My Colony – Gameplay basic for new player

My Colony – Gameplay basic for new player 1 -
My Colony – Gameplay basic for new player 1 -

This is a quick guide for (My Colony – Gameplay basic for new player)  to help players how get started in this game.

Basic of Basics

After you have started the game, you can choose to create a new one. There are 4 factions available to you for starting a colony.

-United Earth Federation=standard astronauts in Space type of thing.

-Zolarg Empire=an alien insectoid race that functions as an ant colony, or the aliens from Starship Troopers, the movie

-league of independent countries =similar to the UEF, but more independent. This is basically what the middle east, north Korea, and others are. The world in real life is what they are

-Alpha Draconians=reptiles

Imagine the sci-fi movies of the 80s-90s as starship troopers.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

For example:

The standard is -UEF= They are slow but steady. It is important not to get overwhelmed by the basics of items. Most items that remain unlocked look just like standard sci-fi or irl items such as lights, solar panels, roads, etc. As you start with a space lander, your population grows steadily.

-Zolarg Empire=faster, more resource-hungry, semi-dumb group of insects. They reproduce quickly and eat sugary food while slowly evolving to use sugary power.

-LIS=similar to the UEF, but more independent. They live off planets and build from the ground up. They don’t plan like the UEF, so they start with nothing.


Getting started

You can start with one of these three things once you have started.

-Starting bases, such as the queen or space shuttle lander. This settles a mound and provides living areas and electricity if necessary.

-Some rover vehicles and workers

-1-2 colonizers

There are a few resources, including food, water, ores wheels, electrical microchips, and cash in the form of coins. The task’s difficulty will also affect how much and what else you can spend.

The first thing you should do is stretch your legs as often as you can. Building roads or tracks allow vehicles and people to move quickly from one point to the next. This can add up to 1-2 seconds per trip. You can save 1 minute for every vehicle and unit after 30 to 60 trips.

You will need to begin extracting resources. It can vary in difficulty, from ores to crystals to other products. Your vehicle workers or rovers can mine your starting material. You can get more materials to build more vehicles and workers.

UEF and LIS start with rovers; eventually, resources can be used to create more rovers. Zolrags use drones to collect crystals, water, food, and sugar.

Once you have enough money, you can begin building buildings that will make or produce various goods and services.

Some are self-sufficient, while others need workers.

Bars and gauges

You can start or gain the following regardless of who you choose during your first playthrough.










-money = very important. It’s the icon for the gold coin. The main faction may tax you or charge you to pay colonizers a certain sum of cash. They will deduct it from your account, but they will give you a small refund if the payment is made as part of their subsidized programs to colonize a planet. As your colony grows, the profit will need inc. because they’ll be charging you more for workers as well as taxes. Too much and you’ll end up in the red.

Food is very important. Your colonizers will become unhappy if they don’t have enough food. Certain factions/groups are also required to make more drones, which can be used to gather more resources and materials. As your colony grows, you will need more food.

Water is the same as food. Water is used for many other processes, buildings, and roads in maps/difficulties. As the colony grows, more water will be required.

-shelter/colonizers=the amount of people/aliens present. They are essential for buildings to function without them. For more buildings to be occupied, more colonizers will be required. Homelessness will become a problem if this happens.

-ores = depending on the ore/resources, varies. The main ore is brown, with the remainder being other materials, minerals, or items such as crystals. Ores are your bottom bar, but also the foundation for everything, especially steel, which is required for making tons more byproducts, buildings, and other resources later in gameplay.

-atmosphere=once a vehicle factory (or small) is placed, it will produce a small amount of atmosphere as a byproduct. The atmosphere can unlock more buildings and be used for other purposes. Start early to get more atmosphere.

-wheel = the same as above.

The green icon circle will be -bandwith=. It is not necessary now, but it will be important later in the game’s middle to late stages.

-Electricity is the most important power source for buildings. Without it, machines and lights won’t turn on.

You can hover over each icon and see the name, limit, and how much storage you have at the moment.

Planet difficulty and how it affects how you start

The different game presents different challenges, and it shows both physically as well as gameplay-wise.

It will be super easy for casual players to play on low-tier planets or easy to obtain ores and RSS.

Others, such as moon/lunar and ice, will be more difficult and require more thought and experience.

The end goal/game will remain the same, but you will see the beginning / additional processes. Crystals are common on ice planets. These crystals can be used to make anything, but they are finite. Planning and race against time will be necessary to ensure they are not depleted. A lower planet with more trees will be easier to start on and have ready-to-use ore deposits.

I recommend ice and lower for beginners who have played from low to medium difficulty. It’s the best way to get an idea of how difficult the other difficulties will be, especially if they are more brutal or brutal than you.


It is important enough to be its section.

You’ll make these purple flasks in labs and research facilities later in-game.

Research is essential to expand a colony. They can build more efficient and powerful vehicles and buildings and unlock new buildings and other resources.

One example of the first upgrades would be for ore-related or better farming. The farm’s buildings will increase the output and use less space overall.

Research for ores is another item. Research for ores is a second option. This includes gathering better ore and new processes. Gathering such as gold is also a good option.

A package will include a large number of unlocks in each research unlock. They will also require additional unlocks to unlock higher-tier technologies.

You can skip some, but most buildings and items will need something from the previous research unlocked at some point. The previous will make building the new items and technologies much easier since the requirements are also skyrocketing.


Written by Fumo Gaming

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about My Colony – Gameplay basic for new player; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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