MythBusters: The Game – Crazy Experiments Simulator – How to Unlock Story Achievements

MythBusters: The Game – Crazy Experiments Simulator – How to Unlock Story Achievements 1 -
MythBusters: The Game – Crazy Experiments Simulator – How to Unlock Story Achievements 1 -

Hi, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you all about MythBusters: The Game – Crazy Experiments Simulator – How to Unlock Story Achievements Following this guide each steps.

A walkthrough of all Mythbusters achievements: The game includes hidden achievements.

Related Achievements to “Story”

Mythbusters doesn’t have a story, and I wasn’t positive what to call it. These are the achievements you will earn by playing the game and finishing each myth. Each myth has two to three distinct tests, for a total of 13 accomplishments. There are also some survivors who will assist you in completing the game.


Hero’s Gambit

“Almost a Pyrotechnist”

“It’s not an episode, mom!”

“C4 – LVL. 3”

The myth of which materials can shield you from an explosion will be put to the test in Hero’s Gambit. With dynamite and grenades, this myth will be put to the proof. Each explosive has a larger explosion radius than the one before it, and cutouts or shields can only be placed in specific locations. If you fail, you can restart by detonating the explosives. When the explosives are released, the blast radius and intensity will be exhibited. The closer you are to the source, the greater your shield must be. If you are not adept at solving puzzles, trial and error is your best bet.

Balloon Chair

“Unidentified Balloon Object”

“Balloon Chair Savant.”

“Multi-purpose chair”

This is the most dangerous misconception in the game. The accompanying minigame is awful. The myth that a person can float on chairs connected to helium balloons and safely land is being tested. You’ll take on the role of Buster, the dummy who is armed and ready to fire balloons. In order to pass these tasks, you must alternate between shooting your balloons to lower altitude and dumping your ballasts. These are the most challenging and time-consuming tests in the game. To go a little quicker, rock the chair forward by pressing W. You can slow down by pressing S and moving rearward in the chair. This will enable you to stay ahead of the passing targets.

“Odyssey” (Secret)

A baloon chair can take you 1000m (3280 feet) Do you want to see the end of the ocean?

Instead of landing the chair on the target islands, keep going. This achievement should be unlocked once you have floated for 1,000m.

“In Baumgartner’s steps” (Secret)

Fly more than 200 units with your balloons. You’ve spent tons of balloons.

After launching the chair, immediately drop all your ballasts and let the chair float upwards. The game’s maximum height is 200m. As you approach it, the game will try to adjust your trajectory and slow down your ascent. But you’ll get there eventually.

Curving the Bullet

“Bullet Bender”

“Bullet Rollercoaster”

Curving the Bullet only necessitates two accomplishments and tests. It’s very straightforward. This myth concerns whether a bullet can be bent by shooting it through a steel pipe. This myth implies that you will need to spend more time building the pipe components than testing them. It’s simple to finish this myth and all of the side challenges by simply walking along the bullet’s route and dropping pipes at every turn. Simply walking through the planned path of the bullet reveals it.

Salami Rocket

“Food Blast”

“The Ultimate Salami Rocket”

Because there isn’t much to this myth, Salami Rocket only has two accomplishments. You will be constructing a missile for testing purposes. A black powder rocket will be used in the first launch. The second test will put the theory to the test by using unusual fuels such as salami and gummy bears. (The game also employs “poop” as rocket fuel, but this is a leftover development and there is no way to make this rocket fuel. It makes no difference how complicated or large your rocket is as long as you complete the myth’s main objective. To finish Salami Rocket 2, you must modify your rocket’s trajectory so that it passes through the green target circle on its way up. Otherwise, the start will be invalid. Tilting the rocket slightly lower than straight up and slightly to the left was an excellent plan for hitting the sphere.

Rocket Car

“Stunt Staple”

“Leap Car”

“That’s a flying vehicle!”

Rocket Car will challenge you to solve the first myth of the show. You’ll also be testing your ability to safely attach a rocket booster on a car to make a jump. Each test will require you to increase the size of your ramp or attach more rockets. This myth is very expensive to test. To make the final ramp, you will need to build many two-cylinder rockets. This myth’s minigame is to drive straight, then press Shift to activate rockets just before you hit the ramp. Then, jump. The car pulls slightly to the left and it’s difficult to correct because the controls are so sensitive. You should not activate the rockets until the car is in the sand at its end. Otherwise, the change in the geometry of the surface will cause the car’s to veer left and crash, requiring a reset.

“Height Matters”

Jump with your rocket car up to 10 meters. Because that’s what cars were meant to do.

This achievement can be achieved by passing the Rocket Car tests in normal progression.

“That’s a huge jump!”

Your rocket car was able to cover 300 miles. The suspension of this car is now a complete wreck!

You will need to build some rockets for your car in order to unlock this rocket. This will reduce your budget, and you may not be able to accomplish the goal of $250,000. First, disassemble your rocket vehicle. Next, take out all of the missiles you’ve been using. Upgrade the rocket holders to their utmost capacity if you haven’t already. Attach them to the top and the rear. Your rockets should be back on the vehicle by now. Make rockets with black powder as the propellant. To guarantee more efficient burning, select the star-shaped fuel channel. As many missiles as you can. Attach them to your vehicle. If you have your rockets activated, you should be able to soar through the skies. When the car collides with the earth, this achievement will be unlocked.


“Journey’s End”

This achievement will be granted after you have passed the final test. You can complete the myths in any order, so you’re free to do them as you, please.


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