New World – Best Weapon for PVE (AOE)

New World – Best Weapon for PVE (AOE) 1 -
New World – Best Weapon for PVE (AOE) 1 -

I did my own experiments. It’s my opinion on the experiments that I did or about the weapons/classes in general.

Keep this in mind. I am currently level 28 and don’t have the full level on weapons. I am providing this guide to help people who want to start the game with the best weapon for them, whether they are looking for AOE, DPS, Tank or other types of AOE. I don’t think this guide is suitable for end-game players.

Best AOE weapon for PVE

Here are my experiments.

Survival and AOE for solo:

Tier S: The best weapon for AOE (, including survival on your).

Void Gauntlet – Void Gauntlet increases your survival chances against groups of any type of monsters.


*You don’t have to worry about mana. You can right click with your mouse to use his unique ability of losing your health to gain mana

*You can heal your self during combat.

*If you can hit critical hit, you will get 5% cooling down reduction on all abilities stacks up to 5 times.

* You are not dependent upon healing pots or manapots.


Void gauntlet, a weapon range, means you can dodge a lot if your abilities are not ready.

*Harder to craft


Bow(skirmisher)– Bow makes a great choice for AOE weapons. Here’s why:


*Abilities: The bow has incredible abilities for AOE like posion shot, rain of arrows, and explosive arrow.

*Easy to craft.


*Medium survival odds

*Cooldown must wait for 30 seconds before he can use the AOE abilities.

*Needs arrows.

* HP pots

*To do maximum damage with an arrow, you must charge it while there are monsters following you.


Ice Gauntlet – The ice gauntlet can be a very creative AOE weapon. With his abilities, you can do a good job for AOE weapons and use him to do less work.


*Abilities: The combination that you can do to make AOE even one hit target and be completely safe from any attack is incredible. Here is my own experiment Ice pylon entombed ice storm.

*Very lazy class if you want to do as little work as possible.

* Do not worry about mana. The entombed will give you mana while you are inside the ice grave.

*If you have a problem with cooldown for the entombed, you can use ice pole while you are running around the beasts to wait for the cooldown to wear away from the entombed. The cooldown of ice pod is 9 sec (and not stackable).

*Highly likely to survive with the entombed


*You will need an HP pot.

*cooldown is a problem with the entombed.

*Easier to craft.

*You are nak*d if you’re not entrapped.


Tier A is a very strong class to AOE solo:

War hammer (Crowd control) I tried the warhammer, but it was not as fun as I thought.


*Damage: You’re going to do a lot of damage to monsters with melee or with the abilities.

*Abilities, The War Hammer’s abilities are amazing against pack of monsters


*Cooldown: Wow, that cooldown is annoying especially when you are dealing with monster packs. You’ll need to dodge a lot to make your abilities more effective against the pack.

*Melee, the Melees of War hammer feel slow, especially when you hold left click for heavy attack.

* A lot of HP pot is available if you don’t use life staff.

*Low survival odds


Sword and Shield (Defendere17Y This class is a Tank. You can survive an attack of monsters but not like void gauntlet. However, you can restore 15% of your max HP (by using defiant stand ability with unlocking restoration perk). With very good damage but super annoying ranged monsters. Also, all sword and shield cooldowns are reduced by 1%(by the shield perk One.


*Monsters can inflict very high damage.

*You can stun and hit at most 3-5 monsters with very good abilities.

*Easier and quicker to craft.

*You can survive for a long time and do a lot of damage.


*Your healing pots are your only source of healing.

*Aim to wait for your abilities to be ready for at most 20-30 sec or 40 sec.

*You should focus on attributes such as strength and constitution(increasing your max health).


Blunderbuss(choas) -The only reason I put blunderbuss in tier A is his abilities.


*Abilities: With his abilities, you can hold a grenade launcher and throw bombs at the monster pack doing good Very high damage.

*High damage after all, he is a shotgun combined with grenade rocketer.


* HP pot.

*Make sure you have enough ammunition. You could run out of ammo if your eyes aren’t open.

*Low survival chances against pack of monsters

*You cannot dodge while the Ability’s on or it will be cancelled.

*Cooldown requires that you wait between 20-40 sec.

Overall, very good.


Tier A: Decent choice for AOE Solo:

Great Axe – The great axe has been my main weapon while, and the downside is why he is in Tier C.


*Abilities, Have an amazing ability for Specially for AOE here’s the choice: Gravity well or Whirlwind or Maelstorm.

*Very High Damage to Melee

*Easy and quick to craft.


*COOLDOWN This is the main reason he is in Tier C. You’ll need to use the abilities at minimum 30 sec, but unlike the blunderbuss, the great axe can be melee so be careful when fighting against pack of monsters.

*Melee feel slow.

*Low chance of survival

* HP pots


Tier F : The worst AOE weapon is

Fire staff (fire mage): He is not very good against melee pack monsters. This is because you must stand still in order to cast. Casts are extremely powerful, but you need to have a lot of Mana pots and HP pots.

The other classes are only for single tragets and will not be included on the list.

Written by ZazziPazazi

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about New World – Best Weapon for PVE (AOE); if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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