If you’re charging without any specific condition, it has a very long charging motion that doesn’t even have I-frame. But if you’re charging right after the landing from the air, it will skip the charging motion and you will directly charge your Ultimate technique. It makes you less vulnerable and also if there is any essence around of you, you will charge almost instantly. It’s common way to use Ultimate technique and also I-frame especially at the harder difficulty. 
Ninpo has the I-frame but you have a very limited resources to cast the Ninpo. But it’s strong and it doesn’t have any vulnerability therefore choose wisely if you’re in danger situation and if there is a nothing to do except casting your Ninpo. 

9. Good Luck

I hope it was a helpful information for your gameplay. 
Good luck! 

Written by Meep

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about [NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection] NINJA GAIDEN Σ – Ninja gaiden’s Invincible time – I-frame skill list.; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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