NBA 2K23 – Build Attributes & Badges

NBA 2K23 – Build Attributes & Badges 1 -
NBA 2K23 – Build Attributes & Badges 1 -

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Build Attributes

Body Settings

Height: 6’9

Weight: 210 lbs

Wingspan of 7’7


Close Shot: 85

Driving Layup (84)

Driving Dunk 99

Standing Dunks : 69

Post Control: 60


Mid-Range : 80

3-Point : 70

Free Throw: 70

Playmaking :

Pass Accuracy (%) : 72

Ball Handle 72

Speed with Ball – 72

Defense/Rebounding :

Interior Defence: 80

Perimeter Defense – 80

Steal: 77

Block 76

Offensive Rebound : 60

Defensive Rebound : 80

Physicals :

Speed – 75

Acceleration – 75

Strength – 65

Vertical s : 80

Stamina : 90

Takeover Slasher & Lockdown


This build is already amazing without badges. But i will suggest the badges that i like and with the remaining badge points, u may choose to put them on whatever u wish.


Fast Twitch, Silver

Hall of Fame: Limitless takeoff

Hall of Fame Posterizer

Slithering: Gold


Corner Specialist – Silver

Playmaking :

Bronze (you already are very fast so it’s enough on bronze).

Vice Grip: Silver

Defense/Rebounding :

Chase Down the Artist : Golden

Silver: Post Lockdown

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