Neon Abyss – Chrono Trap/Endless Mode

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Neon Abyss – Chrono Trap/Endless Mode 1 -

Tips and Info regarding Chrono Trap/Endless Mode

Tips and Info regarding Chrono Trap/Endless Mode

So, this is a bunch of info that i tried to find via google/guides but NONE of them had/were of any help.
1. Playing endless mode on any difficulty will cause you to loose dots when you die (except on abyssal difficulty since there are no dots for that) BUT if you have already unlocked abyssal difficulty, and die on either abyssal difficulty or hard mode while in endless mode, you will NOT loose access to abyssal difficulty. But if your planning on going for the abyssal achieve and die while on abyssal mode in traditional story mode, it will take longer to get back due to the loss of dots from hard mode. Also, i dont know if having fewer then 5 dots on hardmode and having access to abyssal difficulty would effect getting the achievement for abyssal difficulty in anyway since i have only just now started playing endless mode after having gotten the achievement for it.
In addition, you can still go back and play hardmode setting while having 3 dots in story mode and do a quick restart/go back to bar as well and it wont effect abyssal setting, it (abyssal difficulty) will still be there. However dying on hardmode or abyssal difficulty while in story mode will cause you to loose access to abyssal difficulty 99.999999999% most likely if the dots were lost via endless mode. (when i get the time to play more in a day or 2, i will update this section to see if you can regain the hardmode dots in story mode that were lost via endless mode, without it effecting abyssal difficulty in any way)
2. There are NO secret rooms in endless mode, so if you were hoping to find an ease way to getting the secret room achievement, im afraid your gonna have to do it via the normal game, so go ahead and just use your bombs on those rock chests! (slim chance i could be wrong, granted this was after having gone through 20 lvls of endless mode using grenades on the one empty spot that the secret room would have been, so i doubt it).
3. You can enter the endless mode with one of the items you can buy with your faith points at the ancient statue that lets you. So go ahead and pick what ever item works for you! (i am a big fan of the atlantis bauble myself since being able to destroy enemy bullets will 100% make your run go smoother/longer)
4. Endless mode is just 2-3 rooms (might be 4, i didint encounter ones with 4 on my first run through) with a random portal stone room in the middle that you start out in. The rooms can be any type of room from (except bosses, those spawn after a set amount of floors have been cleared, and will only spawn 1 per every so many floors, you will still start out with the general boss’s like in the normal game before getting the big boys to give you time to gear up).
So you might get enemy rooms, store rooms, game rooms ect.
5. You will encounter enemies with a multi colored outline and a name of some kind, that means they will have some kind of special power or ability that will trigger on death. So becareful when you kill them. No joke, my first special enemy was named honorable d (the d word relating to what men have for a reproductive organ, no joke, was funny to see the devs have a sense of humor, so be prepared for such things lol) and he made a big cross shaped explosion when he died.
6. Every floor will have at least 1 relic/item/gun drop of some kind. It will be like boss drops where it will change between 3-5 or so different items and you will have to time it just right to get the item you want. It will drop after all rooms have been cleared.
7. The portal to the next floor can open up from any of the 3-4 rooms, so becareful when it opens up, because it might open up after you have cleared only 2 of the rooms and you might miss out on the item drop for the floor if you go through the portal before your done clearing!
Thats pretty much it. If anyone has any other good info to add, feel free to add it in the comments section.

Written by Zols

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Neon Abyss – Chrono Trap/Endless Mode, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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