New World – All Prices for Buying & Selling Items List

New World – All Prices for Buying & Selling Items List 1 -
New World – All Prices for Buying & Selling Items List 1 -

Disclaimer: each world has a unique economy. This guide is meant to be the standard rule of thumb. all prices should be considered in the plus (+) or minus(-) 15% range of what’s stated below.

List by price categories

NOTE: this is the standard to be considered “fair trade” and, if it does not line up with the market prices on your sever, may be affected by the current refinery tier’s in that area, current town board quests, and overall average player level.

0.01 per piece (aka power-crafting waste)

weak oakflesh balm
weak focus potion
weak health potion
common focus potion
common blight tincture
flint arrow
iron arrow
iron cartridge
thorny vine

0.02 per piece (aka material used for power-crafting and low xp projects)

weak honing stone

0.10 per piece

tier 1 food products (milk, honey, nuts)

0.25 per piece (aka higher valued power-crafting materials)

green wood
silver ore
fishing bait (all salt and freshwater small-chance’d)
tier 2 food products

0.50 per piece

iron ore
fishing bait (all salt and freshwater medium-chance’d)
tier 3 fruits (cranberry, blueberry, etc)

1.00 per piece

fishing bait (all salt and freshwater large-chance’d)

5.00 per piece

tier 1 meat (poultry, red meat, venison, pork)

7.50 per piece

all other spices

10 per piece


20-50 per piece

all gray/common apparel
all gray/common weapons

50-200 per piece

all green apparel
all green weapons

200-500 per piece

all blue apparel
all blue weapons

500-750 per piece

all purple apparel
all purple weapons

750-1500 per piece

all orange apparel
all orange weapons

Written by nickwade

This is all about New World – All Prices for Buying & Selling Items List; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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